Tales of Producer Says No Plans For Next Gen Titles

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

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Tales of Xillia

The Tales of series for this generation of consoles made for quite an interesting  turn of events. Each console had their one mainline title, and even two sequels. Though for reasons that were most likely done from a business perspective, Tales of Vesperia & Tales of Graces, that were originally a Xbox 360 and Wii title respectively, but had enhanced updated ports that were later released on the PlayStation 3. Then the PlayStation 3 got its own mainline title, Tales of Xillia, and more than a year later getting its sequel Tales of Xillia 2, which was also exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

Then with the recent announcement of the previously rumored HD Collection actually turning out to be true the whole time, with the announcement last Saturday, now called Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for the PlayStation 3. With both Tales of Symphonia and its sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, the latter being the other sequel released this generation — and originally being a Wii tile, getting an HD makeover plus more. Let’s also not forget the enhanced port of Tales of Abyss for the 3DS, and two Vita titles, Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R, which were enhanced ports of titles that were originally DS games.

My, for series fans, this was quite a roller coaster, especially if you wanted the chance to play all of the titles, you pretty much were forced to get every major console and handheld. So besides anymore possible localizations of titles that haven’t already gotten an announcement for the West, I guess it’s time for the series to now move towards the next gen consoles… or not. In a recent interview, Tales of producer Hideo Baba, when asked about any future titles appearing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U, he said they have no plans at this time — preferring to keep the series where console fans wants to play it on, referring to the PlayStation 3.

“Compared to the existing consoles like the Xbox 360 or PS3, the PS4 and Xbox One have much improved CPU, GPU, and memory,” Baba told us, “So I think they [have] more potential, especially with visual effects. I’m afraid I don’t have any plans to release for titles for the Xbox One or PS4, because my policy is to release Tales titles to the console which most of the fans want to play on.”

When asked about the Wii U, he says:

“Same as the Xbox One and PS4, I don’t have any plans to release titles for the Wii U.”

While disappointing to hear, it isn’t that much of a shock. The PlayStation 3 is still doing well in Japan and the sales for the PlayStation 3 ports of titles, were double the sales of the previously released version on other consoles. And that isn’t even mentioning Tales of Xillia, which went on to become one the highest selling entries in the series. Another thing to consider, is the comparison of the user base of a console with over 77 million, with a console that is about 4 million or hasn’t been released yet. You can see that would be the obvious and more comfortable answer, especially considering the strong sales on the PlayStation 3.

Another key point Joystiq highlights from the interview was when he talked about Tales of Xillia:

“The reason why Xillia was released only on PS3 was because that is the console where most of the users want to play Tales games,” then adding “When more and more users decide to buy a PS4 and want the Tales series on that platform, that will be when we re-assess things.”

So it’s not like it is never going to happen, it will just take some time; its the same story that you will hear from other developers. They’re just waiting for the install base to grow, which would make sense, and you consider the Tales of series to be niche, it actually makes sense. What do you all think?


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  • Well I want to play Symphonia on my Wii U. How about that?

    • Jonah Rosen

      How about you people quit whining already?! I’d like a Wii U title as much as the next guy, but I don’t bitch about it every chance I get! (I instead leave that for localization of Tales of Vesperia PS3, which already EXISTS in Japan.) It’s not happening, go home, I’m sick of people bitching like children!

    • ag3ntxii

      Just don’t read the comments. Is it really that hard to ignore them?

    • Jonah Rosen

      I dunno, is it really hard for you to ignore MY comments? Don’t you think you’re being a tad hypocritical in a sense?

    • ag3ntxii

      Well no, i’m not annoyed. Just inquisitive.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Well normally, I would ignore these, but they’ve been at LEAST two every topic concerning Tales of Symphonia HD or Tales in general that it’s starting to piss me off. If it was an existing game that isn’t being localized like Tales of Vesperia PS3 or the Vita Tales, I’d understand. But no, it’s “we want this game Wii U because the first two were on Nintendo consoles even if its not a financially sound decision because damn the consequences, we just want it!!”

    • ag3ntxii

      So there’s a quota to the amount of comments you could ignore? That’s asinine.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Dude, just fuck off and stop being a judgemental prick. If I want to bitch, I’ll bitch. Does it mean I’ll win any brownie awards with people? I don’t give a fuck either way!

    • ag3ntxii

      Now you’re definitely being a hypocrite.

    • Jonah Rosen

      OK, let me rephrase that, does it matter if there a “Quota” to the amount of comments I can ignore? No! I feel that people are just not getting it that no matter HOW many times they go “Waaaaah! We want it on the Wii U!” it’s. Not. Happening! so I’m trying to address it to people, that it doesn’t matter what they think, because as far as NAMCO is concerned, they are the minor demographic. Japan is the demographic NAMCO looks at when pruducing a Tales game, and what does Japan want the Tales games on right now? The PS3! I keep telling people this again and again, but no matter how often I say this, people still keep bring it up, so I’m getting fed up.

