E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts III On Xbox One

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

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Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts 3 Logo

While both games were shown at last night’s Sony E3 Press Conference, Sony never did use the word “exclusive” when talking about them, and now we know why. In a recent conference,  Square Enix had announced that both Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts 3 will not only be arriving on the PlayStation 4, but also on the Xbox One.

So, with more non-exclusive Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts titles making their debuts on a Microsoft console, it seems the age of third-party exclusives is really coming to an end. Final Fantasy XV is using Direct 11, noted by Shinji Hashimoto, and made the game easy to port to the Xbox One. Both consoles having their architecture being x86, it’s not too surprising. For anyone wondering; no, the Wii U was not mentioned at the event for either game.

No release date was announced for Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts 3 sadly. Hopefully, we will be getting any  new footage soon.


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  • Jonah Rosen

    …WHY?! Why the hell would you throw your money away like that, Square?!

    • smacd

      Oh c’mon. The systems have very similar architectures. Porting the games between systems, will for the most part be trivial. They can only stand to gain potential sales doing that. The only reason to be exclusive is if you are first party, paid off by Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo/Apple, or are very dependent on some sort of platform specific hardware or system tool. Its not like it affects you at ALL if this is multiplatform, other than giving you more options.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Actually, Square will just lose money because nobody with a brain will buy the XBone, therefore porting to that system is a loss.

    • smacd

      That might actually be the stupidest comment I’ve seen so far.

    • Jonah Rosen

      If you say so. *eyeroll*
      Seriously, have you SEEN the E3 Conferences? Let me capitalize the main points: Microsoft does EVERYTHING wrong, while Sony does the opposite while shitting in Microsofts face in the process.
      Microsoft: Used games fees (about $50), check on your system once a day or you lose data, Kinect is always on.
      Sony: You can buy & sell used games at no extra charge to you afterwards, no mandated DRM, (companies like EA can still put on DRM if they choose, which they will >_>) no stupid always online, no need to BE online if you can’t for whatever reason.

      So yeah, XBone is dead before arrival, so making games for it would be a loss to the developer and publisher.

    • smacd

      This isn’t about the CrossBone. I think its an awful system and have no chance of buying one either. But your commentary is just stupid. How is it a bad thing to make the game multiplatform? How exactly does that hurt you in any way? If you don’t want that port, don’t get it. Having the game go multiplatform just makes it so that more people can play. And porting the game will be completely trivial because the architecture is nearly identical

      Complaining that it went multiplatform is simply moronic. Its not like its exclusively on the CrossBone. If it was I could see the anger as justified. Just like I could see it being justified by a CrossBone fan being angry if Halo 5 was a PS4 exclusive.

    • Jonah Rosen

      It’s not that I don’t like the idea of it being multiplatform, it’s that I’d rather it be multiplat on GOOD consoles so that Square doesn’t lose money. You want multiplatform? Wii U. BAM Done! The games are now on two GOOD platforms.

    • smacd

      So in other words, you’re a rabid fanboy moron. Good thing you’ve linked your disqus to your facebook so we can all see the face and name of someone who has no clue. Wat to go, creating extra disqus accounts to upvote yourself and downvote others who disagree. You even look like your 12.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Wow really? Attacking me personally because you can’t find a good counterpoint? Wooow your incredibly petty. Besides, you can’t downvote people as a guest and I don’t believe in multiple accounts. Your as shallow as they come and I would bid you good day, but you and your petty, pathetic attitude are no longer worth my time.

    • Rebochan

      “Attacking me personally because you can’t find a good counterpoint?”

      Well, since your only counterpoint is rabid fanboyism and accusing someone making REASONABLE points of being a sock puppet…

      No, seriously, get me some actual financial charts that back up your statement that Square will lose money on this. And considering how high the sales for FFXIII were on the 360 in the West, I suspect you don’t have anything except “But but XBOOOONE!”

      And I say this as someone that will never buy an Xbone.

      “You are nothing but a worthless troll, set out to make peoples life miserable.”

      Pot, paging kettle.

