E3 2013: Final Fantasy X-X2 Trailer and Screens

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“Listen to my story … this may be our last chance.”

Final Fantasy X Tidus

These words, known by so many, have come to symbolize Final Fantasy X, and can elicit a response from most of us whether heard or seen written down. I know that many of us were very happy when we first heard about the HD remakes of both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, because we wanted to experience the games all over again and relive that journey once more. This time, we get to do it in HD and with trophies. As if that were not good enough, we also get portable versions of the games as well. With E3 going on in full force, the games have received a shiny new trailer as well as screenshots.

The games will be available some time in 2013 for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Vita. While a set release date would be nice to know, the information available at the end of the video  simply states 2013. When purchased on the PlayStation 3, the games will come together on a single Blu-ray disk. Vita owners will have to purchase each game separately.

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