E3 2013: Final Fantasy Producer Asks If People Want Modern Turn-based Games

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

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Final Fantasy XV

Throughout much of the history of Final Fantasy, the core combat of the majority of the series has relied on the Active Time Battle system, a combat system in which players select menu commands to fight, cast spells, use items, and perform any other action the player’s party is capable of without actually taking direct control of a character. However, more recent entries have shied away from this system in one way or another, with games like Final Fantasy XII, XIV, and now XV all electing for different, increasingly action-driven approaches.  Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII represents an even stranger departure that mixes elements of real-time action combat with the ATB system.

It was during a presentation on Lightning Returns that producer Yoshinori Kitase posited a question to reporter Jeremy Parish of US Gamer: “I’d like to know, would you want to see a turn-based command style return?”

He elaborated. “Here’s a hypothetical question—and this is just hypothetical, so don’t read too much into this. What if we were to take a game like, say, Final Fantasy VI that does have the ATB system but is basically command-based—what if we were to take that game and breathe new life into it, make it into a current-gen game? Would users be OK with it in that turn-based style?”

The answer might be seemingly obvious, as it was to Parish, who responded with a “Yes.”  And to some, it might seem like a silly question. I know I’m not alone in my desire to see a modern remake of Final Fantasy VI that remained true to its ATB roots. But what about the rest of you out there?  Would you like to see Square Enix produce a modern Final Fantasy game, whether all-new or a remake, that used the ATB system of old, or do you prefer the more action-oriented approach of the latter entries and games like Kingdom Hearts?

About Justin Graham

Justin joined Oprainfall through…belligerence. (Note to others: This is not a good way to get noticed. This sort of thing only works once.) When he’s not writing about games or waxing nostalgic about anime older than a large portion of the site’s audience, he can be found playing JRPGs or beating up lots of dudes in Dynasty Warriors.

  • Jesse Waldack

    Yes, please. Take my money! FFIV and FFVI are my favorites in the series.

  • Fox

    It would be nice, what I want is a Final Fantasy, that looks like Final Fantasy, heck… that FFXV looks like a futuristic Uncharted with spiky-hair.
    Whatever happened to magic, summons, and giant swords.

    • Alex Kraus

      Pretty sure I saw both summons and giant swords in that trailer. Even more amazingly, the summons look like they came out of Final Fantasy VIII and not hyper-stylized beyond recognition. Maybe Shiva will actually be a blue ice goddess and not a lesbian twin-sister motorcycle whose faces you ride on as the seat.

    • Alex Kraus

      OK, I’ll admit that XIII’s shiva design was creative, I just don’t like it as “Shiva”

  • Sabas

    We all [want] NEED turn based Final Fantasy. You know, like Lost Odyssey ♥

    • Joseph Pfeiffer

      Exactly! Well said.

  • Nicholas Perry

    No. I want them to be free to be creative and try new things. That’s the whole point of the franchise. To reinvent itself.

    The last thing I want is for the series to become some boring formulaic romp like Mega Man just because everyone is butthurt about change and is feeling nostalgic about FFVI.

    I had enough of FF being really formulaic in many respects in I-V. Since VI came out they’ve tried to do new things in every single game. And I want it to stay that way.

    I’m sick of people complaining and being completely narrow minded and blinded by nostalgia.

    • Daniel Dupuis

      it’s part of that nostalgia that makes the franchise. Scroll up to see my idea.

    • Johnson Cameron

      But also you have to realize, Final Fantasy trying new things, experimenting with battle schemes and different storylines has made Final Fantasy what it is today.

      Imagine if we had Final Fantasy 7 with 16bit graphics,some battle schemes, items or even the monsters because people from that era only liked Final Fantasy 6 and were resistant to change.

      Another example of this in the extreme was Silent Hill series and it’s own fans. I will show you what i am saying,

      Silent Hill 1 was great, and people were use to the controls(although it was terrible), and loved the story line. The second one people complained about the story line not having continuity and not enough scary things happening in it. The third one corrected this, and people complained about the controls, because they were use to it on the second game. As for the fourth and final one for Team Silent Hill, they corrected everything, but Silent Hill fans were mad about the length of it.

