Tales of Zestiria to Be Localized Faster Than Past Titles

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

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Tales of Zestiria Featured Image

By the time Tales of Xillia was released in the West, it had been out in Japan for around 2 years. The upcoming Tales of Xillia 2 follows this same model. The good news, though, is thatΒ Dennis Lee, global brand manager for the Tales series, says the team has been working hard to shorten the time between the Japanese and Western releases. He says Tales of Zestiria will come out in the West the same year it comes out in Japan.

You can check out everything he had to say in full detail in this E3 2014 interview.


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  • Raymond

    I cant wait for this game. I will pass on tales of hearts r…….it dose not look fun at all.

    I wish we got tales of rebirth instead.

    • Giordan

      Rebirth was a bit of a failure in Japan. True, it sold 605,000 units, but Namco expected it to sell 800,000 units.
      Also, what’s wrong with Hearts R?

    • yeah, i know right! :-O

    • Guest

      “Combination Aerial Linear Motion Battle System”

    • Giordan

      Huh? The new combat system? What’s wrong with it?

    • yeah dude, you can’t mess with the combat system like that because if you do, then the gamers won’t be able to understand, ya know? :-O

    • Giordan

      That depends, really.
      for those who played the DS version, yes it is confusing.

    • yeah, you do have a point there, once ya think about it for just a sec.
      then i guess i’m not gonna disagree with that great statement. πŸ™‚

  • I am so psyched about this, I just can’t wait! πŸ™‚

  • smacd

    Sounds like Tales sales have picked up in the west enough for them to assign some full-time localization devs or something. Gotta say I’m stoked, Tales has pretty much replaced FF as the series giving me what I’m looking for in JRPGs, along with Dragon Quest.

    • I wonder if they’ll dub ‘tales of Zestiria’, once it gets released in the US because we already know what the japanese voice actor are going to be, but what about the English voice actors if they’re gonna dub this game or not? :-/
      Just wondering, that’s all! πŸ™‚

    • Tara

      Of course they’ll dub it. I’ve said this elsewhere before, but voice actors are kind of a big deal in Japan. They’re celebrities on-par with… well, actual celebrities in the rest of the world. (Whereas voice actors anywhere else aren’t the kind of people you’d go “LOOK, IT’S THE GUY THAT VOICED YURI IN TALES OF VESPERIA AND THAT ANNOYING SNOW GUY IN FINAL FANTASY XIII!”, you’d not know unless you looked into it.) In fact, if you check out any Japanese game site, it’ll actually list who’s voicing each character on their profile page.

      The only reason Hearts R isn’t getting dubbed is because it’s basically a budget localization being paid for by Gamestop. Budget doesn’t mean “bad” by the way, just means they didn’t throw enough money at Namco Bandai to dub it.

    • Giordan

      But why change Shing’s name to Kor? That’s my question.

    • maybe they have their reasons for doing just that, ya know! πŸ™‚

    • Tara

      That honestly puzzles me. In Graces F, the cameo battle had Kohak(u) as “Amber”, so that was assumed to be her English-version name if the game were to get a release (Not to mention being a direct translation of her Japanese name). But they’ve named her “Kohaku” in the English version… now the OBVIOUS reason would be to have the names match up with the voiceovers, since they don’t mention anyone named “Amber”. But then they went and did what you’re asking about, changing Shing’s name to Kor. So… not really sure what they’re doing there.

    • Giordan

      I did guess that they were gonna dub it, but decided not to at the last minute. Which is strange to me. :/

    • yeah, I mean this is just surprising of what they did, only I didn’t imagined that it would be this bad. πŸ™

    • well, it’s just an estimated guess but I think is that they were trying to come up with ideas for the names, only they didn’t have enough time to do so in the first place, so they actually went with it by doing this, just like that, but it’s just an estimated, so I actually don’t know the real reason why, just guessing. πŸ™‚

    • Jeremy Collum

      Shing to Kor is the only from the translation of the game so far that I think doesn’t make any sense but other than that I’m super excited for Hearts R to be released!

    • yeah, at least it’s getting the game released in America for once! πŸ™‚

  • Thanatos2k

    Bamco used to be one of the WORST Japanese publishers at localizing their games, but they have really turned it around.

    • oh, you know it! πŸ™‚

    • Giordan

      Probably because some of the Tales games after Symphonia (like Legendia and Abyss) weren’t pulling in those kind of sales numbers like in Japan. Funny enough, Symphonia on Gamecube actually did better over here than in Japan.

    • your right about that, japan always tries their very best to get the tales series popular, including the JRPG video games as well, like the upcoming game ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ which will be coming soon in 2015, and everyone is just fliped out because of the epic trailer that they watch and they can’t wait for the release! :-O
      When i saw the poll question that said: ‘What Did You Think About The Latest Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer?!’ and i voted ‘Incredible! Is it 2015 Yet?!’ so after i submitted my vote, the results so that over 66% of people voted the same answer with the # of 116 Votes in counting, i think the first answer might reach 100% by then, which is totally epic, and to be honest, i cant’t wait either. πŸ™‚

  • Jeremy Collum

    That’s awesome! I’m glad that they want to make western fans happy too by releasing both the newest games closer to the Japanese release and by releasing older games that we never got like Hearts R, here’s hoping for other titles like Destiny DC, Rebirth, Twin Brave, etc!

    • Yeah, let’s hope for the other titles to be released in America soon! πŸ™‚

    • Giordan

      Twin Brave has no chance. It alienated a lot of fans due to the gameplay changes. Also it’s on a dead system.
      Rebirth could have a chance if it did better.
      Destiny 2 has zero chance… at least in NA.

    • ya sure about that because the chances of twin brave and destiny 2 are actually the best chance to be release in america, so you just be guessing, but then again, i just be guessing as well, so neither of us even knows the chances of those games to get a release in america, ya know. πŸ™‚

    • Giordan

      Twin Brave really alienated fans (especially female fans) due to the gameplay changes.
      North America already has a Destiny II (Eternia), so it’d confuse some people.

    • it won’t be for long because untill that time comes, they’ll soon release ‘tales of Eternia’ the PSP version straight to America and they’ll put it on the PSN, so that it won’t be as confusing as think it is, after that they’ll soon be including Destiny II the PS2 Version straight to America and they’ll soon put it on the PSN before you know it, am i right! πŸ™‚

    • Giordan

      I doubt that. The name “Eternia” is owned by Mattel.

    • Hey, we won’t know unless we give it some thing into this, Ok. πŸ™‚
      Hey wait a minute, how did you know that this game was owned by the Mattel company anyway? :-/

    • Giordan

      He-man and the masters of the universe.

    • ok, that explains it! :-O

    • Giordan

      The home world is called “Eternia”

    • yeah, i think we already establish that the name of the home world in tales of Eternia. πŸ™‚