Options to Rent Catherine Suddenly Appear on PSN

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Catherine - Rent for Free? | oprainfall

I’m going to assume this will spread like wildfire at any moment and come coupled with some sort of announcement, or…you know, be taken down. But, as it stands, right at this very moment—and Steve Baltimore on our Staff (and others) has confirmed this—you can attempt to rent Catherine via PSN for a few days, absolutely free. The rental options denote 1 Day, 7 Days or 30 days.

PSN Listing - Catherine Rental Options | oprainfall

We can confirm that the rental(s) can be “purchased”, but they don’t seem to work. The rental appears on your Purchased list when you check it out in your PlayStation Store settings…as PlayStation Now, no less. It features a “date started” and “date expired” that lasts for the duration you picked.

PSN Store - PSNow Listing | oprainfall

I suppose that’s all there is to this story until Sony announces something or confesses to a mistake. I’ll bet my bottom dollar this whole thing is related to PlayStation Now, which was unveiled a short while ago and given a “summer 2014” release window. Not to use popular forum jargon when writing up a news story, but—looks like “it’s happening”.

More information as we have it, folks. For now, if you’re a member of PlayStation Plus—head over to PSN and see for yourself!

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