E.X. Troopers Can Still Come To The West If Capcom Sees Enough Input

Monday, August 5th, 2013

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E.X. Troopers

The fate of the Lost Planet spin-off game, E.X. Troopers, arriving in the West has been a tricky scenario for fans when Capcom had no plans to release the game overseas. From what had previously been said, the in-game texts were designed as part of the game’s artwork, making it impossible to swap the texts and translate them unless the art had been redone. The fact that the game also underperformed at its initial launch doesn’t help any either.

But despite these circumstances, this does not mean E.X. Troopers can’t be released in the West — at least according to Capcom’s Andrew Szymanski, who is currently supervising the new Strider game and producing Lost Planet 3. According to Szymanski, input by fans is the best thing to see, whether it’s about localizations or developing new games. Here is what he said in an interview about the matter:

“Whether it’s E.X. Troopers or any other Japan-only games we do or even games we are considering doing, the best thing we can get is input,” Szymanski replied. “I don’t need an online petition. I just need people to go on the community sites, e-mail some of our community guys, and say these are the kinds of games we want to see.”

“Whether they are games released overseas that they want in other territories—again what made Strider possible was having that backup. James [Vance] and I can walk into a boardroom and say we want to make Strider, but they’re going to say, ‘Who cares about Strider anymore?’ These people care. You have got to be able to drop that big printout on that table.”

E.X. Troopers Hub

So essentially, people’s voices, demands, and opinions are effective in a way that Capcom can see what players want to play. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Mega Man fans, who have been clamoring for a few years, with Szymanski saying that things need to be taken “one at a time”. He adds that Strider has priority for starting at “the right opportunity at the right time with the right partner”. Nevertheless, the fact that people can collectively demand to Capcom to release games like E.X. Troopers without having to make petitions, or worry that hard-coded texts will deny localization sounds reassuring.

So will you be letting Capcom know you want E.X. Troopers for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3? Make sure to leave a comment.


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  • Andrew Arndt

    i still want it so yes i say bring it spread to to capcom ;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    Yes, I’d like to see it. =D

  • Pedro Rosas

    It’s Capcom so….nop
    I’m still butt hurt about Mega Man Legends 3 and this is the game that they made instead of MML3 so no thank you.

  • Goose

    So MegaMan has been having fan input for years and its games have been cancelled left and right. The backlash from MML3 cancellation is some serious ‘input’ that they’ve been wanting for a game, and now they’re saying they want more input on other games for them to be localized. I haven’t been keeping up, but has Strider been getting more attention (before knowledge of Double Helix developing the game) than MegaMan? It’s like they’re cranking out excuse after excuse.

    • dubaloseven

      Well considering Inafune shat on Capcom by tricking them into wasting money on his other projects (he’s straight out said this) and left before the team could reasonably finish MML3 without a massive change in direction that would most likely ruin the project and more money down the tube, can’t really blame them.

      You want someone to blame, get mad at Inafune, Legends 3 would be out by now if he hadn’t left the rest of the team out to dry.

    • -Majin-

      Without him and his “wasting money” they would not even have dead rising and lost planet.
      Granted, he was a big thorn in the side, but he tried new things when capcom started to put focus in sequels.
      On the other hand, he is also responsible for games to be outsorced like lost planet 3 and DmC…

  • Red

    Yeah i wouldnt mind playing something like this on 3ds.

  • Mauricio Robayo Diaz
  • Crapcom as usual

    Capcom can go screw itself. After Breath of Fire 6 I’m done with this company.

    Except Phoenix Wright. And they’re finding new ways to screw that over too.

  • francis

    i’ll definitely let capcom know that they HAVE to release this game westside,i can’t wait to play it

  • dubaloseven

    I threw my wallet at the screen, nothing happened.

  • AdamDuffiled

    Ugh, how many times have they said this? When have they ever followed through with it?

    • dubaloseven

      Maybe… oh I don’t know, the fan responsre has never been strong enough. Did you ever consider that.

    • AdamDuffiled

      Many times I have seen more than enough fan response and still no result, for instance Ace Attorney Investigations 2. If there are other reason why they wont fine, but its painfully clear they say this to put the burden on the fanbase and the heat off themselves, with no intention of following through.

    • dubaloseven

      Please define enough.

  • dude

    Might as well just buy the japanese version used for ~40$ and not give Capcom the satisfaction. That’s what I did, the game is fully playable without japanese knowledge, you’ll just miss out on the story. The gameplay is good enough for the story not to matter much.

  • Craig Mcleod

    Where’s the link to this magical place were I can tell Capcom to spin on it?

  • Sagat

    Bring it over!!

  • James Best

    This is just sad. Remember in the old days when developers would localize their games for all audiences? Yeah, those were the days. Nowadays, it’s always the fans who have to prove themselves, as if Capcom doesn’t have enough money to bring games like these West regardless of fan interest.

    • Dude

      I don’t remember those days, since they never existed. Starting with the NES there have always been tons of games that never made it over to America or Europe, on all consoles. Vice versa is also pretty frequent I assume.

    • James Best

      I suppose “generally” would have been a good word to throw in there.

  • MJP

    YES, PLEASE!!!!!