Aonuma on Majora’s Mask 3D: “I Hear the Fans”

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

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Majora's Mask 3D | oprainfall

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D has been one of those projects that everyone seems to want, but never gets anywhere. Ever since Ocarina of Time 3D was released and Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma made a comment that Majora’s Mask 3D might be possible if fans demanded it, there have been teases here and there, but nothing substantial.

Majora's Mask 3D | Aonuma

Perhaps this is just another tease, but, in a recent interview, Aonuma did, in fact, say he was hearing fans. To quote Aonuma, “I do know that fans want to see Majora’s Mask. I’ve heard that voice. It’s very, very strong, and I’m always listening, is what I would say.”

As for all the teases? “Maybe I was toying with [fans] a little. (laughter) I’m doing everything I can. I hear the voices of the fans. There are so many out there. It’s very loud, and just to acknowledge the fact that the need, the want is out there, I put that in there.”

So, maybe, just maybe, Majora’s Mask 3D will become a reality. Unless Aonuma’s teasing us again.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is available on Amazon:

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  • Seis Siete

    I don’t understand why people are clawing for this remake so much. I’d much rather have Nintendo focus on creating new games than just rehashing old games over and over.

    • Infophile

      Especially since MM is available on the Virtual Console. It’s not as if it’s impossible to play it on any current console (like, say, Donkey Kong 64), and a remake/port is the only option.

    • hextupleyoodot

      Simple: people want to play the game with updated visuals. Now I know visuals don’t make a game, but when the N64 came out, the artists were never able to really bring their vision of the character and world designs to true fruition because the hardware was too limited. To see what OoT and MM would have been if they had the necessary hardware is a prospect that excites people.

    • konpatchi

      So because you don’t want them to remake this game, others have to go without it? Why, because you said so? If you really want nothing to do with it then don’t buy it, its really that simple.There seems to be a clear misunderstanding in the gaming community how game development works. For one, Nintendo most likely wouldn’t even be developing it, a outside studio would be. So I really don’t see how this would divert Nintendo’s “focus”. Just for the sake of argument though, lets say Nintendo does head the project themselves. Do you honestly think that someone as big as Nintendo only has a few projects going on at one time. Nintendo isn’t just some hive mind, with a single team working on a project or two at a time. There are hundreds of different teams working parallel to each other on dozens of different projects. You clearly have no idea how game development works, nor do you clearly know how to use the word rehash properly.

    • Seis Siete

      I know that Nintendo is huge, and I know that they could have another company develop the remake. Clearly you’re the one not understanding me. I’m saying that the time spent developing a remake could be time spent working on new games. Heck, rather than wasting time by having a team remake a game, they could use that staff to work on a sequel or assist other departments working on a big game. Besides, it’s not like you can’t just download Majora’s Mask from the virtual console.

    • konpatchi

      It wouldn’t take any time away from the development of a new game. They would have a different team consisting of a small group of people, probably quite a few newer employees. There wont be anyone from the main zelda team.

      Most likely though Grezzo will get it again, so all this talk is meaningless. Since if this were to happen, it would not impact the developers at Nintendo in any way.

      Edit: Also you actually cant get Majora’s Mask from the Wii U eShop only the Wii eShop

    • Randolph J Budd

      I’m just gonna explain it this way. When it comes to developing remakes, it is sent to a company that is trying to make a name for themselves. So, said companies take on a project that will help get their name out there and get them noticed. The same thing can be done with sequels as well… just look at SW:Kotor for that. And since another company is doing that, thats their focus, thats what THEY want to do, in order to make a name for themselves.

      In the case of Nintendo having Major’s Mask remade, it would for one, make them a lot of money. And doing remakes, does not take up a lot of time, especially since you already have everything to work with. Such as the models and textures. And when you take the idea that the models and textures are identical to OoT, it means it takes less time and less money in order to do a remake. Just do one for the 3DS.

      Another thing, is that remakes bring great attention to old games, some people don’t own the consoles they were originally on, or they would like to play a more updated version.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I prefer new IPs over remakes most of the time, but I also like seeing older games from a few generations back, be brought into new light with new technology. In the end, in my opinion, you don’t quite understand how the development process for games works.

