Announcement Coming from Compile Heart Tomorrow

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

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Hyperdimension Neptunia|oprainfall

According to a tweet from Idea Factory, Compile Heart, the developer of the Hyperdimension Neptunia and Record of the Argarest War series, will have an announcement coming tomorrow, April 30th.

The wait won’t be long at all, but I’d like to hear any ideas of what it could be!

  • Another_Unknown

    I’m hoping for a new record of agarest wars for Xbox 360 and PS3. Please compile, get rid of this PS3 exclusive launches for North America and Europe.

    • azariosays

      I think if they kept with it there would of been a potential market for 360 rpg games, but after not seeing a huge demand for them it was not worth it. though i do think it’s a great idea have played agarest war on the 360 myself.

  • Thanatos2k

    “We will no longer be making terrible games”

    God, if only.

    • Iyamtebist

      shut up troll.

    • Thanatos2k

      The average score for Compile Heart games on metacritic is like….a 6.

      Objectively, they make bad games.

    • Iyamtebist

      Wow, you are one of those people who actually believe that review scores and ratings actually have meaning? By your logic, Justin Bieber’s music is amazing because of his massive fanbase and places on the charts. Go back to 4chan.

    • Thanatos2k

      You act like I haven’t played any of the travesties they’ve put out and had the gall to charge $50+ for.

      I even LIKED Cross Edge, but that game seriously sucks. Hyperdimension Neptunia is one of the worst RPGs ever made.

      I don’t see why it’s a bad idea to demand quality out of our video games.

    • smacd

      Their metascore average is 56. Subjectively they make mediocre games.

      There are no objective statements about how “good” a game is. “Good” is a purely subjective quality.

      What’s the point in commenting if you are just going to bash on the developer? If you don’t like their games, move on.

    • Thanatos2k

      Games follow a school grading scale. 56 is an F. And that’s really what most Compile Heart games deserve. They are extremely poor from a mechanics level and often contain disturbing content that goes beyond “cultural differences.”

    • Steve Baltimore

      The average score on metacritic for a COD game is much higher but those are trash to me. Different strokes I guess.

    • Thanatos2k

      Well sure, I can articulate all the reasons COD sucks, but they are still WELL MADE games from a technical level and there’s no denying that.

      Compile Heart games are cheaply made and shoddily constructed, with deficiencies across the board ranging from poor pacing, quest design, and game balance.

      There are REASONS they get poor review scores, reasons that other JRPGs do not, and those are the reasons they are bad games.

    • Iyamtebist

      The only thing that compile heart games are guilty of that more expensive games are not guilty of is that they are made with low budgets and reuse a lot of old assets, and I really don’t see how that should matter if the rest of the game is alright. “poor pacing, quest design, writing, and balance” finds itself in much more high budget games at a much more severe level than in most compile heart games yet they still get much higher scores then these ones.

      I am not pretending anything, I suggest you stop pretending you can tell people that they are wrong for liking something.

    • Thanatos2k

      “stop pretending you can tell people that they are wrong for liking something”

      Oh? When did I do that? In fact, it seems people are telling me I’m wrong for DISLIKING what they like. Fancy that.

    • Iyamtebist

      You started that when you said that you started bringing Metacritic scores into it and saying that games can be bad in an “objective sense” and that anyone who likes games made by Compile Heart should not “pretend” that they are good games.

    • Thanatos2k

      And how does that imply you are wrong for liking them?

      People really need to understand that liking something does not make it good, and conversely, you can dislike things that are good.

      That you see it as a personal attack to suggest something that is not good is indeed not good speaks to your own personality, not anything I said.

    • Iyamtebist

      No it speaks to your personality that you think that something is bad just because you say it is bad, and it says even more that you did not understand this already. Just what explanation could you have that puts you in charge of what is good and what isn’t?

      Your own logic that you use to dissuade me is easily turned on its side the moment it starts to be applied to what you are saying. So you mean to tell me that liking something doesn’t make them good but the inverse is not true? Because everything you are saying seems to be summed up as “i don’t like these games, therefore they are factually bad.” If you really think you can say these games are bad in a factual way, then where is your scientific evidence that proves so? Do you even know what the word “subjective” means?

