Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies eShop Prices Revealed

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies - oprainfall

After a few months of silence, Capcom has finally announced the North American and European prices for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. The game will be priced at $29.99 in North America and €24.99 in Europe. They have yet to announce a specific release date for the game other than sometime this fall.

The price point for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies has been a concern for several fans. Most 3DS titles retail for about $40 in North America and €50 in Europe. Thankfully, it seems Capcom decided to reduce the price by a quarter in North America and by half in Europe. Hopefully the game will do well enough to not only prove that the Ace Attorney brand is still viable internationally, but that $30 and €25 will be the standard for digital-only releases of retail games in the future.

In addition, Capcom has provided some new screenshots of the game, which you can view below.


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  • Omar

    All I can say is:
    Go fuck yourself Crapcom.

  • Crapcom at it again

    I’d have paid $40 for a physical copy. Nice work losing that money, Capcom.

  • illucio

    They announced this months ago….

  • Goose

    Good thing I took advantage of that Nintendo promotion where you get 30 eShop bucks if you register Fire Emblem and SMT4. I’m going to use it to get this, but I would have had no problems buying a 40 dollar physical or even an 80 dollar collector’s edition.

  • Pedro Rosas

    I’ll buy it when it’s in special

  • Zelpok

    I’ll probably buy it now on release day, only because I got the $30 credit. It would have definitely be a day 1 purchase for me if they brought over the physical copy or the limited edition.

  • Guest

    Oh well… physical copy on the eShop probably means forced German language for me, which ruins all the humor. So, no matter how cheap, keep it Capcom.

  • Andreas Bauer

    Oh well… digital version on the eShop probably means forced German language for me, which ruins all the humor. So, no matter how cheap, keep it Capcom.

    • Tara

      Usually there is a language select at the title screen, it’s not based on system settings… you should be able to play in whatever language you want.

      If you’re not talking about system language settings, I otherwise have no idea why you’d have forced German language. (Unless you mean that you live in Germany, your eShop region is set as Germany, and all that. In which case you’d be happy to know that you’ll still get the same version released all over Europe, there’s no special version for Germany, it’ll seriously contain the 5 or 8 languages most games have settings for, I can almost guarantee it.)

    • Andreas Bauer

      Well yea, normally. But the previous ones didn’t include English either. The German Apollo Justice was like German, Italian and Spanish, rest missing.
      Plus our eShop tends to give us German-only versions, like the Professor Layton and the MIracle Mask I downloaded, it’s only German, no other languages available.

  • Tara

    I’m not really sure why all the hate. It’s $30, which actually does seem to be th enorm for “Direct to eShop/eShop Exclusive” titles, as seen when XSeed released Unchained Blades.

    Anyway, I don’t really mind the digital only thing, as much as I’d have liked to have a physical copy.

    And so far as the folks talking about physical copies and how they would have paid for them, well, there is a minimum number of copies they must make, and it’s fairly clear they are looking at what happened with AAI, and Apollo Justice (both sold considerably less than AA1-3 from what I know, I don’t have official numbers). A digital distribution method allows them to sell the game with the limitation of “X copies must be made at X price”. It’s a smart decision by Capcom, allowing fans to get the game still, and them to not get dragged under if it bombs.

    And mind you, I don’t support a lot of what Capcom has done lately. To be honest, they can burn for BoF6, for everything they’ve done to Mega Man, for closing Clover (though that did allow Platinum Games to form, which is awesome) and not releasing AAI2. Just saying that in this case, it’s probably one of the more reasonable decisions they’ve made.

    • Nintendo is cheap and lazy

      The 3DS eShop is a horrible digital distribution system. Games are not tied to any sort of account, only to the physical 3DS, which is an absolutely terrible system. If it breaks, if you get a new one, or if they lose track of which game you bought then you have to rebuy the entire game.

      Every other company solved this problem years ago. Nintendo’s digital distribution is not to be trusted, and now Capcom is forcing you to use it. THAT is one huge reason why people despise this.

    • Tara

      Except they’re apparently working on that, so it won’t be the issue for much longer. It’s a major criticism all around, and one they seem receptive to doing *something* about. I myself am not big on how the DD is handled on Nintendo consoles, and I do think it should have been reworked before the 3DS and Wii U were even released (they never should have continued on the path the Wii used for DD) but it is how it is.

