STAFF PICKS: Top 10 Most Wanted Smash Bros. Characters

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

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Can you smell that? That, my friends, is the aroma of E3 creeping up on you.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time where all gamer’s lose their minds. And this year Nintendo fans are in for a treat, despite the big N not holding its usual press conference with all its bells and whistles, as they will be presenting a highly anticipated special Nintendo Direct. And one of the many reasons why their upcoming direct is so anticipated is the ‘promise’ of the reveal of the brand new Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and 3DS. Will it just be a trailer? Will there be a playable demo? Who knows?… well, Nintendo does, but needless to say it has gotten the staff here very excited. So excited in fact, that this has happened:


Who could those shadowy figures be? …. oh yeah, the ground rules.

We all have a list of characters we hope will make it into the next iteration of Super Smash Bros., which is why the staff at oprainfall thought it would be cool to compile a list of the Top 10 characters we would like to see in the next installment. Needless to say, this caused quite a debate among us, and whilst not every vote was unanimous it certainly gave a diverse outcome.


Speaking of diversity, I decided to lay some ground rules before the staff started voting. I’ll share them with you now so there aren’t any questions over where a certain character is.

  • No characters from the oprainfall three: In all honesty we would love to see Shulk, Zael, and Aeron make it into the roster, but we just knew that all of them would take the top 3 positions. This rule was made to simply not make our Top 10 predictable.
Sorry, you’re not invited.
zael smash bros Shulk smash bros aeron smash bros


  • No 3rd party characters: It was cool when Snake and Sonic were announced for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And whilst we’re sure we will see one or two more 3rd party characters appearing in the new Smash, again we didn’t want the list to look too predictable with the inclusion of Mega Man or Cloud Strife.
Get outta here!
Oprainfall Awards Cloud (FF7)


  • Only one character per franchise: Fire Emblem, Zelda, Metroid – all these games, and many more, have so many potential characters that could happily fill up a spot in the roster. But to save our Top 10 from being swamped with participants from the same game, I’ve included a ‘one character only’ rule. It makes sense, honestly.

With my strict ground rules out the way, it’s time to find out which 10 characters have made it into our most wanted list.

>>> READY? GO! <<<

About David Rawlings

David Rawlings, or ‘Rawky’ as we like to call him, joined the Operation Rainfall Campaign at the beginning. He’s British and found solace with us as he was able to understand our pain about Nintendo and their localizing faux pas. He’s a big fan of the letter ‘U’ and refuses to remove them from words, even though we constantly ask him to. He also believes it’s about time Princess Daisy got kidnapped.

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  • Kyle Emch

    I still want at least Shulk to be in the next Smash Bros game. >_>

  • HeroOfGames16

    Aside from seeing the Operation Rainfall fighters and the Fire Emblem: Awakening three main characters joining the fray, I’d love to see more female Nintendo brawlers as well. Fire Emblem has a few nice ones: Lyn, Eirika, Lucina, etc.

    • Palutena and Rosalina sounds nice to me

    • Spookyryu

      Saki has my vote along all you named, also why not one character the shin megami tensei, lol

  • No Rosalina? No Midna? No Girahim? No Palutena? No Chrom? NO MEWTWO!?!? No Namco picks?
    adding existing characters?
    This list definition: Lame

    • Eva Amore

      I say since Nintendo is making a sequel of Path of Radiance and, Radiant Dawn that cannot possibly feature Ike (unless he time traveled) they should replace Ike with Chrom. 🙂

    • icemidnight

      Rosalina and Midna are my top picks! Favorite videogame characters of all time! I consider Rosalina, Chrom, Mewtwo, Palutena, and Shulk to be the most likely newcomers. Ghirahim might be the most likely Zelda rep, but Zelda U has a chance of being a sequel to TP. They did say they might bring Midna back. I hope Toon Link is just an alt. Then we can have all of the fan favorites for each most popular Zelda game. Sheik, Skull Kid, Tetra, Midna, and Ghirahim! Tetra and Sheik being parts of Zelda. That’d make 6 slots, which is fine, Pokemon had 6 characters in Brawl. Mario has either 4-8, that’s a debate in itself. Oh and a Namco pick is bound to happen, whether it’s Pacman or anybody from Tales or Tekken, I don’t know who, but SOMEONE better be. I found the list a bit lame too… a lot of male protagonists, but at least that’s not ALL it was.

