E3 2013: Ubisoft Reduces Wii U Support, EA Clarifies Stance

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

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E3 2013 Nintendo Wii U

Third party games have been an achilles heel for many Nintendo consoles since the N64, until the successful Wii launch made Nintendo the golden goose of the videogame industry. Now, however, it looks like the Wii U may be joining the likes of the N64 and the GameCube, as two big third party publishers, EA and Ubisoft, look to have started to retract their support of the Nintendo console.

In a BBC interview with EA’s president of labels Frank Gibeau, he described the delicate situation with Nintendo. EA will continue to monitor the console, but has not started to develop any games for it as of yet.

“We didn’t make it easy for the market to figure out our stance on the Wii U, that’s for sure. We’re not announcing any new Wii U titles at E3, but that doesn’t preclude us making games for it going forward. Do we have developers inside Electronic Arts that are watching the Wii U and understanding how it’s developing? Yes, we’re absolutely doing that. Do we have active development of Wii U titles that we’re ready to publicly announce right now. No we do not.”

While the situation with EA sounds shaky, it looks like Ubisoft has initiated a more straight forward plan concerning the Wii U. During a recent investment meeting, the French publisher has signaled its plans to withdraw support for the Nintendo console. In a tweet by Senior Research Analyst David Gibson, he confirmed Ubisoft’s plans and their expectations for a Wii U price drop.

This doesn’t sound very good for Nintendo, as third party support is already very lax following the Wii U launch. Stay tuned for additional details as more information on the EA and Ubisoft situations comes in.



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  • Ryan Littlefield

    I think another part is that the devs AND consumers don’t really know what the Wii U is about or capable of until they get their hands on it themselves. I know that rang true for me, and I feel like a lot of other people are still confused about what the console is and why it’s so beneficial to have it.

    I always tell people it’s like having a DS on your TV – all the innovation and convenience at the same time.

    Not to mention, the Wii U works great as a walkthrough/game guide tablet while playing on other consoles – imagine what it could do for people while they’re in-game. We’ve seen it already but it seems like a lot of people just don’t get how it could help certain aspects of gaming.

    • Nathaniel Wyatt

      Seriously no more of this devs need to get there hands on the wii u to see what it can do, many developers that have messed with it have said its about on par with 360/ps3 in terms of power. All of this slow sales lack of developer support is nintendos fault they released another underpowered console with a goofy gimmick(worse than the wiis) and hoped that they would strike lighting twice.

    • Ryan Littlefield

      I agree with everything except it being a worse gimmick than Wii – it at least makes sense to have a touch screen in some capacity. Motion gaming is just out of left field, especially when used in a bunch of different games. Their uses were cool at times but to have a platform that emphasized it was a little wacky.

  • Nathan Wallace

    I think it’s time nintendo pays a 3rd party company to produce a really stellar and successful game in the interest getting other companies interested in producing for the console. People just need to see that it can be done to restore some faith in the system.

    • MusubiKazesaru

      yeah they need to do something like what they did with Bayonetta 2

    • Nathan Wallace

      I didn’t think they literally bribed them to make a game for their system, but it that’s the case then Way-to-go nintendo! You are making the change I would like to see in the world!

    • MusubiKazesaru

      they didn’t bribe them, they just decided to publish it, it only exists because of Nintendo.

    • Nathan Wallace

      Alrighty, that’s a little different than my suggestion, but I was still stoked by the announcement. Nintendo will hopefully get over this rut anyway. I’d love to see more third party and non-child oriented games on their system.

    • Johnson Cameron

      Exactly, Nintendo also needs to try to make it as easy as possible to port to WII-U console with a new dev kit.

  • wcb123

    i have no interest in EA games . And most Ubisoft games are at best 7/80 percenters. I buy Nintendo consoles purely for Nintendo Ips. They are leagues ahead of these two developers.

    • fruitspunch_samurai

      Same here! I couldn’t give a crap about EA and Ubisoft just produces “good” games, not great. Nintendo IPs tend to be excellent quality. I would like to see more games like DMC, Metal Gear Solid, and support from those studios.

  • James Best

    And yet, I find it rather strange that Ubisoft and EA continue to support the Vita. Oh well, so long as they don’t cancel the Wii U versions of Rayman Legends and Watch Dogs, I’ll be fine.

  • Mizu D

    EA is one company I wont buy any new games from them. Origin is the cause and also not available on Steam so inexistant on my purchase list.

    As for Ubi….we all know their games are good and we can alway wait for the usual drop price to 20$. Furthermore, they are mutliplatform so at worse, I will just grab their games on PC.