    • Ryan Littlefield

      I just want to add that FF and KH “feel at home” on a Sony console. It doesn’t seem to make sense to us as to why it’ll be on Xbone because Sony is where FF and KH were huge and influential.

      But of course it’s a smart decision for Square, why wouldn’t they do that? Especially since (I’ve heard) the game was made using DirectX 11 (FFXV that is) so it’ll be an easy port for whatever it costs them anyway. Not much money to recoup, probably.

    • Red

      FFXIII worked quite well on my 360 and i had all of my other FF games on sony and nintendo devices 🙂

    • Nicholas L. Clark

      The problem is that Nintendo gets left in the dust again, when the first six final fantasies come out on it.

    • Ryan Littlefield

      Yeah, but it’s been years, though. I don’t really see Nintendo as the place for FF anyway. Not that I see MS as that place either, but still.

    • Rebochan

      “It doesn’t seem to make sense to us as to why it’ll be on Xbone because Sony is where FF and KH were huge and influential.”

      Really? Because they sure felt at home on Nintendo consoles for ME until 1996. And they’ve been multi-platform for several titles now – Kingdom Hearts has moved all over the place, and every XIII title appeared on the 360.

      Man, did we really do away with long-term memory already?

    • Ryan Littlefield

      Yeah I got rid of it yesterday! It’s pretty great.

    • Rebochan

      All right, you get one internet for that.

    • Cage137

      Um…. I’m buying Xbox One, not they PS4. PS4 waaayyyyyy later. For now Wii U and Xbox One.

      …… And KH and FF15 is one of them too. 😛

    • Jonah Rosen

      Can I kindly ask why you’re getting a X1 first, if I may?
      I wonder because the PS4 is actually $100 less than the X1 with all the same specs if not better.

    • Cage137

      Cause PS4 has no backward compatible for the PS1 and PS2. Maybe PS1 will be A O K for them, but I need PS2 too. I have tons of games for the PS2. And 2nd reason, I was about to buy it since for the KH and FF15 was announced. But now its on the Xbox 1. Price don’t matter with me. About the used games, sure that made me a little mad. But will wait for the 3rd party to decide for that answer. Same with PS4 too. And, PS4 has no games for me. Killzone, Infamous etc, I don’t really care. I love Sony, but those titles don’t appeal to me. (JRPG person here. Hence the PS1 and PS2) Not a fanboy here. Gonna buy PS4 when a good exclusives comes out. 100% guarantee.

    • Jonah Rosen

      OK, I understand where you’re coming from, but you mention JRPG’s. If the PS4 & X1 are going to be anything like the their predecessors, then the PS4 is going to end up with 10-20 times the amount of JRPGs as the X1. Also, you do realize that if you can’t go online for ‘1’ day on the X1 for whatever reason, you lose all your games, or something to that effect, right? That seems like a bit of an unnecessary risk for a systems, don’t you agree?

    • Cage137

      Oh yeah, I already online with Xbox360 24/7. Nothing new. Never went offline. So, its gonna be the same. OH HELL YEAH! PS4 will kick Xbox’s ass with the great JRPG. Gonna do the same. 3rd party games on Xbox One. 3rd party Exclusives gonna be on PS4. Same as last gen, and same with this gen.

    • Red

      Im getting the xbox one, and im getting these games on that system. PS4 dosnt have any exclusives that interest me at all.

  • Axle_Magnum

    I’m gonna hope for a Wii U version of KH3, because I don’t wanna have to buy a PS4 for it.

    • Lasermaster

      I think Square Enix should make the effort and build the game for atleast Kingdom Hearts and FF15 if possible. Porting to Wii U won’t be easy considering it is a bit weaker and also has a different architecture, i.e. not x86. They are not doing much of an effort porting it to Xbox One as the consoles are basically the same except minor differences in hardware.

      Square has a huge market in Nintendo considering it has launched all its handheld Final Fantasies on it as well as almost all (except only 1) Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo handhelds. There are so many (now and potential) Nintendo Wii U owners who are interested in KH3 and FFXV but cannot buy another console. This skipping of Nintendo and not bringing a whole series to one console is becoming an annoying trait of Square Enix!