      Team Silent eventually left after the 4th one, probably because they were tired of the fans never making up their minds about what they want and what would be better for the series. The fans killed the series themselves due to their inability to let change happen and accept it for what it is.I am not saying this will happen to FF series, but it could hurt the franchise in the long run.

    • Johnson Cameron

      I thought i was the only one who thought of this. I swear everytime Final Fantasy tries to do something extremely new and creative, people just want things to be the way they use to be. Problem with this is, how does something move forward when we want things to stay as it is.

      The truth is it can not, we must try to understand that each game is different, and it evolves within time. Plus an important fact is that a lot of people who were developers of FF10, or even FF7 are gone now by retirement or even just working for different companies who work on RPG’s.

      I would love to see FF at least try the action RPG route, because to me it is new, and something i feel like i can actually play that let’s me have full control of what i am doing. I am sure there will be turn based games in the future, but just right now, i hope people can let things be and let Square Enix become relevant again.

    • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

      ARPGs arent new, they have been there since the first Star Ocean (Nes) and Tales of Phantasia (Snes), the thing is that turn based can still evolve but ARPGs are NOT the evolution of said battle system.

      Im all for trying new things but the core gameplay should be familiar because thats why franchise and spinoffs exists, take for instance Persona. Since the first one they have been turn based but they still offer new gameplay mechanics while still being true to its turn based nature.

      SE is not relevant to me anymore if ARPGs is wht they are going to do now, i mean they have KH and Star Ocean for ARPGs.

    • Johnson Cameron

      I agree on the fact that yes, it is not something revolutionary and was invented yesterday. But let’s be honest here, Final Fantasy has not gained much in recent titles. Look up the information yourself, FF10 sold 6.6 million copies worldwide, and FF13-2 sold 2.2 million copies worldwide.

      What do you think Square Enix should do at this point to keep interest in the series and have more sales? More of the same, or change? I think Square Enix has tried everything right now especially the pokemon feature in FF13-2, and nobody is buying the games to really warrant them staying the same.

      You are right about that, but Final Fantasy is not Persona. Final Fantasy is way more well known in the general public than Persona is to the hardcore RPG fan and both have different gameplay and storyline elements. Both are in seperate classes of RPG’s. Persona is more of a new style JRPG and Square Enix is more of a classic JRPG.

      I am not saying FF series should go ARPG route. But you have to admit, ARPG’s have been more popular in recent memory(Ys series,Tales series,Kingdom Hearts) i can not blame SE if it goes this route. I just would like to see them experiment to see if SE could do this and make it work.

    • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

      You forgot the 9.9 million of sales of FFXIII, that before release was hyped as a game with a battle system akin to FF X wich was turn based. The fact that XIII sold as well despite being turn based shows that such mechanics are still desirable.

      I know that ARPGs are the bomb right now but after RE demise for going action oriented route i dont like this mentality of forsaking a series identity just to appeal to the latest trend.

      I suppose i will give up on the series now :/

    • Paul

      Funny, There’s a reason FFXIII sold well, and if you hadn’t realized it by now then i feel sorry for you. If you were there during the time before FFXIII was released, the trailers over-hyped the fans by showing incredible graphics that nobody has Ever seen before! People thought this game was going to be amazing, because the graphics were mind-blowing, and it wasn’t because people cared if it was turned based. The trailer made the gameplay seem fast-paced and fluid. Until the game was released and people were disappointed. Point is, FFXIII sold well because of the graphics.

    • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

      Doesnt matter it still means that people were up to buy it despite featuring an “outdated” battle system, graphics can only take you that far, gameplay or genre are the most important part that influence if people is going to buy it or not.

      In any case Turn based is still desired nor it sways people of buying a game.

    • madmofo145

      FF13-2 sold poorly because it was a sequel to a game that no one asked for, which had a large amount of DLC planned for it which scared away people afraid that they were paying for an incomplete game. Personally I’m looking forward to XV, but to try to pin a games poor sales on lack of an action based battle system when there are so many other more obvious problems with said game seems silly. What Square needs to do is make good final fantasy’s, games with big worlds, plenty to explore, and fine tuned gameplay. XIII lacked that and as such it’s sequels have been shunned by many series fans.