    • ag3ntxii

      Thats a long paragraph i’m choosing to ignore. Yay for will power!

    • Jonah Rosen

      Cool story bro, maybe you can also choose to stop waisting my fucking time like the little worthless cunt you are.

    • ag3ntxii

      You’re choosing to waste your own time. I never resorted to cursing or berating you in any form. I feel sorry for you.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Naw, I’m cool. I don’t need your worthless petty.

    • ag3ntxii

      Considering you can’t buy “pity” i’d say no amount money can buy it. You should try using your brain.

    • Jonah Rosen

      you need to read again, dumbass, it says pity.

    • ag3ntxii

      Resorting to the correction of grammar? You really do lack a brain.

    • Jonah Rosen

      I’m sorry, but I don’t speak retardanese.

    • Jonah Rosen

      ok that was weak. give me a minute to comeback on my comeback

    • Jonah Rosen

      If I lack a brain, I fear for what that means on what you lack.
      Besides, at least I have the intelligence to look back on what I’ve written and correct it.

    • ag3ntxii

      And i have both the intellect and will power to not give a damn.

    • Jonah Rosen

      I could not give a damn, too. I’m just bored as fuck right now.

    • ag3ntxii

      Same here. I could actually use a beer right now.

    • Jonah Rosen

      I don’t drink beer myself, but go right ahead. I personally could be playing online mode on Ragnarok Odyssey if everyone would stop leaving after every two missions.

    • ag3ntxii

      Vita right? How’s the interface? Is the gameplay anything like Ragnarok Online?

    • Jonah Rosen

      Unfortunately, I’ve never played Ragnarok Online, though I’ve heard people make comparisons to the Monster Hunter series in regards to gameplay. The controls are actually pretty weird, at least for me. The X button is jump and the Square button is dash, which is pretty standard. It’s the Triangle and O Buttons being normal and heavy attack respectively which messed me up for a while and still kind of do still. See, I would’ve rather it be O is dash while Square and Triangle be normal and heavy respectively. Really, I only bought it because it was being localized by XSeed and because I really didn’t have anything for my Vita at the time aside from Gravity Rush, though It’s actually a pretty interesting game. You see, you’re supposed to expand your outfits you wear to have more slots, which allow you to equip cards you find off of enemies which give you most of your stats and bonus abilities. The only other thing that affects those is your weapons, which is mostly ATK with minor bonuses. Other than that, it’s mostly about beating monsters and more importantly giants, while in a Norse Mythology setting.

    • ag3ntxii

      That does sound like Monster Hunter. Is the game lengthy?

    • Jonah Rosen

      There’s 9 chapter’s with about an average of 10 quests per chapter. there’s also an extra quest section which unlocks more bonus quests as you progress through the game and there’s 31 of them, so that makes about 120 (!!) quests in total. Originally, the bonus quests were DLC in the Japanese version, but became part of the game in the North America & European versions. Instead, we get a bunch of freebie music tracks from Ragnarok Online (and I think Ragnarok Online 2, don’t quote me on that.) as well as a bunch of freebie hats and one or two hats that cost like a dollar or 2. Also, I forgot to mention that each quest has a time limit of usually 30 seconds. I say usually as there are a few quests that have time limits of 20 or even 10 seconds.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Also, it can be a bit hard to do it alone at times, especially in later chapters. Hell, there’s even trophies for dying 1, 10, 30, 50 & 100 times in the game, haha.

    • ag3ntxii

      10 second quest?! i guess it’s designed for gamers on the go. Sounds fun!

    • Jonah Rosen

      yeah, though there’s only like 1 or 2 of them, I think.

    • ag3ntxii

      You must, considering “retardanese” is not a language, dialect, or even a word.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Meh… MEH MEH MEH. I want Tales to become more prolific. It’d make sense to get on the Wii U in the ground floor, but… they wont

  • Nicholas Perry

    I’m guessing it has more to do with their Technical incompetence of modern 3D rendering techniques from the last decade.

    I’ve always said a lot of Japanese developers really just need to take parts from the west like Rendering engineers/programmers/Engine Designers and have them help them make their games from a technical standpoint so they can be on even remotely even playing ground in technical terms.

    Or you know, attend GDC,CEDEC or SIGGRAPH and spend time learning modern techniques.