    • Thanatos2k

      If you think “hundreds of teams” work on games at Nintendo then you REALLY don’t know how game development works. Nintendo is not that big.

      Look at Wind Waker. The Zelda team AT NINTENDO worked on the port, such that it delayed them from working on the Zelda for Wii U, contributing to how long its taken for them to release it.

      So saying “Well clearly it’d be an outside studio and wouldn’t affect anything” is already proven wrong by reality.

      This is like the people crying for an FF7 remake, it’s getting obnoxious at this point.

    • konpatchi

      As I said before, you clearly don’t understand how game development works. I was exaggerating with the “hundreds of teams” thing, which anyone with a basic high school education should be able to pick up on. I can assure you they have quite a few teams around with their 4.71k employees. Yeah that numbers small right? Nintendo sure is a small company. Have you ever heard of a subsidiary? Every company has them. When you add those numbers in they must equal that of a indie studio, right? Reality sure proved me wrong all right. That’s why Grezzo (a outside company) handled the Ocarina of Time remake and not Nintendo, right? You bring up Windwaker HD, which is a special case in which Nintendo really wanted to do it in house. That was a exception to what is usually done. Just because you don’t like something does not mean the world has to agree, you whiny kid.

    • Thanatos2k

      Yeah, make an excuse how it was just “an exception.” You sound mad that reality disproved all your bluster.

      You want a sloppy port like Ocarina of Time was? Why? Just replay the N64 version you already own, or get the virtual console version.

      Just because you whine endlessly like a demanding brat for remakes and ports doesn’t mean they should do it for every game you think should be re-released.

    • Coarse

      Imagine that Lucasfilm had only remastered A New Hope for release on DVD and Blu-Ray, leaving Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi to languish on VHS. Sure they’re AVAILABLE, but when you’ve gotten a taste of what you could have, you want the complete package.

    • Thanatos2k

      It’s more like the original trilogy has already been released, and now you’re clamoring for The Phantom Menace.

  • Thanatos2k

    Majora’s Mask is the worst Zelda game since Zelda 2. Make new games. Stop rereleasing ones you already made.

    • konpatchi

      You don’t like it, that’s fine, nobody’s forcing you to like it. What I do have a problem with is people like you thinking the world should conform to your likes and dislikes. If you hate the game, don’t buy it, its really that simple.

    • Thanatos2k

      If they waste time porting it again, that’s time they could have spent making a game I *do* like.

      See, development is a zero sum game. Saying “Don’t like it, don’t buy it” means there’s a game out there I’m not buying INSTEAD of a game I would buy.

      As such, it is my opinion they should not make this game, regardless of whether there are people who want it.

      It’s the reason why the Wii U Zelda is taking so long to come out – they wasted their time porting Wind Waker (another subpar Zelda game) instead of working on that game. And the release date suffered.

    • konpatchi

      Clearly you don’t understand how game development works, look to my earlier post for a explanation.

    • Seis Siete

      I agree with your comments against a Zelda game being remade, but to just say that Wind Waker, Zelda II, and Majora’s Mask suck is stupid. Stating something is bad is a fact, stating you don’t like something is an opinion.

    • Thanatos2k

      Do you really think I’m stating a fact? God people, learn how to converse online. Do you think I’m somehow the grand arbiter on the truth of video games? Everything I’m saying is my opinion. It is my opinion that Majora’s Mask sucks. I also stated Wind Waker was subpar, which is not saying it sucks.

    • Randolph J Budd

      hold up, so… because many like the game, and you don’t like… it means they shouldn’t remake it? so, by those standards (cause the same concept applies.), since I don’t like the uncharted series, and wont buy the next one, then naughty dog should not make it and focus on a game I personally will buy?

    • Thanatos2k

      I stated why they shouldn’t remake it. If you don’t like Uncharted and liked Jak and Daxter games, then it would completely logical for you to want them to stop making Uncharted games since they’re too busy to develop it otherwise.

    • Randolph J Budd

      i guess thats logical if you’re self centered. thankfully i’m not… cause you know, the world doesn’t revolve around one person.

  • Vinicius

    If I was Aonuma, I would say something like “If hyrule warriors sell more than 4 million copies I’l remake MM”.