      There is no sch thing as any game that is good or bad in an objective or factual sense.By definition, Objective is “not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased.” So how the hell can you prove the enjoyment of something that is 100% based on personal feelings as biased to be fact without such a thing? The type of thing is not even possible with shovelware like Superman 64 or Action 52. No game is bad in a factual sense. Does that mean that I think those games are good, fuck no. However the only reason they have their own reception is due to what are still subjective opinions in the first place. It is still possible to observe what it is that makes everyone hate those games in the first place and apply them to games in general. Naturally if something is bad with those games then it would be bad with anything else that used that.

      However, nothing made by compile heart comes even close to those games simply because you cannot apply by the same criticisms of Superman 64 to them. As a result, there are much more people that not only like the games made by Compile Heart, but can give proper reasoning as to why they are enjoyable based on the same base standards that every sane gamer posses.

      In short, you don’t dislike games made by Compile Heart for the same reason as something like Superman 64 because, unlike Superman 64, Compile Heart games have a lot more that goes into them and a lot more to actually enjoy, and are actually functional as games.

      And that is not to mention the fact that Compile Heart and Idea Factory, unlike something like SUperman 64, actually have a sizable fanbase who would all be willing to give out many reasons why their games are good, hence why there is news on this very site about them, did you somehow miss that part? Did it somehow not occur to you that there was a reason that Azario Lopez decided to post this?

      Or do you just think that you are somehow more fit than every single member of that fandom to decide than what is good and what’s not? Sounds rather egotistical to me. And never did I say anywhere that you were wrong for disliking Compile Heart’s games. It is the idea that you think you are above your own rules and that you somehow have more of a say over what is good and what isn’t than either I or anyone else does that I have a problem with, and for the last time I suggest you cut your holier than thou bullshit.

    • Thanatos2k

      You act like it’s just my opinion and it’s based on absolutely nothing.

      Again, there are REASONS these games are bad, factually bad, objectively bad, and subjectively bad. It’s why they always get bad reviews, and it’s why other games do not.

      I am NOT the only people who dislikes these games. In fact, going by reviews and sales – MOST people dislike them. That doesn’t mean you can’t like them, but please do not pretend they are good.

      I’m not trying to dissuade anyone, because clearly some people are so arrogant as to think that their opinion is the only one that matters in the world, and everyone else is always wrong, always.

      The Compile Heart “fanbase” is deeply disturbing to me, especially after some of the more….questionable titles.

    • Iyamtebist

      “because clearly some people are so arrogant as to think that their
      opinion is the only one that matters in the world, and everyone else is
      always wrong, always, and that anyone who suggests something they like
      isn’t great they are the enemy of everything you stand for”

      I don’t give a crap whether you are talking about Compile Heart, Call of Duty, Twilight, Justin Beiber, etc. I am not talking about my own opinion on Compile Heart’s games being good as the only argument. I may not like the other three games but i will never make an ass out of myself by going up to fans of those things and demanding that they admit they are factually wrong for liking them.

      Going up to people and demanding that they admit that their opinions are wrong based on entertainment standards just makes you look like a complete ass regardless of if it is technically true or not. Why do you care so much about whether or not someone can think something is objectively correct or not. You yourself say you have no problem with someone thinking that COmpile Heart makes good games. Why does it make so much of a difference whether someone thinks that their opinion is valid or not in an objective sense. Regardless of whether they say it is right or not, it isn’t. Just because someone believes they are right about something does not make them right. And the reverse is also true.

      Simply because you believe that all people need to see a subjective form of entertainment as a factually based media where anyone who is in the minority has to submit to the idea that their opinion means nothing simply because more people around them say so, does not mean you are right. Your philosophy here is nothing more than a personal opinion, so why does it bother you so much that maybe not everyone is open to admitting to the ideas that their opinions are worthless because they are in the minority. ANd yes ultimately if you are saying that a game’s quality can be proven factually then you pretty much are saying that opinions are worthless, because then that discourages the idea of playing anything other than what everyone else plays makes them wrong, and ultimately states that all people should conform to one idea and all like the same thing, or else they are wrong and it is perfectly okay for assholes to go parading around internet comment sections telling them that they are.