    • Rick Xeros

      There is nothing wrong with wanting a turn based rpg, no one said they can’t be innovative with it. I want a turn based system in a new final fantasy, it has nothing to do with nostalgia either, I just like the control I have over my party, deciding what the right attacks to use are, not relying on AI to decide I need to cast this spell or that because thats what the enemy is weak to. Action RPG’s are fun but do we really need ever RPG to be an Action rpg or for gods sake another RPGFPS? It’s not about nostalgia, it’s partially about genre preference for sure, but its mostly, about wanting a GOOD game and not have to suffer another FF13…

    • Joseph Pfeiffer

      Exactly how I feel! I love planning each step of my team and having to race quickly enough to input my commands before the enemy overlaps attacks.

    • multibottler0cket

      It has nothing to do with nostalgia, it has to do with a genre that we love that is becoming less and less present.

    • Vaile

      I’m okay if they want to try new things, but I’d rather they blended it like the meteria system into the ATB system in ff7 or the junction system of ff8. I also miss my world map. The world map was important because it made the game seem bigger which was wonderful. if they don’t want to do this stuff that’s fine and I will still play it but don’t call it final fantasy because ATB, World Maps, Ultimate Weapons, Intense Story, and In depth character development is forever what makes final fantasy final fantasy to me.I don’t feel that there has been a real final fantasy game released since 9. just good ideas that they called final fantasy.

  • Jonah Rosen

    It would probably be for the best to stick to the classic ATB style gameplay, IMO.

  • Andrew Castellano

    If square was to remake ff6 with modern graphics but keep the core gameplay the same is tell them take my money right mow. I miss true turn based combat.

  • JTShiro

    I’m all for an FF game with the traditional ATB system, but the current problems with FF aren’t with gameplay it’s the stories and characters that are far less interesting than they were in the golden age of IV, VI, V, VII, and IX

    • Jonah Rosen

      What about V? That was alright too… 🙁

    • JTShiro


    • Jonah Rosen

      Cool, but yeah, I agree that Square should go back and review what made the stories and characters likable. But I also think they should fix the gameplay, not only with the classic ATB-style combat, but maybe with something like the job system from FF III & V.

    • JTShiro

      Reintroducing the job system would be an interesting element to bring back. They need to bring back a sense of fun with the characters and story rather than the onslaught of tragic characters (see everyone in XIII) and the overly serious stories

    • Jonah Rosen

      Yeah, I loved the elements of strategy used in FF III & V from equipping the right job at the right time, and equipping abilities you’ve learned from one job to another ala FFV for a whole level of complexity. Also, I agree that characters are so cut-and-paste gloom-and-doom lately. When I think of a good character, I think of Locke or Zidane or even Vyse from Skies of Arcadia! I love the optimistic lovable protagonist character used in these games, and if they HAD a tragedy, They tend to learn to overcome it instead of moping about for a majority of the game.

    • Joseph Pfeiffer

      FF VIII did have a very serious tone, but I really enjoyed it! It would be less fun if every game played out in exactly the same way. And I thought the character lineup and story of FF VIII was great (with the exception of the weak ending).

    • Alex Kraus

      V had bland characters and a story that was cliche even for 1993, a real step back from IV. The music makes me SO nostalgic, though.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Oh come on, I got three words for you: Gilgamesh. Bridge. Battle.
      Also, like I said, I loved the Job system for V a lot. It added a lot of diversity for the battles. Though I do agree that IV is mostly better. Then again, IV is my most favorite of the Final Fantasy games.

    • Rick Xeros

      Gameplay is pretty bad too, though that has nothing to do with it not being a turn based game and everything to do with wonky limiting mechanics.

      Quite frankly they’ve focused too damn much on eyelash rendering…

    • Joseph Pfeiffer

      Really said to see you left out FFVIII, it was a great game overall, although the ending left something to be desired. But seriously, the overall game was great!