  • Jonah Rosen

    I want to see Roy return in the nest Smash Bros. I was so mad that they replaced Roy with the infinitely inferior Ike. And most people loved Ike for all the same reasons they hated Roy!!

    • Geoffrey Kappenberg

      Roy is from a single game in the series that was released in 2002. And he was a clone. Ike was an original chraracter, aside from one move. And besides Ike, there are plenty of Fire Emblem protagonists that could be way more unique than him (Celica, Lyn, Ephraim, Michaiah…even Chrom at least uses lances). Even his own father, Eliwood, at least has a worldwide game. The only reason anyone asks for Roy is because he was in Melee. He represents FIre Emblem about as well as Geno represents Mario.

    • Jonah Rosen

      And you do realize that if he WAS in Brawl, he wouldn’t be a clone, right? that part of your argument is immediately invalid as other “clones” in Melee sometimes returned as “not clones” in Brawl.

      So what if the only reason people want Roy is because he’s been in Melee? He actually represents Fire Emblem MORE than Geno does Mario because Roy was created by a team in Nintendo where Geno was made by Square in collaboration with Nintendo.

    • Eva Amore

      And maybe because some of us have actually played the rom of the Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken sequel. I love that game. Roy is a great character.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Yeah, I actually played that game too and loved it.

    • Ben Baker

      I’d love to see Roy return, but not at the expense of any other Fire Emblem characters getting in. Like Ephraim or Eirika, or Lucina, or anyone really. I would actually like to see Eliwood even more than Roy, just because Eliwood has a horse, and that playstyle would be completely insane :V

    • Jonah Rosen

      Though you do realize that you’re not going to play as a guy on a horse, except for maybe as a final smash, right?

    • Ben Baker

      Yes. 🙁 I’m always hoping for some really unique characters in this iteration, but I don’t think they’ll go that far, that’s for sure.

  • Matt Taylor


    1. Your Mii

    2. Shigeru Miyamoto

    3. The Super Famicom

    4. The Famicom

    5. Doc Louis

    6. Mike Hunt (seriously)

    7. Andrew Oikanny

    8. The Gameboy

    9. Ripley

    10. ‘I am Error’

    • best list I have ever seen

    • Guy Rainey

      Ripley (Alien, I’m assuming) has thus far never appeared in a Nintendo game that I’m aware of. So that one’s out. Otherwise, pretty solid.

    • Matt Taylor

      No, Ripley from Metroid… Come on super fan, get with it, Also I’m not sure if Mike Hunt is correct, must’ve found a bad wiki, but that dude form Star Tropics is what I meant, oh and it just dawned on me that the little bag man from the eShop would be well fun to punch into next week

    • Matt Taylor

      Uh Oh, I meant Ridley… Man I’m the super fan boy

    • Guy Rainey

      See why I was confused? Ripley is from Alien; Ridley is from Metroid.

    • Matt Taylor

      I can’t really see why you were confused by my mistake. I mean, why would Ripley from Aliens be in a Nintendo game.

    • Guy Rainey

      Now, this is from someone who hasn’t seen Alien, but My impression is that Ripley is a really interesting character. Would she work in Smash Bros? Not sure, but I can see how some people might be interested.

    • Eva Amore

      A mii? Are you kidding me? No.

  • Zimmer Remmiz

    I really like this list, I’d love to see all of these characters…

  • Anthony Yousef

    Tbh, i really don’t like these picks, obviously excluding the Oprainfall 3. Isaac and hades seem somewhat acceptable, but I’d prefer Ghirahim as well as possible seeing Fiora. And Megaman, GOD I hate how he ended up being kicked out by sonic in brawl

    • MagicantFactory

      Only he didn’t. Capcom didn’t even come to Nintendo and request that Mega Man show up as a guest character in Brawl. I can’t remember the source, but what I read stated that if they would have asked, then Sakurai would have put in Mega Man. And besides that, Sakurai had said that he wanted at most two more guest characters in Brawl after Snake, and there was still one more slot after Sonic.

      tl;dr Sonic didn’t kick anyone out; blame Capcom for not even making the offer.

