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BioWare has announced that Dragon Age III: Inquisition will be released some time in the Fall of 2014. The game will feature a much larger world than previous Dragon Age titles, and players’ decisions will affect not only the story, but the world around them. The game is set in the Thedas prior to the events of Dragon Age II, and the player must lead an inquisition (hence the title) to help restore a world in turmoil. The announcement also promised new characters, as well as some returning favorites. Morrigan and Flemeth were both featured in the E3 trailer.

Dragon Age III | oprainfall
Looks like we’ll get to see more Morrigan!


EA stated that all the games presented in their press conference would be available on Xbox One and PS4, but no specifics were mentioned for Dragon Age III. All of the previous entries in the Dragon Age series were released on PC, but whether or not the newest installment will break that pattern is unclear. On the plus side, it was announced in September 2012 that, at the time, the game had already been in development for eighteen months. Considering that the game isn’t scheduled for release until late next year, it’s probably safe to say the development of the game is not being rushed as it was with Dragon Age II.

Here are a few screenshots from the trailer:

Dragon Age III | oprainfallDragon Age III | oprainfallDragon Age III | oprainfallDragon Age III | oprainfallDragon Age III | oprainfallDragon Age III | oprainfall

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