Square Enix to Reveal “Future of Final Fantasy” at E3

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

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future of final fantasy

Destructoid recently received an invitation from Square Enix to attend a pre-E3 event on Tuesday the 11th. The event will last an hour from 9 AM to 10 AM PDT, which will take place after the Nintendo Direct scheduled to air on the same day. At this event, Square Enix will talk about “the future of Final Fantasy.” This will include some Q&A time with Shinji Hashimoto, the senior vice president of Square Enix.

What could Square Enix possibly mean when they say “the future of Final Fantasy?” Will they talk about the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn? Will they reveal that next-gen Final Fantasy title that they teased during the PS4 announcement back in February? Will they reveal that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a real thing? Or will they reveal that every future Final Fantasy title will be a mobile game filled to the brim with micro-transations? Nobody knows, but since this event is less than a week away, we won’t have to wait for much longer.


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  • smacd

    Please please please don’t tell me you’ve re-named Versus as FF15, square

    • I don’t know, it seems like a smart move to me to rename Versus to XV. Afterall XIII isn’t what they orignally planned and has now become Lightning’s Saga. They renamed Agito too. I really liked XIII, but I feel it would be better for them to distance Versus from it.

    • smacd

      Oh I don’t care if they drop the XIII and just call it Versus. Or call it pretty much anything else for that matter. However Versus is not the game I want for whatever XV ends up being.

    • Xx_Kares_xX

      Well on the plus side.. if FFVersus DOES become XV, at least fans of the series will know that Final Fantasy Is Truly dead and we don’t have to worry about it anymore right?

  • Joe

    Let’s hope they’re going to stop spending so much time and effort making games look and feel more realistic and that they go back to what works – black mages and a dude named Cid. I really hope they focus on putting the “fantasy” back into the franchise.

    • multibottler0cket

      Don’t forget the crystals!

    • shoggoth

      Down with Final SciFi! Bring back the fantasy!

  • RagunaXL

    eShop games from Square and Enix’ NES and Gameboy days would be nice. they said they were going to focus on mobile or downloadable games. on the other hand Lightning Returns and Versus XIII most of all!

  • multibottler0cket

    Obviously it’s an FFIII prequel for NES and Famicom that follows the four heroes of dark as they hold back the overflow from the world of light, holding back the void for another one thousand years.

  • multibottler0cket

    For real though, I would be overjoyed if they announced a return to FF4-9 gameplay, spiced up with some new elements for release on all three next gen consoles.

    Realistically, they may just decide to name everything anything for anything with a processor.

    • Tara

      Much as I hate to say it, I don’t think they will do this. (And believe me, I’d LOVE that. Exploring places worth exploring, classic ATB… yeah… :3

      Nah, if they did this, they’d make it a social game. The ATB bar would take 4 hours to charge, $1 for an immediate charge (but converted into points!) or if you recruit a friend or two, you’ll get the bar filled in 2 hours! Oh, and all future entries will be styled like All the Bravest.

    • multibottler0cket

      They should just clone Sakaguchi and Uematsu and have the clones return to Square. It’s getting depressing.

  • Coarse

    Something tells me the “future of Final Fantasy” will look much like the present: Only the prettiest of graphics at the cost of everything that ever made the series any fun.

  • Vallen

    Versus, please be alive!!!!

  • Aiddon

    unless you’ve actually gotten GOOD designers on the series I don’t really care.

  • JosephWelke

    Can I just get a legitimate sequel to the Tactics series please? Please?

  • lel

    The death of final fantasy!!

  • Ellisandra

    Final Fantasy used to be a franchise that every RPG gamer out there was excited to hear about. We were all anxious to see the next entry in the series.


    I find myself thinking of Final Fantasy: All the Bravest and FF: Dimensions and wanting to puke at how depressed I am with what Square-Enix has been shoveling in our faces. I never cared for FF XIII or the sequel and I’m quite sure I’m not picking up the third in that series either. I just…don’t care about FF anymore which is altogether sad since I’ve been an avid fan since the very first game for the NES.

    As for Versus (or whatever they’ll call it)? Whether it gets released or not within the next decade we’ll see, but it’s definitely the DNF of JRPGs. The only RPG games I’ve been excited about and are anticipating the most are actually indie games.

    Square-Enix needs to do what they did for FF IX, and go back to their roots. Give us, their fans, an original FF game that harkens back to the shining golden years of games like FF IV, FF VI, and FF IX just with updated visuals and music.

    • smacd

      Have you actually played Dimensions, or are you just angry that it is an iOS/android exclusive? Its actually a really damn good game if you liked the SNES era of FF.

    • Ellisandra

      I’ve played Dimensions, and the price (especially as you purchase later chapters) is not worth what you get with it. The story is barely decent enough, and the rehash of enemy sprites that I’ve seen from other games like FF IV Complete and FF II and I Anniversary collection plus the dispassionate mapping makes the title seem like it was phoned in. When compared to the likes of FF VI or FF IV the title doesn’t hold up at all. Plus, the fact that it’s an iOS/Android exclusive is disheartening, but expected from a company that’s been making bad business decisions lately. *Cough Dragon Quest X cough*

    • smacd

      Fair enough, at least you’ve given it a chance. A lot of people seem to bash it for being iOS/android without having actually played it. But its a much better outing than ATB was. I got it on a 50% off sale, for $10, so I was ok with the price when i got it, for the value I got out of it. I’m enjoying what it is.

  • Failbula Nova Crapalis

    Spoilers – they’re going to just make FF13 games forever.