E3 2013: PC Edition of The Witcher 3 to allow Witcher 2 Data Imports

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Taking a cue from the likes of Bioware and the Mass Effect series, the PC edition of CD Projekt RED’s upcoming 2014 release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will offer players the opportunity to import save data from The Witcher 2.  Executive Producer of the game, John Mamais, noted that when uploaded, “it’ll definitely impact your playthrough in The Witcher 3.”  What hasn’t been divulged is in what ways the game experience will change with the save import.

Also unclear is what options will be available for those that play the game on the PS4 or Xbox One.  Mamais indicated that the team is still working out the specifics of how to provide a similar experience for the console audience; particularly on the PS4, since The Witcher 2 was never released on Sony hardware.  In his own words, “We’re not sure how it’s going to work on the consoles yet, but we might try to create some kind of game state even if you haven’t played. Obviously we didn’t make the game for the Playstation 3, so we might try to deliver something for the PS4 that could create some kind of profile for those players.”

SOURCE (http://www NULL.videogamer NULL.com/ps4/the_witcher_3_wild_hunt/news/the_witcher_3_will_be_altered_by_saved_games_from_the_witcher_2 NULL.html)

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