OPERATION MADNESS: RPG Villain Tournament—Finals

Monday, April 7th, 2014

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opMADNESS 2014 Bracket—Round 5 | oprainfall—RPG Villain Tournament

This is it! We are down to our final two villains. And if you saw the thumbnail, you know exactly who made it. So, here are the results from the previous round.

  • Kefka defeats Golbez with 76% of the vote

There’s really nothing much to say about this. It’s another blowout win for Kefka. As for the other battle…

  • Magus defeats Lavos with 58% of the vote

This one was more intriguing, as the two had actually fought in their main game. In that battle, Lavos drained Magus of his power, leaving him unable to stop the parasite on his own. That battle also brought up questions about whether Magus should win. Well, this time around, Magus soundly defeated his rival and claimed a spot in the finals.

Kefka vs. Magus—RPG Villain Tournament: FINALS | oprainfall


Here we go—a battle between No. 1 and No. 2. In one corner, we have a madman who joyously poisoned the water supply of a castle, assassinated his own king, killed the espers to take their power, and showed no remorse when he destroyed the world as we knew it. In the tournament, he plowed through GALAM from Cosmic Fantasy 2, pierced the impenetrable armor of General Zelgius from Fire Emblem, subdued the magic of Ghaleon from Lunar: Silver Star Story, claimed godhood over Zanza from Xenoblade Chronicles, and thwarted the plans of Golbez from Final Fantasy IV. The overall Number 1 seed in the tournament, from Final Fantasy VIKEFKA PALAZZO!

And in the other corner, we have a villain who was taken from his time and trained to be the Fiendlord and leader of the Mystics. He killed the knight Cyrus, turned his squire into a frog, and started a war to gain power. In the tournament, he shot past the White Rock Shooter from Black Rock Shooter, sliced through Seifer from Final Fantasy VIII, knocked out Blue from Pokémon, wasted the best laid plans of Mithos Yggdrasill from Tales of Symphonia, and got revenge against his in-game nemesis Lavos. The top seed from the Toriyama bracket, from Chrono TriggerMAGUS!

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opMADNESS 2014 Bracket—Final Round | oprainfall—RPG Villain Tournament

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your championship battle. The poll will be open for five days, meaning you have until Friday night at midnight PDT to vote for the villain you think is the best. Good luck, and happy voting!

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  • Guest

    Nothing but Square villains in the finale. Sickening

    • smacd

      More people have played them and are familiar with those characters. You can bring up niche-in-a-niche RPG villains like Luca Blight and others, but quite frankly _most_ people haven’t played the game they are in. Its the same situation with GameFAQs yearly battles always coming down to the same old characters everyone knows.

    • Joe

      Yes, Jowy in the tournament but no Luca…I’m not saying I’d have voted for Luca over Kefka, but it would have given me a lot more to think about than Magus.

    • Joe

      Who would you have chosen?

    • zeezee

      Speaking of Square villains, am I wrong that Id was missing from this list?

      I would have voted for him. Xenogears FTW.

  • RagunaXL

    kefka? I mean props to oprainfall for adding some of the good old games like lunar and cosmic fantasy. but kefka? he was such a mediocre-now-we-need-to-fit-a-villain-into-the-game-I-guess-to-have-a-plot villain… shame…

    • smacd

      Eh, Kefka was the best FF villain in the entire series. I’d take bat-s*** crazy over a villain like Sephiroth who is just lashing out because he has mommy issues any day. And he was one of the few early-era FFs that had an antagonist that even made sense (a tree, seriously? And I don’t even remember what FF2 or 3 had)

    • smacd

      And let’s not forget, Kefka is one of the few villains in the history of RPGs that actually succeeded with their plans.

    • RagunaXL

      let’s not forget that he is lame. …and funny, you had to mention sepiroth in your explanation as to why kefka is so great. you forgot to let someone bring him into the discussion before you argued who had less fault. no one did. kefka is so ‘meh.’ of all the great villains out there… Darth Vader, M. Bison, Hannibal Lecter, The Cigarette Smoking Man, Magneto… kefka would not be on this list. A dozen of the villains in this survey tournament probably could have.

    • smacd

      Perhaps, but in a list of RPGs where a LOT of people have actually
      played the game and therefore know who he is, Kefka ranks pretty high.
      Of course he doesn’t stand up to movie/literary villains, because
      generally anime/JRPG villains are fairly one dimensional and lame. The
      comparison you bring up is apples and oranges, a straw man argument.

      But all considered, as far as popular JRPGs go, one of the best known villains is Kefka.
      And of course I mention Sephiroth, he’s one of the few more-well-known
      villains, and IS worse. Its the logical and obvious argument even
      without having to wait for someone else to bring him up.

      contests are a popularity contest, not a real discussion about the
      actual villains. That said, Kefka is one of my favorites in the JRPG
      world. Like I said, he actually succeeded. In the probably around 300
      RPGs I’ve played, I can’t think of any others in that category.

    • smacd

      I have no idea why disqus broke up my comment like that.

    • RagunaXL

      heated disagreement aside, it’s all good. disqus is such a pain.

    • RagunaXL

      well if you’re here, chances are you have played most of these jrpg’s. and I still feel like kefka doesn’t make the cut. Top 50, sure. top 10, no way! nor does sephiroth, he sucks as well.

    • smacd

      Well, we can at least agree about Sephiroth. We’ll just have to agree to disagree about Kefka. It’s all good. Opinions are fun.

    • MusubiKazesaru

      I think he stands up to them just fine

  • mic

    Kefka might do more as a villain, but Magus is by far the better character. Especially for the people who have played Trigger, Cross, and Radical Dreamers.

    • RagunaXL

      agreed! your first battle with him… finally making it to him, walking forward in the dark, candles lighting behind you. he’s toying with you and you both know… you’re not ready. one of the most memorable moments in gaming history.