    • Axle_Magnum

      While I agree it would be a bit difficult, the team working on it would probably not have much of a problem, in my opinion.

      And games (and franchises) skipping Nintendo has been sort of a bandwagon for the past, what, four generations? Ever since the N64, Nintendo fans of franchises like Final Fantasy and others from third-party developers have gotten the short end of the stick. Hell, EA is going so far as to basically abandon the Wii U, despite that it’s sales will skyrocket in the next year. I just wish there was something we as fans can do to stop that.

  • KOS Julian

    …FUCK XBOX ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ybeast10

    Seeing this instantly made me sick to my stomach. Just when Squeenix finally managed to get off my shit list, they go and pull this crap.

  • smacd

    Oh NOES! They made games multiplatform! Square is EVIL for taking a minimal amount of effort to give more opportunities to buy games people want. We cannot stand for this travesty! My games will be worth less if THOSE people who are stupid enough to get the OTHER system are allowed to play these games too.

    • Guest

      Yes, because any retard manchild who bought a XBone will have a big enough attention span to want to play an RPG, and not bro-shooter 337. >_>

    • Rebochan

      Ah…yes…so how about those Dragon Age and Mass Effect and FFXIII 360 sales numbers, then?

  • Vallen

    Fail, should have been a sony exclusive for both!!! Xbox fanboys with the xbox one wont buy these games, they only play retarded shooters

    • Jonah Rosen

      I agree with this.

    • Rebochan

      Wow. You are…sad.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Well not only a waste of their money. A complete loss of what would’ve been the two best exclusives for PS4.

    Not to mention who knows what they will have to pare back in design for the XBOne

  • An Tran

    Considering KH has 4 games on Nintendo handhelds, I’d love to see KH3 arrive on Wii U as well. Also would love to see the main series FF games make a return to Nintendo, too, no matter how much their overall quality has dropped. If freaking Xbox One gets these games, it’d be nice if Wii U gets them, too.

    • Lasermaster

      I agree. Quality won’t drop that much. No matter what people say, the Wii U can still throw its own weight in the 8th gen much more than the Wii could in the 7th generation. Square Enix should make a quality port and watch the sales shoot up. There are hardly an buyers on Xbox One for both of these games while the Wii U will have loads more.

    • Anastas

      Are there buyers on XBone for any games?

  • dk

    Time for more profit loss. A Wii U port of the two would make at least 5 times as much profit as with an XBOX One port, also, considering those are the consoles where the fans of the series in question are at.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Seriously smacd, your not fooling anyone. go somewhere else.

    • Rebochan

      “There is no POSSIBLE way more than one person could have a different opinion than me! NO WAY AT ALL!”

      You’re funny. I like you.

    • Lasermaster

      Yes there are loads of KH and FF fans at Nintendo’s club and it would be more sensible if Square Enix invested in a proper port for Wii U (not a bad port i.e. worse than no port)

  • Rebochan

    Oh my god, I can’t believe I get to use this again!


    My god, even linking YTMND sites now makes me feel OLD.

  • SecretX

    I guess is our job to tell square enix what we want (a wii U port). 😛

  • chris gonzalez

    seriously…. they pick xbox over wii u…. everyone knows that if they love to play a japanese RPG, the consoles they would buy would be Nintendo Wii U or Playstation 4. xbox is an american console so its not the ideal system for international games. Why not start our own petition to ask for Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III become ported to Wii U?

  • Samuel Giam

    Hi everyone on operationrainfall! Though I’m new to this site I also made a petition for making Kingdom Hearts III on the Windows PC a reality and if you can take a look at it if you don’t wish to sign it.

    Here’s the link below:
    I will also sign the other petition to make KHIII be on Wii U a reality as well.

  • Modernnothing

    I keep see people saying ” the ps4 is $100 dollars cheaper” ok cool but wasnt the ps3 like $600 when it came out.