  • Herrick C. Erickson-Brigl

    Turn based fantasy is dieing IMO. I don’t dislike it, but there are a lot of AAA games coming out that adhere to a more active and action based combat system. I honestly don’t think a turn based fantasy game will have the same kind of marketability that say an action game would. :/

    • Johnson Cameron

      I agree. I mean times are changing, i look all the time at the new RPG’s and i can see that they have kept up with what the next generation gamer would like. I think FF should at least try this to see if it would work out. Who knows this might put Square Enix back in the spotlight again.

  • Alan Van Dalsem

    with a Middle-Ages-ish High Fantasy, super fatastical setting that
    looks like Yoshitaka Amano’s art with classic Dragoons, Paladins, White
    Mages, Black mages and galleon-boat style air ships, castles, mystical
    fantastical ruins and towers, spooky caves, maze-like dungeons all
    rivaling everything you’d see in Lord of the Rings THATS WHAT I WANT

    • Alex

      God no, we have WAAAAAAYYYYY too many Medieval European set RPGs. The market is saturated with those games. If you want that stuff I suggest playing Etrian Odyssey. RPGs have been biting at Tolkien’s heels forever. We need new settings. Fuck am I tired of medieval Europe. That horse has been beaten to death resurrected and beaten to death again.

    • Atralane

      Really? I’d think of Fire Emblem before Etrian Odyssey as purely Fantasy/Medieval. EO tends to sneak in more modern technology like firearms and AI entities into their titles, especially with the most recent entries to the series. You’re spot on with RPGs’ overall obsession to the genre, though.

    • Alex

      Meh, I was mostly on about the twisty maze like dungeons he was asking for.

    • Ghaerdon

      That was a long tirade about twisty maze-like dungeons, if I might say. 😛

    • Thomas Johnson

      How about ancient Japan, then?

    • Ghaerdon

      Probably done a lot in Japanese RPGs, recently in Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    • Alan Van Dalsem

      Im not talking about midievel Europe, im talking about a high Fantasy world with like two moons, Bizzare landscapes (like in Xenoblade), awesome uniquely designed towers, dark fortresses, exotic caves, maze-like catacombs, huge forests. A game with a world more like a mix of FInal Fantasy IV and VI but updated to HD visuals fully rendered. Maybe mix in some steam punk find inspiration from the visuals of Bravely Default that kind of thing alex. The more fantasitical and unique the better.

    • Ghaerdon

      ‘Darker’ kind of Final Fantasy with likable, non-brooding protagonists? That I would TOTALLY love 😛

    • Joseph Pfeiffer

      Try the shadow hearts series. Fits your request list perfectly.

    • Ghaerdon

      I’d have to get ps2 for it. Otherwise I would perhaps take up on your offer, I really loved the first one’s let’s play.

  • Marcus J. Hopkins

    ATB turn-based. The new ones suck. It’s not just because i’m old; it’s because the games really do suck.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    I like15’s gameplay and KH

  • Alex

    I like the look of the combat in FFXV but I also enjoy traditional turn based. Variety is the spice of life. There is no reason to fear change. FFXV looks like the modern FF I always wanted.

  • Cameron Ward

    I rather see one for FFIX, but I wouldnt mind this at all

  • Earl-of-Whales

    Yes Squeenix, please make a modern take on FF6. Then we’ll finally know if Locke’s wearing a headband or a bandana. And Sabin still better be able to suplex the Phantom Train.

  • FF9 started originally as a retro spinoff, until they realized it was good enough to be a full fledged numbered game. I’d love for them to take that approach again, with the best of modern hardware.

    • Alex Kraus

      Ironically, this game ALSO started off as a spin-off and later got the roman numeral upgrade.

      Bonus points for knowing that about FF9!

      But as for Square Enix doing a large-scale first-division retro style FF? I can’t see it happening. I admit that I dont know what the battle style is in Bravely Default, but as least as far as visuals go, it’s as close to FF9 as we’re going to get.

  • HPN

    Sure — that’s called FFVII. You’d be competing with SMT/Persona though.

