UPDATE: The Walking Dead Trailer and Release Date Revealed

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UPDATE: Since this article was published, Telltale Games have given us (https://twitter NULL.com/telltalegames/status/439129393634738177) an exact release date for the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Episode two of season two will launch on the fourth of March for PSN and PC/Mac. In other words, this Tuesday! Looking at previous releases, I’d guess that the XBLA version will release on Wednesday, as they tend to get released a day later than the others.

The original article can be found below:

Walking Dead

Earlier today on IGN’s Playing Dead web series, Telltale revealed a trailer for the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

The new episode, titled “A House Divided,” looks to be as bleak and violent as ever. Carver, the ruffian alluded to in the last episode, shows up and provides plenty of reasons for Clementine to question just how trustworthy her newly found companions are. If that wasn’t enough those pesky walkers are back and taking ugly to a whole new level. Luckily Clementine seems to have no shortage of courage, standing up to anything and everything the episode throws at her. Does anything scare this girl?

Sadly the trailer gives no exact release date, but recent tweets (https://twitter NULL.com/telltalegames/status/436544106353811457) by Telltale ensure us that the episode is due in “early March.” The reveal video is below. It includes an interview with Scott Porter (voice of Luke) both before and after the trailer, but if you aren’t interested in all that you can just skip ahead to the 2:15 mark.

So what do you all think? Are you on the fence about this next episode? You can read what our own Tyler Lubben thought of the last episode of The Walking Dead right here.

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