      As for part of your statement: “or if they lose track of which game you bought then you have to rebuy the entire game” I will point out this is the case with all DD platforms, and isn’t just Nintendo’s problem. I’ve heard of it with Steam, PSN, and XBL as well.

      Also, if your system breaks, you can actually get your games transferred if you send it in for out-of-warranty repair. If you get a new system, you can transfer the games, but you will need both at once in order to perform the transfer (so you can’t sell the system to pay for the new one, so valid point on your part). However if your digital purchases are valued enough that you’d want to transfer them, then you’d find a way to make it work. Not saying it’s right that you’d need both to transfer, it should be an easy “log in with your details, there’s all your stuff” deal, and it seems they’re working on it. Nintendo’s always been behind on these things, though.

      As far as Capcom goes, honestly, they’re using what is available to them to do this. If you really want to pass on getting the game for the reasons you stated, that’s up to you. I personally will download and enjoy the game, regardless of the medium it’s played on.

    • Nintendo is cheap and lazy

      Saying “they’re working on it” is no excuse. It sucks NOW which is why people hate it NOW and why people are mad at Capcom NOW.

      Really Nintendo has no reason whatsoever why they debuted the 3DS and eShop with this system, other than they’re cheap and didn’t want to invest in a proper online infrastructure. I can access Steam on any PC. I can sign in with my PSN account on any PS3. And so on. Their shoddy workarounds “Well you can send it in!” are pathetic. If your 3DS gets stolen or lost you’re SOL. There’s no account trail or accountability and Nintendo will just ignore you or apologize and do nothing if you ask their customer service about this. I know from personal experience.

      Capcom is not using what’s available. What’s available is a physical release. They didn’t, and they have to live with the consequences of people being mad at forcing them to use a shitty digital distribution system as the only method of getting the game.

    • Tara

      Nintendo has never really been one to do what everyone else is doing, or even to use the technologies already available. They do everything their own way. As a long-time Nintendo fan, I know this is how it is, so I’m honestly not as bothered by this as, say, someone that came to Nintendo from another platform and finds it inferior.

      … and for the record, if you have a Club Nintendo account, it does actually track what you have if it’s linked to your eShop account on your console. It’s one step away from them having it all tied together in a proper manner. Again, I state that it’s being worked on, hopefully will be done soon. I’m not saying the way they’ve handled any of it so far is “right”, exactly, but it is just how they do it.

      So far as Capcom goes… I want to point out the previous games as a point in favor of what I’m saying… they all sold out and got multiple reprints (Except possibly AAI, though I think they had unrealistic expectations for that one.) Each reprint cost them up front, they were never sure if that reprint would be the one to flood the market. People possibly had sold the games at that point as well, making an abundance of used copies. While it’s true that they could have easily done a single physical release for the first run, and go “digital only” after, it’s obvious the powers that be at Capcom don’t really want to spend the money up front for a printing of the game, and in fact, of many games. Is this Capcom being greedy? I don’t know. I don’t know the intricate details of their financials. If you want to be mad, that’s your choice, and as such is fine.

      Anyway, don’t take my comments as trying to convince you not to be mad. As a different individual, you can have a different opinion. Honestly the conversation has been enlightening since while I was aware of the disdain folks have, I wasn’t always sure of why. (Well, in regards to Nintendo anyway.) I’ll also admit I would have preferred a physical release of AA:DD myself, really wanted the Phoenix figure… but hey, I’m glad we’re getting the game at all after they passed on AAI2. So far as the disdain for Capcom, well… I’ve got my issues with them, but at the same time, I haven’t held myself to boycotting them or anything, though I know they feed on the tears and nightmares of the tortured fans (only logical explanation for the decisions they’ve made for at least the last 8 years).

      All I have to say, is it will be interesting to see what happens with Nintendo’s online infrastructure, and with AA:DD… but have no doubt, this “digital download only” thing? It’s gonna keep going and become more frequent, so I do agree that Nintendo does need to do something, and now.

  • James Best

    Good job, Capcom!