  • James Geppert

    A turn-based Final Fantasy, in the style of 4-9 would probably be a refresher for the series. What would be nice is a brand new story that has a similar Magic System to Final Fantasy VII [(Materia-esque) have orbs or shards that can be placed inside a weapon or armor to enhance it and also give you the magical properties of that orb/shard], a Job System like Final Fantasy V, a Summon System similar to Final Fantasy VIII (battling the summons to obtain their loyalty, level them up like your main characters, and then being able to boost their power during battle), and a villain as evil as Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka.

  • Ace


  • SquareFan

    Tufn-based all the way.

    If you remake a game, add, don’t ever take away or change. Make an optional battle system for less patient games akin to Tales of series but retain what worked also.

    Aint rocket science, Square.

  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez


    If you think turn based gameplay doesnt have depth go play Digital Devil Saga, SMT 3 Nocturne, SMT 4, FFX and FFX-2 to see it. ARPGs lack this depth and resort to button mashing and making spells useless most of the time.

    • Joseph Pfeiffer

      So true!

  • Thomas Johnson

    I have very little experience with RPGs or Turn-based combat–I thought I would hate it, but I loved it when I played the original FF a couple years ago, and I’m really enjoying it in Dragon Warrior and Etrian Odyssey right now. I also really like the Xenoblade system that is real-time and more action-like but still menu/command based, but if I had to choose, I’d go with turn-based.

  • Daniel Dupuis

    I’ve been preaching for years, “remake the turn based style.” Take turn based and make it intense, imagine FF13, where it was turn based, stopped and waited for a command from the leader, and then after you issued commands to the group the fight continued.” Think about that for a second. It can still be ATB, and if you don’t select commands you get wiped out the same way anyway, but you can still choose to “stop time,” to place commands and do delta attacks with all your party members ready at the same time to do limit breaks, dual casting or combined spells, etc.

    That would be awesome, yes I want an oldschool turn based Final Fantasy that has a modern feel.

  • Jacob

    Yes!! Not everyone wants a super frantic beat’em up experience. I loved FFX’s battle system where you could take your time to think about moves before you execute them. Action games can be too stressful, I prefer games that require intelligence and strategy more than speed and button mashing but not so much that its overwhelming as in some strategy rpgs.

  • Grant Chamberlain

    Yes! Please.

  • Kuposaurus

    Absolutely. I’m currently playing Lost Odyssey, which is living proof that a straight up turn based system can still not only work, but be extremely engaging.

    That goes the same for the ATB system. I played through Final Fantasy IV-IX fairly recently, and they still more than hold up. I understand that Square is trying to appeal to the “modern” video game crowd with their more action-oriented battle systems, but as Sakaguchi proved to us, there is still plenty of demand for what made the genre popular in the first place.

    • multibottler0cket

      Lost Odyssey is beautiful and is the only reason I have a 360.

    • Alex Kraus

      Lost Odyssey is underrated for sure. I imagine that’s what FFXII would have been if Sakaguchi didn’t get pushed out of Square.

  • Rick Xeros

    YES Bring back turn based RPGS! I would throw so much money at Square Enix for a turn based final fantasy main series game…

    • multibottler0cket

      Exactly. System seller.

    • Geoff Roach

      yes, to where I’d actually be excited to play a square game again instead of just shrug, to which I’d be willing to go out and buy a console just to play those games again. I miss those days, I miss being excited for a game to come out and actually be willing to put money down for a console just for that.

  • Clinton Nix

    Yes. Definitely so.

    Bring that old style back, say, even in it’s own line of Final Fantasy titles. They could make the new direction, and another that retains the classic designs. If Nintendo can do it with New Super Mario Bros., I don’t see why Square Enix can’t do it to satisfy old fans. I know I would buy it. They could release the classic line of games on every platform known to man, including mobile phones even, which SE seems to love so much.

    • Alex Kraus

      Except instead of New Super Mario Bros., it’ll be Old Final Fantasy

  • Tim

    YES, YES & YES!!! ATB/turn-based all the way that’s what I want for all main FF titles if they want to make some action based FFs they can do that for those who prefer that but do it for a spin-off not for the main FF chapters!!!