      Your philosophy on the idea of what makes game good is just plain depressing. It says nothing other than that anyone who dares to stick out or not conform is automatically wrong. If there is an objective means that determines the quality of every game, then that simply leads to the idea that every game should be designed the same way, which will simply end up leading to the eventual point where every game is exactly the same, and by your logic they will all be the infallible and no one would be able to successfully argue against any reason that they are not all amazing games.

      I know fully well that Compile Hearts games are considered bad in the technical sense that they are made on incredibly low budgets, reuse a lot of assets, and that they naturally only appeal to a small group of people. I will leave that up to you as to whether or not it could mean that they qualify as factually bad. However, the main reason I take issue with you saying they are factually bad is because that implies that if they are bad in a factual sense, then they should not exist, and I don’t know about you but I personally don’t like dealing with some random internet commenter coming up to me and telling me that some of my favorite games should have never existed.

      All you are implying is that one specific appeal is one that is factually correct and that the rest are not, and if that were true than that would basically be implying that everything else should not exist, and if nothing else exists than what is the point of even playing games if you want everything to be exactly the same?

    • Thanatos2k

      You’re putting an awful lot of words in my mouth. I never said anyone was wrong for liking something, I said they are wrong if they claim that something they like is good merely because they like it – especially when it’s not good.

      I also never said they should not exist. I said Compile Heart should make good games instead of bad ones. You CAN make good games on low budgets – Gust does it all the time. There’s a parade of indie games showing how it’s done.

      I also never said there is ONE way to make a good game – there are many, countless even. But that does not mean every way to make a game and every design and combination of mechanics results in a good game. Experiment all you want, but accept that you may fail to produce something that works properly. Inexplicably, Compile Heart has been producing things that don’t work properly for years, and certain people keep eating it up, likely not because of the actual game design but merely because of certain ….visual content and other disturbing reasons many refuse to admit.

      It’s not wrong to expect better. I don’t want Compile Heart games to not exist – I want them to be GOOD.

    • Iyamtebist

      Rather then continuing I would just like to ask one question regarding your perspective on things. I realize that at this point nothing I say will convince you of my point so I will at least try and see if I can understand yours better.

      Ignoring basically everyone else, and whether or not I am right or wrong, does that mean that anything I say to defend the games themselves is automatically worthless because of that? If it is that you say anything I have to say about the games or why I think they are good is worthless then that is a problem, and admittedly that is what I have assumed you were getting at the entire time because of what that philosophy implies. I will admit that the reason I am as dead set against that philosophy is more so due to the implications of it then anything you said directly. And as for why I have not said anything to defend the games themselves it is not because I cannot defend them, it was because I felt that debating the actual quality of the game would take a lot longer and be more inconvenient and because I assumed that no matter what I said you would not listen but I don’t know for sure if you will. I do know you cannot see how someone could possibly defend the game on their own merits but trust me, if needed to, I would gladly explain at great length what it is that I see in these games. Yes I do know it would not change your opinion, or the public perception, or what the game’s are, but the main idea, that I will admit I probably did not have the best idea of getting across, is that I don’t think people’s opinion on entertainment should be silenced regardless of if they are right or not. The idea that they are already wrong to begin with implies that nothing they say is of any value because the game they are talking about is already bad in an objective sense. The question with regarding Compile Heart is if you believe that the only reason that anyone would like the game is because of “disturbing visual elements” and that they have not played them based on any gameplay or design elements, and nothing that anyone says will convince you other wise, or if you are at least willing to try and hear exactly why someone would enjoy them. I can say straight up that I do have enjoyed every Compile Heart game I have played in gameplay standpoint and that those visual elements are not the reason I like them. I would not spend $50.00 on something I could find on the internet for free.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Again that is really just your opinion on the matter, and everyone has one of those.

    • Thanatos2k

      Sure, but most people’s opinions skew towards the games being bad.

      Hence my desire for them to start making games that are not bad. I want more good games to play.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Most people think things like Skyrim and COD are great doesn’t make it true for everyone. There should be different types of games out there to meet the taste of everyone not just the chosen few who think they know how a game should be made.

    • Thanatos2k

      Someone, somewhere, will say they liked Superman 64. That doesn’t make it good. That doesn’t mean that everyone who thinks it’s crap is dictating “how a game should be made.” Same principle applies here.