Otome Game Ozmafia!! is Being Localized for the West

Ozmafia!! | oprainfall

Otome game Ozmafia!! from Poni-Pachet will be receiving a localization for North America. The game will be translated to English and available for PC. 

From Ponipa.com

Dear our English-speaking friends and overseas otome game users,

Thank you for your many inquiries and requests.
We have finally decided to sell a localized version of “OZMAFIA!!”.
We are now hard at work making an English version.
Please await further messages for details
such as method and time of sale.

Poni-Pachet SY


Thank you for your message to us.
I could not reply to every one. sorry.
I worried a lot about whether to make a localized version.
This is because I have repeatedly seen how our data is used publicly in unbelievable ways, such as illegal uploads, in illustrations or in music.
However, I have also seen people who censure illegal uploads raise their voices in order to stop this practice.
It is precisely this what gave me the push that I needed to make this localized version.
Thank you to all of you who believed in my words and waited for a long time.
I hope you will be pleased with this news!

Poni-Pachet SY


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