  • Xx_Kares_xX

    For the love of God yes…

  • Chad_Almasy

    ATB works well enough when there’s variation in the design work. Unfortunately, most of these suffer from minimal character animations, uninteresting backgrounds, poor combat fluidity, and an appalling lack of unique enemy models. These problems are usually compounded by the often intense frequency of random encounters. Things were excusable back in the pre-playstation days due to hardware limitations, but I’ve seen games with these issues even during this last gen.

    I used to love these kind of fights, but I just don’t know if I could get back into them at this point.

  • multibottler0cket

    TURN BASED FOREVER! ATB is the best there is <3<3<3<3<3

    I'd love a new main series FF that is pure turn based with ATB like back in the day. FFVI is in my top two FF games with IV, so a remake could be nice too, but I'd rather a new game.

    Do you have this guy's contact information, like a twitter or facebook or something? I think that if people are interested they should let him know!

  • Vallen

    I would prefer more games like ff15 and KH, but I would definitely be okay with re-releases of older titles to next gen

  • Brash Smith

    I am BEGGING for more turnbased rpgs. Look at how well Persona 3 and 4 were made.

    • Shoggoth

      Look at how made the ENTIRE SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI SERIES wound up being.

  • Albatross

    Turn based JRPGs are never old. I would love myself a FF VII Remake, though.

    • matango

      Yes to the first sentence. No to the second.

  • vitalemrecords

    Is he suggesting that modern games are “turn based”? When he says “Would users be OK with it in that turn-based style?” Um – most games aren’t turn based – they have a more evolved ATB type of approach. What was the last turn based style game? Lost Odyssey? and FFX?

  • Adnan Ilyas

    turn based plz!!

  • RagunaXL

    yes! but what I saw of final fanasy xv… I want that too!

  • Adran Garrison

    Yes. Yes yes. Yes yes yes. Perhaps even yes yes yes yes. I have no particular hatred for action RPG’s (Xenoblade was probably my favorite single game last gen), but I have an absolute love of a well-done turn based battle system. See just about any SMT game, FFX (honestly, most of the earlier FF’s), Lost Odyssey, Xenosaga, even Paper Mario for inspiration. All of them very good systems, and each for different reasons. Yes, combat systems should evolve and try new things, but its not as though the only place to grow is in the action-oriented direction. I guess I just don’t see action RPG as an evolution of turn-based RPG. They are separate genres (or at least subgenres), which require different design considerations to be good. And there have not been anywhere near enough good turn-based RPG’s coming out in the last several years.

    • dpolaristar

      Maybe they can simply alternate between action, ATB, and turn-based. Kinda like they did with X and with story they did with IX?

  • matango

    More than just turn based. I’d like to see a modern FF that doesn’t focus on the flashy-flash, with a battle system that encourages challenge and strategy beyond the usual “do as many 9’s in damage points as you can until it dies”. On top of that, why not settings and lore players can get actually invested in learning, memorable, relatable characters, and bringing the “role play” back into a role playing game?

    Oh, and keep any staff involved with X, X-2, XIII, XIII-2, and Batma-er Lightning Returns as far away from the project as possible.

  • Joseph Pfeiffer

    Yes! Would love to see the remakes as classic Turn-Based titles. I wish they never would have departed from the classic command turn-based model in the first place, with the exception of Crisis Core FF7.

  • MooWereCows

    I’m incredibly excited for XV. Its visuals looks amazing and the new battle system does too. (Still having those damage numbers pop up is a nice homage to the series!)
    I’m loving the new direction of XV and the more active action-y version of the FFXIII ATB in Lightning Returns.
    A lot of people don’t like command / turn based gameplay, so I’m excited that more people (such as my friends) will pick up XV.
    With IV, the fight’s weren’t wholly turn-based, and with XI and XII they could be played in full real-time. XIII went back to more of an ATB like VII or VIII, but got a lot of crap for it.
    It looks like realtime is the route FF may currently be taking, although I love a turn-based RPG like Persona4 and Fire Emblem every now and again.

