The Wind Waker HD Still Has Super Swimming

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

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I was lucky enough to be near one of the Best Buys to try out the Nintendo Experience. Initially, I was going to write up a small impressions piece, but really, just make sure to get there early if you’re going to go. However, there was one thing that stuck with me as a person that frequents watching speedruns; there was no fix for the super swim glitch.

E3 2013 Nintendo Direct The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker HD 2013-06-11 07_23_41

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera on hand to videotape it, but in the demo, it worked just fine. For those that don’t follow, Super swimming is a glitch in the game that involves getting the game in a state called “storage” by falling off a ledge while holding the Wind Waker out, then falling into water, and lastly swimming backwards and in a circle. Link rapidly accelerates, and it works like a wind up toy: the moment you stop swimming, Link goes flying backwards. It’s used to skip sailing, and can be used to cross the entirety of the great ocean in a much shorter period of time than was intended. A video of the glitch in action is embedded below.

For those that want the whole story, the player nondescriptly started playing the boss demo against the Helmaroc King. He initially tried to do the Zombie Hover glitch before messing up and being booted out to the select screen. This time, he selected the Outset Island demo. He proceeded to get the game into “storage” by falling off a ledge while pulling out the Wind Waker before proceeding to super swim. He also managed to break the demo: normally, if somebody tries to take the King of Red Lions out past the boundaries of the demo, he gives a warning and the player cannot progress further. However, nothing was triggered for a swimming Link, and the game froze once he went far enough away. The player got a nice little round of applause before leaving.

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Daniel is a third year business student from Texas who got his start in JRPGs with Final Fantasy 8 and has loved them ever since. His three biggest passions are video games, technology and baseball, with anime being a growing fourth. He occasionally Let's Plays on the side as a hobby.

  • James Best

    King of Red Lions is still docked at Windfall Island wondering where Link went off to.

  • Coarse

    Dammit. You show this stuff to Nintendo, they’re just going to delay the game so they can fix it.

    • Ibi Salmon

      They left the glitches in the Ocarina of Time remake, so that doesn’t seem likely.

    • Fiery Bulblax

      You are stupid? A very stupid person showed off Infinite Sword glitch at an OoT 3D demo and now it’s not in the game anymore. IT’S VERY LIKELY THAT THEY’LL FIX THE GLITCH IF THIS POST ISN’T TAKEN DOWN.

    • Ibi Salmon

      Calm down. I heard that Nintendo kept some of the glitches that were in the original game to keep the original experience intact. I guess I was wrong.

  • Madtaz64

    Dude no joke you really shouldn’t have posted this. When some guy
    discovered the Infinite Sword Glitch in a OOT 3d demo they posted a
    video about it. When the final version came out the ISG wasn’t able to
    be done, ruining speedrunning for that game. Hopefully this news doesn’t catch too much wind.

  • Concerned Speedgamer

    NO NO NO Why Did you do this, NOW THEY”RE GONNA FIX IT, AND all the speedrunners will have a new gimped version of TWW HD, and it will be hated amoung speedrunners like OOT3DS is. Fuck. People and their big mouth.

    • Liam LikesPie

      This seriously, YES, DELETE THIS POST!

  • frankerz

    PLEASE delete this post. For the love of god, delete this post.

  • Liam LikesPie

    Please delete this post. It will hurt for The Wind Waker speed-runners, because it would be a all new challenge with the graphical effects and the controller. Please take this down, it would be really nice if you guys did because if Nintendo sees it they will fix it.

  • Zepherion

    Keep this post up. Fuck speedrunners, using bugs to speedrun is a load of shit anyways.

    “Look how fast I can glitch the game to show the ending cutscene!”

    What an accomplishment. I hope this gets fixed before the remake is released.

    • anon.

      “ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY NO FUN ALLOWED ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY” shut your fucking mouth, them speedrunning doesn’t affect you in the slightest so shhhhh little baby shhhhh

    • Zepherion


      Yeah That’s A Good One!

    • anon.

      lmfao your life must be so boring and two dimensional, no wonder your avatar is mensweardog

    • Zepherion

      I think you should know that you are really bad at this.

    • Kyeth

      Please explain to me why everyone should have the same opinion as you?

    • Zepherion

      Can you explain to me why you’re indirectly defending speedrunning?

    • Hiimsteve

      Can you explain (logically that is) why speedrunning should be generally shunned just because you don’t deem it to be fun?

    • Zepherion

      Scroll down.

      “Also speed-running is stupid, exploiting glitches to do so is just
      cheating. Leaving in glitches to promote breaking the game so 1% of the
      player base can circle-jerk about how well they can break the game to reach the ending cutscene first is absolutely retarded.

      By your logic, unfinished games are fantastic, the buggier and more broken it is, the more replay value it has.”

    • Fiery Bulblax

      I have no idea how this is a load of shit. Games are meant to be run with glitches. Look at The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword No Save Quit runs. Without glitching the game in the slightest and just ONE sequence break known as Shell Trick, it’s just playing the game normally. And it sucks. Many runs have been lost to Shell Trick and the category is so hated that almost nobody runs it anymore. And the people who do still run it run it very rarely.

      Glitching the game is the fun of speedrunning. Speedrunning games increases the replay value by quite a lot. You can play through the game over and over just trying to get the World Record for the game, which is quite an accomplishment, especially for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker as it is very hard to even finish a run of the game.

      I don’t see how fixing the glitch would help anybody, as any person who just regularly plays the game through time and time again most likely won’t do any glitches. And any glitch within the game doesn’t affect the disc.

      So by your logic, people aren’t allowed to have replay value within a game.

      If the glitches present in the original get fixed in the remake, the game will be hated amongst speedrunners, just like with what happened when Wrong Warp and Infinite Sword Glitch got fixed in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Sure, you can still do Reverse Bottle Adventure to finish in an hour, but the removal of Wrong Warp changes the route for both Any% and 100% runs entirely, forcing players to relearn and reroute the game if they want to speedrun the updated remake of the game.

      I don’t see your logic.

      -Fiery Bulblax

    • Zepherion

      By my logic, releasing a game with any fixable glitches known by the devs before launch is wrong and should not happen.

      Also speed-running is stupid, exploiting glitches to do so is just cheating. Leaving in glitches to promote breaking the game so 1% of the player base can circle-jerk about how well they can break the game to reach the ending cutscene first is absolutely retarded.

      By your logic, unfinished games are fantastic, the buggier and more broken it is, the more replay value it has.

    • Fiery Bulblax

      Alright, fair enough. But next time don’t address speedrunners as just cheating fucks. There are Glitchless categories.

  • angry speedrun fan

    Take this blog down or else it will get fixed

  • LaVon Parker

    Yeah take the post down to appease a VERY SMALL fraction of gamers.

    • Steve

      Shut the Fuck Up, you cocksucker mother bitch! If I want you to run you’re little shit mouth I’ll shove my hand up your sandy vagina and work you like the insignificant puppet you are. Nigger Faggot.

    • LaVon Parker

      Dude calm down! It was fixed & no amount of racist angry ranting you do will undo it. 😛

  • Richard Mounts

    Sadly, this has been fixed. It kicks you out of the wind waker when you fall.

  • Guy

    It got fixed, nice job there buddy.

  • Anon

    Good job mate, it got fixed.

  • MetalKnick

    They fixed it.

  • John Kinsley

    They fixed it you dumb cunt, you’re going to hell for this.