Toonami Schedule Changes This Weekend

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Time to adjust your Saturday night plans, because the Toonami lineup is getting ready to change. The schedule will be tweaked a bit October 26 to accommodate the addition of FLCL into the lineup. While the series has appeared on Adult Swim many times in the past, this will be its first appearance on the revamped Toonami. IGPX, a series produced by Cartoon Network and Production I.G., will be bumped to the 3:30 AM ET time slot as FLCL replaces it at 2:30 AM EST.

For the full rundown of what will be shown when, see the chart below (Note that all times are in Eastern Time):

12:00 AMBleach
12:30 AMNaruto
1:00 AMOne Piece
1:30 AMSoul Eater
2:00 AMSword Art Online
3:30 AMFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
4:00 AMGhost in the Shell
5:00 AMInuYasha
5:30 AMInuYasha

If you’re a fan of Toonami or anime in general, don’t forget to keep up with news about Shinichiro Watanabe’s Space Dandy, which will join the lineup January 2014.


FLCL is available for purchase from and

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