    Because Tales team feels like they are still stuck in the PS2 generation on almost every level technically/visually(Tales of Xillia has texturing just barely better than FFXII. And that IS a PS2 game). Not that it makes their games worse. But they need help, and if they can’t churn out a very modern looking game on PS3 or 360. Doing a PS4 game would almost be redundant.

    This doesn’t mean their quality is bad or the games are bad. Because they aren’t. I fuckin’ LOVE Tales, from Phantasia to Graces.

    FFXII: http://i.picpar.com/5640d184bed097ed5bbf8ce813806e06f6fe0f89.jpg

    Xillia: http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/Tales_of_Xillia/ss-078.jpg

    • Jonah Rosen

      Graphical quality doesn’t make the game. Games like Disgaea proven that, using PS1 level sprite graphics on the PS3 (And Vita) and still being entertaining as hell.

    • Paulo Panganiban

      How about no?

      Secondly, graphics shouldn’t matter and don’t matter as much anymore. If they did, mobile would have died right at the moment it became a thing.

      That being said, why focus on graphics? Use the next gen tech for things like better AI, bigger worlds, more dynamic attacks, and better motion. DON’T use them to make something pretty.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Yeah, Square squandered all their technology pool into pretty graphics with FFXIII and NOTHING into real gamplay or anything else for that matter, and now we’ve gotten a pretty-looking interactive movie that doesn’t make any sense as far as the eye can see and isn’t even that fun to play. Seriously, I don’t know how many times I’ve literally fallen asleep from playing this garbage!

      …What I’m trying to say is that if you make a game ALL about the graphics, it usually ends up being a (pretty looking) pile of shit.

    • Tiredman

      The main question is this, why do the Tales games have to look more modern? If the fans still like the games, why try to change what isn’t broken?

    • Jonah Rosen

      Exactly! Games like Final Fantasy could’ve learned from this methodology to save themselves from the crapfests they’ve gotten themselves into.

  • Nonnahswriter

    I think this is smart of them. The WiiU’s not doing so hot right now, and the Xbox One and PS4 were only just announced. If Baba wants to wait to see which new console the fans want to play Tales games on, then let him wait. Because he sure as hell doesn’t know right now–except for the WiiU, the new consoles haven’t even been released yet, and they haven’t had the best of press either.

  • davidvinc

    What does this statement mean – “Each console had their one mainline title, and even two sequel for previous mainline title and one mainline title of this generation. “

    • Lazy_Penguin1989

      An error on my part, I fixed it.

    • davidvinc

      Thank you for that, you actually clarified the message instead of just deleting my post and leaving the article with a sentence that doesn’t make sense. A month ago or so I asked another author to clarify their message and instead of doing so, they just deleted my comment and pretended that their article still made sense.

    • Lazy_Penguin1989

      :O Ouch, I don’t know who did that, but we don’t condone just deleting posts, especially without any reason. We’re still new and learning as we go, I hope you can forgive us for that mishap. We do appreciate any good criticism, then try to better ourselves with suggestions.

      And no problem, thank you for pointing that out 🙂

  • Joshua

    yeaaa..symphonia started on gc, then went to wii it shouldve just moved to wiiU really..they already screwed over the fan of graces when it was originally on wii in the first place to..i mean i really just would like to play a tales game on wiiU..its hd as much as the other consoles etc. just seems silly to me..wiiu needs symphonia back and id realllly hope for a graces f port to wiiU and even some new mothership titles..those would bring in more people to the system how is that a bad thing?

  • Mario G.B.

    fuck i want Symphonia Chronicles on my Wii U

    • Just buy the PS3, lol.

    • Mario G.B.

      i have a PS3, but i wanna play Tales of Symphonia on Nintendo Systems, I played ToS on GameCube and ToS Dawn of The new world on Wii, wanna this recopilation on Wii U

    • Why do you want to play Tales of Symphonia on Nintendo platforms? Is it so important to you?

    • Mario G.B.


    • Mario G.B.


    • No, I just find it stupid.

  • Let’s hope Nintendo plays it smart with the next gaming market and keeps on better par with the hype from Sony and Microsoft. I’d really like to see Tales games on their consoles again, where I first got to experience the series alongside my friends.

  • Wow, so much whining here. Go buy the PS3 instead of crying for the WiiU.

    • HeroOfGames16

      I sympathize with them because back in the days “I was some Nintendo fanboy” (though I only cared about Mario, Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Smash Brothers). However, having two consoles isn’t that bad, it’s pretty awesome. The PS3 has a very awesome game library by itself.

  • smacd

    I guess that makes it easier to finally decide to get a PS3. 3 of the 5 games I want are Tales games, and if more are coming, great.

  • Vallen

    Thats good news! I was planning to stick with my ps3 for another 2 years or so b4 upgrading to ps4.