(Japan) Neptunia RE;Birth2 System Details

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Neptunia RE;Birth2′s official website has been updated with a few more system details. Here is some details of these updates as translated by our own Will Whitehurst.

In the Nariyuki Dungeon, after choosing equipment for Stella-chan, a private dungeon is sent out for Stella and yourself to venture through. The time that Stella hunts through the dungeon is in real time. When the number of required hours in the dungeon is reached, Stella will return. If dungeon hunts are successful, you can get items that can be used in the main game.

The adventuring process:

  1. Select the dungeon you want to venture through.
  2. After selecting the dungeon, select the specific area you want to venture through.
  3. After you select weapons, armor, seeds/stones, etc. for Stella to search for, she will venture through the dungeon.
  4. After time has passed, items from Stella’s hunt will be brought back to you and will include both items usable in the actual game and items for Stella’s exclusive use.

Who is Stella? She’s the mascot character of Fellistella Co., Ltd.

Neptunia RE;Birth2 - Stella | oprainfall

Hopefully, we’ll hear some localization news on the Neptunia RE;Birth titles out of NIS America or Idea Factory International very soon.

SOURCE (http://www NULL.compileheart NULL.com/neptune/re-birth2/#/system)

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