Three New Tales of Hearts R Trailers Showing Off Gameplay, English Subtitles

Monday, June 16th, 2014

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Tales of Hearts R | oprainfall

While E3 was going on this year, GameStop UK uploaded three new trailer for the re-imagined port of Tales of Hearts R for the PlayStation Vita, which was announced for localization back in mid-April. You can watch all three below.

And if you have noticed before, no, the game will not be dubbed, only subbed — which means only Japanese voices with English subtitles.

Tales of Hearts R will be released in the Winter of this year for both Europe and North America.

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  • Giordan

    I find it stupid that they’re keeping the name as “Kor” but not dubbing it.

    • dude, i know exactly how your feeling about all of this, i’m feeling the same thing when i found out about the shocking announcement of ‘tales of hearts R’ will only have japanese voice actors, it’s sad really and yet at the same time, it’s a very disappointing moment for me. :’-(

  • davidvinc

    They need to at least localize the names as well. What kind of name is Hisui and Kohaku? Is this a contest to see how half-assed they can possibly make their localisation?

    • well, when you put it that way, your kind a make it sound like it is, just like that ya know? :/

    • davidvinc

      Your post makes no sense.

    • sorry, but when try to type what i say, it’s just so hard to put it in words and make some sence out of it, only my disability A.K.A my dislexia just won’t let me and tries to get in way of it and besides, i don’t mean to not make any sense, ya know? :’-(

    • Giordan

      actually, Kohaku and Hisui are the original names from Japan.

    • davidvinc

      Yeah, I know. They need to Americanize them.

    • you really want their names to get localize that badly, now do you? :-/

    • True, only it sounds to me like he wants their names to be localized as well don’t you think? :-/

    • Giordan

      I wouldn’t mind either way, actually. Jadeite is a badass name.

    • and you think that it’s ok! :-/

    • Giordan

      If they were dubbing it, I’d have no problem with Jadeite and Amber, honestly.

    • well that’s good to know! 🙂

    • StingFan

      I’m of the opinion that their names are no oversight. Both had their names localized in Graces f: Hisui to Jadeite ( likely because a character in Abyss already has the name Jade) as a minigame card and Kohaku to Amber as a postgame boss and minigame card. It’s worth noting that of the Hearts main cast, only Hisui and Kohaku have Japanese names and appearance. It’s possible their names are intentionally left that way because they’re something akin to foreigners in the game, not unlike Sheena or Suzu Fujibayashi in Symphonia and Phantasia.

    • so what your saying that you agreed to david’s opinion and your now siding with him? :-O

    • StingFan

      No. I’m only saying I don’t believe the localization is lazy for not translating names.

    • you really think so? :/

  • Blank

    Shame?, thats the best thing that could have happened to this game, english dubs are almost never any good.

    • What, now why you would think that, and besides, there has got to be another ‘good’ logical explanation for all of this? :-O
      I mean, there’s just no way that it could be that logic, ya know. 🙂

    • Lazy_Penguin1989

      While I do prefer to hear the original language and do not mind reading subtitles, I said a shame because this decision will upset fans as you’ve probably already seen. The thing is, choosing one or the other usually finds the other side being left out, this time for people who enjoy or even buy games that do have dubs. Some are very adamant about it and will refuse to buy games that don’t have a dub option – which is the same for people who prefer subs and refuse to buy games without the original language IE Japanese voices. That’s why I’m always pleased to see a dual option being implemented, so that that way both sides are accommodated.

      Now I know why they did it, they wanted this to be cost effective and have less risk involved, to which I don’t blame them. The Tales of franchise is a perfect example of what you would call niche – the niche of niche. And this being a Vita title….yeah.

    • yes, and for once, your right about that because we’re not happy about this announcement! :’-(

    • Warboss Aohd

      Trolling Score 0/10

      Try harder.

    • Giordan

      Might want to play Vesperia again…

  • Craig Mcleod

    I really hope they didn’t show in battle/win quotes subtitles as they’re currently working on it. A good 1/4 of Tales is the banter duing and after battles.

  • Aversil

    From a business side of view I can see why they wouldn’t want to spend the time and money, for them this is a risk and they just want to minimize the lost.

    • Giordan

      But why change Shing’s name to Kor?

    • maybe to shorten the name so that it’s easy to pronounce because the original name was actually easy to pronounce to some people, at least that’s what i’m guessing to be accurate to say the least. 🙂

    • Giordan

      :/ It looks more like they were gonna dub it but decided not to at the last second.

    • and what makes you think it’s that logic? :-/

  • mike

    This is very disappointing new’s why can’t there be both options for both languages. I don’t know if i will get this now this was the one game that would make me buy a vita. I don’t mind reading but if i i don’t speak the language i don’t watch it or play it.

    • yeah, i agree because this just isn’t right for everone, not at all! :’-(

    • Giordan

      Probably because it would cost them a lot of money.

    • and what makes yout think it’s that logic? :-/

    • Giordan

      again, they’d have to license the Japanese track, which costs a lot of money. Then they’d have to hire the English voice actors, which also costs money. With Vita sales right now and the new Tales game (Zestiria), I don’t think Namco could deal with throwing away their money at a game that could potentially not do well in NA.

    • don’t be so sure, because so far they made great tales games that had been dubbed, including the upcoming game ‘Tales of Xillia 2’, soon to be released in August, and a few of the funimation cast is in this, and one of them plays as the main protagonist and Victor, which is surprising really, and i can’t wait. 🙂
      so do you really think that they won’t take the risk of making ‘tales of hearts R’ dubbed? :-/

    • Giordan

      Because they’re risking releasing a game on a system that’s not doing so well sales-wise, obviously not.

    • and just how can you tell that it’s not doing so well sales-wise? :-/

    • Giordan

      The Vita has only sold 8 million units so far. Compare that to the 45 million the 3DS has sold.

    • wow, but to tell you the truth, the 3DS hs actually sold more the Vita had only sold so far, don’t you think? :-O