  • This is a great list.

    • Joseph Foley

      Demise would be cool. But in my opinion the character or rather villan that should get in should be Ghirihim. I mean honestly Demise doesn’t even make an appearance till the end of the game and even then while he looked cool with the flaming hair. I think that Ghirihim was way more unique and had that cool but yet creepy style.

  • Joseph Foley

    Chrom, Lucina, Hades, Girhim, even though people don’t want another star fox character I could also see Krystal. I could see Lucina and Krystal defenitly because 1. It would give more Female characters to play as. 2. I think in all retrospec that every genre should have atleast 1 villan 1 hero 1 heroine. That would take care of the star fox and Fire-emblem categories. Where the others are primarly covered. Except for Pit. Even then though they could put Hades (Villan) and Palutena (Heroine). I still do want the top 3 that were listed above because lets face it they all derseve to be in Smash. (Shulk,Zael,and Aeron) and heck even they could have villans and a heroine for them as well. I could defenitly see shulk though due to the upcoming Monolithsoft “X” game for the Wii U.

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      Considering how Spoilerrific Lucina is I think Erica would be a better choice for Fire Emblem female protaganist…

    • Eva Amore

      As much as I love Lucina I feel like she looks way to much like Marth. They might end up being to similar in fighting style. Id rather have Lyn.

    • They could always just include the ‘Marth’ version from FE:A instead of the traditional one from SSBM & SSBB 🙂

      Now I’m imagining Laura Bailey Voice-Acting in a Smash Bros. game… IT MUST HAPPEN!

  • Christopher Stanley

    i want that chick from eternal darkness from the game cube along with the main protaginist of geist from the gamecube
    bayonetta because for obvious reasons of bayonetta 2
    little mac punch out
    issac from golden sun
    ia jo from sin and punishment star successor
    as well as ray from disaster day of crisis

    i want the retun of roy, mewtwo, pichu, dr mario,
    and i know this is about characters but i do want a stage based on fatal frame

  • Tim

    Not only has Anna appeared in every Fire Emblem game, in Awakening she was both playable and one of the best characters. And as an assassin-like character (okay, trickster) she could at least have a moveset very different than what we’ve seen from FE characters thus far.

  • Shinguyi

    For Zelda I’d prefer Skull Kid with Majora’s Mask. We need more villains and who better from Zelda than Majora’s Mask? (And if its transformations you want, Majora has them)

  • Nelson Quintanilla


  • John Ellis

    I would like to see one of the Hunters from Metroid Prime Corruption playable.

    • James Best

      I’d like to see Noxus, personally. He was my favorite of the bunch. Either him or Rundas.

    • John Ellis

      If Rundas is in it or not I want his theme. It was so awesome.

    • You sir! Are the best kind of person! 😀 If they include Gandrayda I’ll run out and buy a WiiU right now!

  • Aiddon

    Pretty much what I expected, though I’d replace Young Link, K. Rool and the Twins. For those I’d rather have Fawful, Dillon, and a non-sword user FE character like Tharja, Caeda, Noire, etc. For third parties my top picks would be Jack Cayman, Knuckles, and Travis Touchdown

  • Echinemon

    I would love to see shulk, and some monster hunter characters, such as a hunter (obviously) and cha-cha + kayamba assist trophy

  • Ashitaka

    One Fire Emblem character? The Dark Knight.

    That is all.

    • Ben Baker

      If you mean the Black Knight, you have me. Absolutely have me. Black Knight is the best Fire Emblem villain period. end of story. Not even possible to debate.

  • Ace

    Not a bad list at all. I, too, am hoping for no more clone characters. And if there are clone characters, they need to have completely different move sets; I’d be okay with it.