  • margherita mastropaolo

    not really

  • Ashley Lowe Holcomb

    Yes I want my turn-based Final Fantasy’s back! Look, I’m always up for innovation, and hasn’t FF always been about innovation? I love how people always say that the older FF fans griping about how it’s not the same, but think about it, no FF was ever truly the same. Look at just the middle ones for what I’m talking about (for the sake of widely-recognized games to compare)…FFVII had Materia that you equipped in weapons and armors; FFVIII did a junction route where the magic you collected was actually an item that you could either use in battle or just use to boost your stats; FFIX had a crystal slot concept where you could personalize what attributes, you wanted each character to have based on their level/however many slots they were allowed. I could go on, but there’s all one thing that was in common with all these FF’s and that’s the fact that they were turn-based, with either ATB or the completely strict turn-based. Most old-school FF fans are actually welcoming innovation, but this is reaching a level where it’s no longer what FF gamers loved. Now, there are some that do great with action games that love the old FF games and the new ones, but this is basically taking Halo and making it into a strategy RPG…it makes no damn sense.

    I personally think that FFXV looks awesome and is probably a cool game, but FF just needs to die if they can’t stick with the genre. It’s not an RPG anymore as it’s an Action/Adventure game.

    • dpolaristar

      here’s an idea why can’t we use both turn-based, ATB, and action based at different times?

    • Ashley Lowe Holcomb

      I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I will say that’s a fun way to spice up the game because even though I love turn-based games, it’s kind of a nice change of pace if there are events that have changes like that. Makes me think of Deadly Premonition how it’s mainly a shoot to kill game (in the horror sections), but when faced with the Raincoat killer it switches to timed button segments or when facing certain characters it integrates both shooting as well as timed button sequences…that was a fun game I admit…

  • vindicator

    bring back the turn based play style the new games style is so worthless I cannot even see myself ever buying another final fantasy. Final fantasy was unique due to its play style and its amazing detailed stories and worlds. recent games lave no room to explore make everything simple and the shitty ass gameplay is so bad it makes me want to cry please bring back the old style of gameplay from ff7 ff8 ff10 that everyone loved and made final fantasy successful

    • dpolaristar

      The new ffXV title is suppose to have a giant overworld. Why not wait till the game comes out before judging it. Not to mention they are going a different direction with the story and characters.

  • vindicator

    nick your opinion doesn’t matter to reinvent their game would be to create a new game like they did kingdom of hearts this is final fantasy not kingdom of fucking hearts

  • dpolaristar

    Am I the only one that is sincerely excited for Final Fantasy XV. I wouldn’t mind a turn-based system nor a action based system. Here’s a thought WHY can’t we have both?!?!? before the ATB system we had strictly turn-based. Then after 9 we went back to strictly turn-based for awhile with 10. Also after going a different story direction with 7 and 8 they tried a more NES-SNES style game with 9. Besides when you think about it the battle system of Final Fantasy is not the defining part of the series. For me the defining part of the series is simply new Narratives. FF15 won’t have turn based so what? What will it have a full overworld.(according to the developers.) modes of transportation, summons, magic, characters that specialize in different abilites. All staples of the series as for the new Elements such as storytelling in the gameplay and the more “realistic” Kingdom Hearts System. I AM EXCITED!!! If people did the same thing over and over then we’d not have 7. As for the story and characters. Keep in mind a new creative mind is behind it and it looks like he is going to try a new story with new types of characters and try not to fall back on the “architypes” of the past game. That means less annoying characters. Why don’t we give the game the chance before we judge it and take our Nostalgia glasses off for a second?

  • Tyler

    If they would just used the system in FFX with the graphics from 13 they would have an amazing game. i don’t understand why they just don’t do that.

  • Quest for Glory Gamer

    DUH! thats an obvious question. Yes, we want a turn-base final fantasy game on modern home console. I’ve read a few rumors that their remaking Final Fantasy VI on nintendo Wii U. I take this as 50/50 & to add to my guess in my opinion 50/50 that it will also be an ps3 and xbox 360 game. I hope for many other FF games to follow as well.

