Level-5 Wants to Know If You Want Yo-Kai Watch

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Yo-Kai Watch | oprainfall

Level-5 might be gearing up to release Yo-kai Watch in the West. A few weeks ago, they registered a trademark in the United States for the name. And just a while ago, the Level-5 International America Twitter feed asked fans if they want to see the game localized for North American and European markets.

Yo-Kai Watch is an RPG that, from gameplay footage, looks like a strange blend of Shin Megami Tensei and Pokemon. You play as either Keita or Fumi-chan as you come across a ghostly figure named Whisper who give you a watch that allows you to see others like him.

The game released in Japan on July 11, 2013, having sold over 400,000 copies so far. There is also an anime that began on January 8, 2014. Level-5 has claimed success on both fronts.

If you want to let Level-5 know that you want to see this game come over- and maybe slip in that you also want other Level-5 games like Fantasy Life- click on this link to respond to the tweet that they made (https://twitter NULL.com/LEVEL5_IA/status/435909756339765248). If you want to see more about Yo-Kai Watch, check out our coverage of the game, including images and gameplay trailers.

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