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Tomodachi Life - NA Box Art | oprainfall

For those not up to speed, Nintendo had an impromptu Direct this morning for both North America and Europe. This was done to reveal Tomodachi Life, a simulation game where your Mii and the Miis from your system interact on an island through many activities. The game has been called a mix of The Sims and Animal Crossing. You can read more about the reveal here.

Alongside the Direct, Nintendo released the first English-language images and trailer for the game. You can check out both of them below.

Tomodachi Life has been out in Japan for almost a year under the name Tomodachi Collection: New Life, with over 1.6 million physical units sold. This is the second Tomodachi game; the first was a Japanese-only Nintendo DS game from 2009. North American and European gamers can expect the game to be released June 6th, 2014.

You can check out the teaser site here (http://tomodachi NULL.nintendo Submit Button

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