  • Dillon

    Please bring us back Turn Based games!! PLEASE

  • Matthew Tyler Preston

    Yes Bring Turn Based back The only one I am even interested in trying after X is XV because the story looks better and the system might work but from now on please stick with turned based it’s my favorite.



  • That_Guy_Again

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes Yes. Yes? Yes.

    Why did we fall in love with Final Fantasy? I think there are three key elements SE has lost along the way, and they all come down to the same thing. Immersion.

    1.) This linear stuff is killing us all. Remember when the game started and you got so little information you would wander around for hours? I mean, yes, we always got a little hint, but not this “Go talk to X person at X Location” spoon feeding we recieve these days. We can never truly get to know the world, because in all honesty there is no world. Even FF12 was a litlle “corridor-y” for me and many of my friends. Let us explore, get lost, and find shiny new places we never would have seen before, has we not gotten lost looking for the next objective.

    2.) Customization. The levellling scheme has gone too far. Remember materia? Remember junctioning GF’s and magic? There is a reason these are two of my favorite all time games. I had to FIND those super awesome abilities, and then junction them properly. iI know 8 is a mixed bag, some people love it, some don’t. But when you have to invest time into strategizing your team, as opposed to grinding them to get new abilities, or spending some random amount of points to get x ability, then you create a bond with that character. I miss this so much…

    3.) Combat. I know that active combat is supposed to be “immersive”, but when it’s in a Final Fantasy, I feel like I got robbed. To be fair, I can only truly control one character, an lately, I barely have to do that. And don’t get me wrong, the new systems aren’t bad, just not Final Fantasy. Maybe it’s just me, but I miss my turn based, and while I have played every entry, I keep finding myself going backwards to the older ones. Which iis, like I said, really sad.

    We want to be immersed. Not seamless gameplay, just immersive. I want to wander the world, like an adventurer, helping people and bonding with the character’s. Maybe I’m alone, but I don’t think I am….

  • exprudentiavirtus

    Yes, absolutely! FFVIII & FFX were my favorites. I wish they would make the games that way again. Legend of Mana was awesome too–I wouldn’t mind a game styled more in that vein again. Hell, I wish they would have made Kingdom Hearts with an ATB system. I miss those kind of games.

  • Geoff Roach

    Honest, after X-2, I have been very iffy about FF games, I tried out 12, couldn’t stand the story or combat, 13 was meh to me, and so pretty much I haven’t picked up a FF game in years. That being said, if Square were to get my attention as well as the attention of a lot of other old school FF fans, there are a few things needed. 1) ATB combat system. Yes, I know that’s what this article is about, but still good to point out that having that system did in fact make each FF game I play feel like a legitimate FF instead of an action game with the FF logo slapped on it. 2) good, fun characters. A serious character is good to have once in a while, but some of the best FF characters are more optimistic and likable instead of depressing. 3) Great story. Something epic, not rushed, and honestly one where we can’t stop playing because we want to know what happens next, that alone made a lot of us obsessed with FF. 4) this is a big one, the old fashioned exploration. Now they have no excuse as to why we can’t hop in an airship and just fly around the world, landing wherever we want and then hopping on a chocobo to ride around as we go and visit every nook and crany of the amazing world Square created. Ever since 10 we’ve lost the ability to explore and it’s sad really that we cannot do that exploration we were able to since 9. 5) The nameless Hero/Heroine. Let us name the character, and better yet, let us choose a male or female so as to give us two different romance options. Now there’s probably more, but these are the major issues that FF needs.

  • XJaVeNX

    I used to pick which console I was buying based off of which console FF was going to be on. FFVII turned a previously lifetime Nintendo user into an instant Sony fanboy.

    HOWEVER, I don’t even read FF articles anymore and have almost no interest in what they are doing with the series these days…doing so just pisses me off…

    So, yea…I think it’s safe to say that I’d LOVE to see the FF series taken back to it’s roots. Actual turn-based, command every attack of every character style battle system backed up by a great open world, with a great story and plenty of characters to care about. Essentially, use FFVI or FFVII as your guide and make it for modern consoles…it will sell millions….