    • Kyle Emch

      Sakurai did say that he was going to focus more on the quality of the characters as opposed to the number of them this time around. Chances are good that we’ll see even fewer clone characters, if any at all.

    • Ben Baker

      Eh I personally am fine with half-clones like Link and Toon Link or Marth and Ike; I have to admit I care more about quantity than quality, considering that nearly every character in Brawl was equally as fun to play as. Though DLC will potentially satisfy this for me, even if the character count is capped at like 50 or 60.

  • Nonnahswriter

    =_= You misspelled Isaac’s name. *rage*

    But a good list overall. I think if they’re gonna pick any new Fire Emblem character, it’s probably going to be from Awakening (as it’s the newest release in the franchise).

    • Peter McKennon


  • ワルッター ホァング

    >Eirika and Ephraim

    >Not Lyn or Hector

    >No mention of King K. Rool like everyone else does

    Ahahaha I can’t believe you gaise!!

    • Eva Amore

      Lyn would be better than Eirika and, Ephraim. That game has no relation to any game in the Fire Emblem series.

    • ワルッター ホァング

      Lyn’s game is the most notable and best one before Awakening

    • Ben Baker

      I don’t believe you clicked to page 3.

    • ワルッター ホァング

      Yeah, I didn’t, my bad

  • Geoffrey Kappenberg

    I was going to complain about the few things, but then I saw Little Mac at #1. 🙂

  • MysticMandeus

    Honestly, if this is the list of new characters in the new Smash, I might not even buy it. IDK, this list just don’t interest me very much. :/ Still looking forward to next smash though.

  • My choices:
    1. Travis Touchdown
    2. Travis Touchdown
    3. Travis Touchdown

    • Ben Baker

      Definitely. Only 3rd party I truly want in.

    • Infact I read an interview with Suda51 where he said he would LOVE to see Travis in Smash Bros. Game! IT MUST HAPPEN! 😀

      (*looks at downvote* Apparently someone doesn’t like The Crownless King! XD)

  • Jarrett Hugg

    Dillion (Dillon’s Rolling Western)
    Mallo (Pushmo/Crashmo)
    Tempo (Harmoknight)
    Skapon (Joy Mech Fight)
    Hershel Layton and Luke Triton (Professor Layton)
    Geno (Super Mario RPG)
    Mike Jones (Star Tropics)
    Balloon Fighter (Balloon Fight)
    Unspecific Action Figure (Nintendo Direct Wii U Skype thing)
    Lissa (Fire Emblem Awakening)

    Some honorable mentions would be Eddy from Fluidity Spin cycle and Shantae, which I’m not sure whether or not has any ownership from Nintendo or if it is all under Wayforward. Speaking of which, Smash bros needs mo’ females and Wayforward has a metric butt ton exlusive to Nintendo consoles!

    • Jarrett Hugg

      If 3rd party characters were a thing here’s what I want to see:

      Mega Man
      Django (Boktai)
      Phoenix Wright
      Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
      Quote or Curly Brace (Cave Story)
      Zero (Mega Man Zero)
      Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
      Bomber Man

      *Not Cloud Strife, because Final Fantasy 7 has never been on a Nintendo Console. I would be okay with it being his Kingdom Hearts Version though, because he has made appearances that way*

    • Jonah Rosen

      Oh my god! I can’t believe someone else actually knows about Boktai! 😀

    • multibottler0cket

      Yeah, but then the Wii U would have to be in the sun all the time…

  • Once again, quite interesting list of characters. Makes me tempted to find out when E3 comes along.

  • Stealth

    good choices

  • air_dex

    No Young Link please. Cartoon Link is enough. What about Wolf Link (Twilight Princess), with Midna’s power as the special move ?

    Same thing with Demise (Skyward Sword). We don’t need another Ganondorf.

    Other choices are interesting (Ridley, K. Rool).

    Just one thing about the oprainfall 3. If Shulk makes it into the roster, it would be a clear sign that Xenoblade is part of Nintendo’s future. 😉

    • Jonah Rosen

      I’d sooner have Young Link over Toon Link, just saying.

