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Recently, Blake Robinson took on the task of recreating the entire soundtrack of the epic RPG Chrono Trigger into a synthesized orchestral form. Because the game features such a massive soundtrack, he decided to split it up into three parts. Volume two of Chrono Trigger Symphony has now been released on iTunes and Loudr for $7.99. The track listings go as follows:

1. A Desolate World

2. Mystery from the Past

3. Site 16

4. Those Without the Will to Live

5. Lavos’ Theme

6. The Last Day of the World

7. Johnny of the Robo Gang

8. Bike chase

9. Robo’s Theme

10. Derelict Factory

11. Battle 2

12. Fanfare 2

13. At the End of Time

14. Jolly Ol’ Spekkio

15. Fanfare 3

16. Creeping through the Sewers

17. Boss Battle 2

18. Primeval Mountain

19. Ayla’s theme

20. Rhythm of Earth, Wind, And…

21. Burn! Bobonga! Burn!

22. The Fiendlord’s Keep

23. Strains of Insanity

24. Magus Confronted

Check out some samples in the video below:

You can purchase both Chrono Trigger Symphony Vol.2  and the previous one from any of these links:

Vol1: iTunes (https://itunes NULL./id691478747) Loudr (http://www NULL.loudr

Vol2: iTunes (https://itunes Loudr (http://www NULL.loudr

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