CAMPAIGN HUB NEW MEMBER: Operation Hotblood: The Super Robot Wars OG Localization Movement

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

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2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation for the PlayStation 3

Tactical role-playing games loaded with giant robots, colorful characters and sheer, hotblooded awesomeness.

NOTE: This article is from the oprainfall campaign hub, written by an independent campaign, and hosted on the oprainfall website. The opinions herein may not represent the opinions of the oprainfall website.

Gamers all around the world hunger for games that are full of wonder and rich in awesomeness. We at Operation Hotblood are fighting for the localizations of such games, in particular the Super Robot Wars Original Generation games.

The Super Robot Wars Original Generation (SRWOG) franchise is a spin-off series of the Super Robot Wars series whose games are famous for featuring numerous licensed giant robot anime series such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann. Because most traditional SRW games contain series that are the intellectual property of many anime studios and companies, it would be very expensive and virtually impossible for a traditional SRW game to be localized and brought to the west.

However, SRWOG games are exempt from containing intellectual property from anime studios as all the giant robots, characters, music, locations and story are originally created by Banpresto. SRWOG games are mainly turn-based tactical role-playing games (SRPGs) where you get to control an army of giant robots. Each robot is piloted by a unique character who is part of a epic and well-driven story that is full of surprises and plot developments. Both the giant robots as well as the pilots are very diverse; meaning there’ll definitely be a giant robot and pilot that will appeal to your individual tastes.

Some games of the Super Robot Wars Original Generation franchise did get localized actually. The first two titles, OG1 and OG2, got released in North America for the Game Boy Advance back in 2006. Unfortunately, despite their high-quality, they sold poorly due to the lack of advertising and to the fact that they were released when the handheld was at the end of its life cycle.

We at Operation Hotblood are currently fighting for the localizations of 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation for the PlayStation 3 and the upcoming Masou Kishin 3: Pride of Justice which is getting a multi-platform release on both PlayStation 3 and Vita. However, we’re also fighting for the localizations of future SRWOG titles. Operation Hotblood is convinced that there is a market for these kind of games – games that are loaded with hot-blooded action, colorful characters, intriguing stories, addictive strategic gameplay and giant robots that will never cease to amaze you with their badassery.

What are you waiting for? – please support us by ‘liking’ our Facebook page and signing this petition. We also can be contacted on Twitter and Tumblr. Together, we will let our voices be heard and show Namco Bandai that we want these games in the West!

About Ryan Tyner

Ryan is an owner and manager of the oprainfall website, mostly managing changes needed for the website and maintenance. He also writes articles from time-to-time. His gaming interests include mostly RPGs; both Western and Japanese. Ryan has a graduate degree in psychology.

  • Gunbuster

    That’s what I’m talking about!

  • ggamer2

    Godspeed. I’ll do everything I can to help.

  • The_Bladesman

    Why must difficulty be the primary draw? srw has always been easier when compared to other tactic games like fire emblem. I play srw for the story, the animation and the less frustrating but rewarding challenge. If you are looking for a harder challange i’d say the new episodic srw will delivery since its reported to have less story then most.

    • 180223

      Well said good sir. And OGS2 isn’t that easy. The difficulty is medium but the graphics, animations and story are top notch.

  • 180223

    Guys, we need you to tweet

    We want Masou Kishin 3: Pride of Justice #JRPGvita

    to Shahid Kamal Ahmad at Twitter who is the Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. He wants to hear your opinion on which J-RPG games you would like to see localized with the hashtag #jrpgvita. Lets work together and bring Masoukishin 3 to the west!

  • black_sabbath

    this is as pointless as asking for shenmue 3

    • ggamer2

      We won’t know until we try.

    • black_sabbath

      right, because it makes TOTAL SENSE to send the third game of a niche of a niche out without regards to the first two. asking a publisher to justify releasing that is baseless

    • 180223

      The main goal of Operation Hotblood is to localize OGS2. MK3 is just a secondary goal. Plus, Shahid specifically wanted opinions on J-RPG games for the Vita and the only OG SRW game for the Vita right now is MK3.

      Regardless of whether they localize the MK games or whatnot, the main goal is to show them that there is a market for SRW games in the west.

      Plus, getting and mobilizing supporters to tweet is not only a way to raise awareness about the interest for SRW in the west but also helps train our fanbase to be used to Twitter so that they’ll be more better prepared for later campaigns.

      Nothing in this world is pointless. And no journey or campaign is a waste.

    • HeroOfGames16

      2nd Super Robot Wars OG is currently Operation Hotblood’s main objective, but like many SRW fans, it has no problems to support the potential localization of Masou Kishin games. Considering, a lot of people ask for FF Type-0 and the fact that Black Rock Shooter is getting localized on the PSN, a MK1, MK2 and MK3 localizations are possible.
      Bottomline: Operation Hotblood is fighting for the localization of current and future SRW OG games.

  • lelsrpgames

    Funny thing though, the so called “easiness” of SRW games is the genre’s fault, not the games itself. SRW has no bullshit like shitty RNG that favors the enemy or completely overpowered enemies and giving the player NO options for customization and gives more options for attacking rather than just “attack”. And what does SRW get for it? It’s called an “easy game for toddlers”.

  • Anonymous

    I want to let you know that you are doing more harm than good by any of this. I’m not very deeply involved with the SRW fanbase as I used to be, but this is stupid. Japan doesn’t understand petitions, businessmen there are insulted by them. Find another way to ask for the game without directly asking, or you are closing the door on getting another SRW game in English forever. That’s if you haven’t done anything stupid enough already to assure it.

    Trust me. That is a certainty.


    We all laughing!

  • Bored971

    This is such an awesome movement. I’m really proud of you guys for getting this started. Lots of folks have been saying for awhile that strategy games have been on their way out. Then XCOM Enemy Unknown came out and blew that idea out of the water. This is the time for this to happen!

  • Tri-Stan

    I don’t care how easy this game is, I just want it translated to english so I can understand the story aha Im tired of playing all these srw games without fully understanding anything, yet the games are just so fun. Hopefully if these are ever translated, it can open up the possibilities of future srw games(without the anime characters, unless they find a way to convince the companies) to be released outside of japan. And they really would need to market these games as well cuz as a srw fan, I had no idea the first og games were realesed here until I saw them in a magazine lol