Reggie Fils-Aime Tweets About Dragon Quest

Monday, October 28th, 2013

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Dragon Quest IX  | oprainfall

I love the Dragon Quest series, if that hasn’t been made clear by the articles I’ve written. I mean, come on, it’s the definition of the JRPG. That said, we haven’t heard a peep about a Western release since Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 came out in 2011, even though two Japanese remakes came out in the meantime, with a third on the way, not to mention the seemingly ill-fated MMO, Dragon Quest X.

Reggie Fils-Aime | Dragon Quest

Nintendo of America has been handling localization of recent Dragon Quest titles (such as the excellent Dragon Quest IX), so I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this tweet from the Regginator:

Could this be a sign that NoA (or, perhaps, Nintendo of Europe, given their recent willingness to try risky localization) are going to bring the 3DS games to Western shores? Or, perhaps, they are looking to gauge interest in the series. Well, whatever the reasoning, I’m glad someone at NoA still loves Dragon Quest.

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I’m Guy Rainey. I’m a hardcore Nintendo fan, a PC enthusiast, and a Sony sympathizer. Also an amateur/aspiring game creator. I love any game that puts story as the main focus of the game, so that means JRPGs are my favorite genre almost by default.

  • James Best

    Yes, we’re gonna get Dragon Quest X over here!

    • NinTemple

      Is this just your guess? Or, even worse, sarcasm? =

      I really want DQX =(

    • James Best

      Just a guess. Would be pretty cool if it turned out to be right.

  • NinTemple

    DQX + NA + no sub fee = happy me.

    Make it happen, Reg!

  • Charlotte Buckingham

    I hope the Monsters remakes make it over here; I know my boyfriend would be so happy if they did.

    I’d like to ask for DQ:X, but I’m not sure I’d but it if it came out in the West… Isn’t it an all-online game? I heard that you CAN play offline, but only for a few hours before you have to go online, AND you have to pay to go online… Does anyone know if that’s true?

    • KiTA

      It’s an MMORPG like FF14. It has an offline tutorial and some “Kid’s Hours” (free time) but yes, you need to pay a monthly fee. It’s a reasonable fee, not terribly bad — $9.99 a month.

  • Rodan

    But what about DQ7? 😐

  • Aiddon

    it would be nice, at the very least. The DQ games have a cult following over here, but Square’s reluctance to localize them has gotten irritating.

    • Marcus J. Hopkins

      Especially when they keep putting out money-grubbing crap, instead.

    • multibottler0cket

      The worst was when they localized 7th Saga and Brain Lord instead of DW5 and 6… Though that was Enix 😛

  • Steve Raineault

    Please give this DQ site a look- inspired by this site:

    Be sure to take action!

  • Alex

    I remember reading Reggie has like 200 hours clocked on Dragon Quest IX. This might just be Reggie talking personally.

    • Tara

      That’s pretty much my thoughts on it. As soon as I saw the tweet, I knew rabid speculation would ensue.

      That said, if they were to localize any, I’d hope it would be Dragon Quest VII 3DS. I know I’m in some sort of minority, but I don’t really enjoy MMOs.

    • multibottler0cket

      That’s because MMOs suck!

      Well, they’re social time sink games, and I’m looking for a challenging story driven game, so MMOs and I don’t really get along. Especially pay to play MMOs.

    • Tara

      I spent a good bit of time playing WoW. It’s better than the free MMOs by far, as far as quality and playability goes. However they’re very ‘meh’ on story, as you say.

      And WoW died for me when the guild I was in fell apart. These games are nothing without friends, and to be honest, I felt too obligated to keep playing when they were there. I was honestly almost kind of relieved when the guild fell apart. Instead of letting down an NPC by not showing up every day and playing until 2AM, you’re disappointing real people. It’s… no. And I’m glad I don’t play anymore for that reason alone. Not getting into that again.

    • multibottler0cket

      I lost a drummer to WoW once.

  • Luis Gustavo

    DQVII 3ds remake! I’ve bought my 3ds hopeful to play it!

  • Tara

    I don’t personally want Dragon Quest X. I don’t really enjoy MMOs, and I don’t really think it’s a very good example of the series on the whole. Not to mention, I’m not sure Nintendo could handle a proper MMO alone, but then again, I don’t know for sure.

    Though as I had agreed with the comments of Alex, I really just think Reggie’s talking personally. But the rabid fan speculation was pretty much guaranteed when he mentioned liking Dragon Quest. Oh well.

    And honestly, if they did release any of the Dragon Quest titles here, I’d say the 3DS remake of VII would be the ideal. The original VII is currently the hardest-to-find of the more recent DQ games… and to put it into perspective, it was sold under the “Dragon Warrior” name in the US, which they haven’t used for over 10 years. (They started using the name Dragon Quest in the west with Dragon Quest VIII.)

  • Niki Coppola

    DQ 1 .2 . and 3 collection on 3DS in north America?

  • multibottler0cket

    Dude, I grew up with Dragon Warrior! I don’t want anything to do with DQX though. Still pissed off at Square-Enix for the whole numbered online BS.

    Personally, I’m *hoping* for DQXI as a single player turn based Dragon Quest game for Wii U coming soon. Something with a good story like DQ4, 5, and 8.

    Likely, it’s going to be either a localization of DQVII, or DQXI announced for 3DS.

    Unless it’s a DQM game.

    Fingers crossed!

  • RagunaXL

    via twitter, I assume he is sympathizing with his audience and market. he’d be a cold man, the position he is in, to not enjoy games, gaming, and their community to some extent. So, I think he is just voicing his honest opinion. Maybe even show his colleagues that there is a buzz, if that post does in fact lead to a buzz. I say it all the time on here, I even have the money stashed away, but i’m holding out purchasing a wii U for which ever comes first… Dragon Quest X or Monolithsoft’s ‘X’

  • Thanatos2k

    Hey I’d like to see more of it too – on a console. Not on a handheld. Not a multiplayer focused version. And not a freaking MMO.

    Can you do that, Square?

    • multibottler0cket

      Hopefully. Can they do a console local multiplayer enabled Mana game too while they’re at it? That would be nice.