  • Eva Amore

    I hate your rules so here is my list:

    1. Sora from Kingdom Hearts

    2. Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy

    3. Pokemon Trainer but, with the option to select a region and, gender. It sounds difficult but, it could be made easy.

    Kanto: Squirtle,Ivysaur,Charizard

    Johto: Totodile,Bayleaf,Typloshion

    Hoenn: Mudkip,____,Blazikin

    Sinnoh: Piplup,Grotle,Empoleon

    Unova: Oshawatt,Pignite,Serperior

    Karos: Fennekin,____,____ (we don’t know the evolutions yet from this region)

    4. Goku from Dragonball Z. We have heard rumors of this and, it would be awesome.

    5. Crystal from Star Fox. I mean come onnnnn. Fans have been asking for her to come to smash bros for years.

    6. All of the old characters should come back as dlc characters. Why play a certain character as your main and, then have him or her taken away? That sucks.

    7. Lyn from Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken in Japan) . She was the first main character in America and, she marries Eliwood who is Roys father therefore making her the mother of Roy who was a past character. It would make sense.

    8. Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.

    9. Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    10. Plusle & Minun. They were supposed to replace Pichu but, they were scrapped.

    • Love for Rosalina, Midna, and Krystal?! COMPLETELY AGREE! ^o^ (Also love the pokemon idea btw ;D)

    • icemidnight

      Rosalina’s popularity just multiplied this/last week with her 3d world reveal and the Super Mario Galaxy Stage reveal! The only character I love more than Rosalina is Midna! Midna’s many forms are perfect for smash bros! Yes! I actually really like the Pokemon idea, I had the same idea about being able to choose the gender of Trainer but for Pokemon I thought it’d be sweet to have 6 instead of 3, like you do in the games. And since Gen 6 marks the first time we’ve had 6 starters (technically), 3 are fresh, new, and popular. The other 3 are the originals that have just become relevant again and were in Brawl. I’d want them all fully evolved and to have seperate final smashes rather than some dumb Super Double Triple Mega Finish. I think Blastoise, Venusaur, Charizard, Greninja, Chesnaught, and Delphox all have a fair shot. Krystal and Lyn are also great choices! The only reason that someone gave you a dislike is probably because of Goku…

  • Ben Baker

    Shulk, Chrom, Lucina, Little Mac, and Tom Nook are all ones I really want in there that have a good chance.

    I also want the Battallion Wars soldiers, a group of a few soldiers that you control in a playstyle that’s a mix of Olimar, Pokemon Trainer, and Ice Climbers, with you being able to switch which unit you control, and being able to give commands to the ones following you. I know this is a near-impossibility, especially since Battallion Wars hasn’t had a game since 2007, but it’s my favorite idea for a new smasher that would be completely unique.

  • multibottler0cket

    Amazing, I’ve been wanting Mike Jones and Ephraim for the next Smash since Brawl! Adding Eirika like Shiek is a great idea! Isaac is cool too.

    But seriously, get those bananas out of your ears, Mike Jones isn’t even a thing in Japan 🙁

  • Rick Xeros

    I’d like to see the return of some dropped characters like Roy and Mewtwo, Roy because even though the only real problem with him was that he and Marth had the same move set… So what did they do in brawl? They got rid of Roy and gave Marth a new move set… How does this make sense? Also for the love of GOD I want them to fix Ganondorf! Give him a new move set that isn’t a Capt Falcon clone, give him a sword, don’t make him so slow the he becomes useless!

    Now, Mewtwo doesn’t have to return but if he doesn’t and they also drop Lucario, I’m hoping for Zoroark as his replacement. Really though I’d like to see all three, Mewtwo, Lucario and Zoroark. And considering Mewtwo is relevant again with his new form (which could make a good Final smash) I kinda hope they fix his move set as well.

    Shulk is definitely a contender I’d like to see, same with Zael and Aeron, but personally I’d also love to see Fiora…

  • Benoit’s Powerbomb

    I want Ray 01 so bad.

  • Anonymous

    I adore this irony. The ones you said that had zero chance of getting in such as Shulk, Megaman, and Cloud are in fact in SM4SH