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Games Industry International reported that SEGA will be bringing three Sonic titles to the OUYA later this month on June 27th. Sonic CD, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II will be part of the free-to-try model on the OUYA. You can play the first level of each game for free, but the rest of the game will set you back $6.99.

“Sega is an example of the types of developers that are coming to Ouya,” states Julie Uhrman, founder and CEO of OUYA. “We’ve always said that because Ouya is open, we lower the barriers for any type of developer, whether it’s AAA or a newcomer. We’re going to see all types of developers and games on Ouya. We’re excited to have Sega as a partner, they’re a great publisher. Sonic is an iconic brand and we think it’s just going to add to the fun of playing on Ouya.”

It’s worth noting that the OUYA versions of these three games are significantly more expensive than their mobile versions. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I is $1.99 on the App Store for iOS and $3.99 on Google Play. Sonic CD is $2.99 in both mobile stores. Even on the PC and consoles at $4.99, Sonic CD is cheaper than the OUYA version.

David Zemke of SEGA of America stated that this is all they plan to bring to the OUYA at this time, but there may be other titles that they’ll bring to the platform in the future. Hopefully, they’ll price the OUYA versions of these games a bit more reasonably next time.


Kyle Emch
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