POLL: If You Could Pick One Game To Be Localized, Reader Picks

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

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This month’s poll is all about localization. Localization has been on the mind of those that run oprainfall recently due to some things happening behind the scenes (though localization has always been on our minds really). Hopefully we’ll be able to report some great news about oprainfall and localization soon. In the meantime, we are curious to know which of these five games our readers are most interested in seeing localized. While there are many titles out there that need localized besides these five, these were chosen because there has been some recent discussion about the games from publishers and/or they are simply popular amongst our volunteers.

So which will it be?

Project Diva F

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F Poll

Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 logo Poll

Fatal Frame 4

fatal frame 4 box art

Senran Kagura Burst

Senran Kagura Burst

Tales of Innocence R

Tales of Innocence R

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  • Type-O has the HD chance

    Tales will more likely be for the vita

    Senran Kagura is being considered already because it’s a true system seller

    Fatal Frame 4 is very unlikely at this point

    Project Diva should be just to prove that the american market is vastly greater than the Japanese only one

    • Burst is a system seller? Do you know how poorly it sold in Japan?

    • ShadowDivz

      A real system seller would be Shinovi Versus

  • I’m conflicted between Project DIVA and Type-0…. why are you making me choose, OpRainfall????

  • I picked type zero even though it has 0 chance

  • AnimeRemix

    I voted Project Diva F but not because I’m a fan of the Vocaloids (really don’t think I’ll ever really be a fan of them), but because I played the demo on my PS3 and it was really fun for a rhythm game.

  • Type-0 because it has the absolute least reason to not be localized.

  • Ryan_oprainfall

    For the purpose of full disclosure, I voted for Tales of Innocence R simply because I am a huge fan of the Tales of series 🙂

    • What.

      Your lack of Mother 3, especially in light of the recent Earthbound announcement disturbs me.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      I’m quite certain placing that game on the poll would be pointless, as it would win. I’m more interested in other games that need to be localized outside of Mother 3.

  • Fatal frame of tales of innocence? Decisions……..I’m going fatal frame.

  • I voted for Tales of Innocence R because I LOVE the Tales series. Other than that, I would’ve Chosen Project Diva F as my second choice.

  • HPN

    They’ve already shown their true colors with the ridiculously priced iOS Vocaloid release, sadly, so I’ll vote for Senran Kagura — it will shake the stale US portable markets, and it will never come to that worthless pit of iOS “gaming.”

  • HPN

    But really, Monster Hunter 4 > all those listed.

  • Where’s Ace Attorney Investigations 2?

  • I voted Tales of Innocence R, but a game I’d like to see localized would be Earth Seeker.

  • Brian

    Where’s Valkyria Chronicles 3?

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      We could only pick 5 since it’s a poll on the front page. We’re going to have a large poll and we’ll let our readers pick the games at some point in the near future.

  • Since I have no plans to buy a Vita, I’d want to see Type-0 on PS3/PSN, or the original Tales of Innocence on DS/3DS

  • RichieBerry

    Hmm, this post intrigues me…

    Also, I voted for Tales of Innocence, thought I would vote for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 if I had to choose any game.

  • Type-0

  • Cruxis

    As much as I love Project Diva, there isn’t much of a reason for it to be localized, especially over all these games. Given that they’re on Sony platforms, they are not region-locked and thus can be imported. Plus, As long as you know basic kana, you can understand and get through a Project Diva game just fine. These text-heavy (and kanji-heavy) RPGs deserve localization much more. I voted for Tales of Innocence R. Need another RPG on my Vita.

  • Tales of Innocence R!

  • I was torn between Type 0 and Tales of Innocence. I want both so bad!

  • cirE

    Why is Fatal Frame 4 above Senran Kagura? It has a fan translation at least….

    • Fan translations have no impact on official localization. That Mother 3’s fan translators have offered their localization to Nintendo at no cost will not affect the chances of that game ever being officially released on western shores.

      This is a poll about which of the above games you’d most like to see localized, not which one has the best chances.

    • cirE

      Yes, everything you said in the first paragraph is correct.

      However, this is only a fan poll, and I would think that fans would want to see localizations based on what is available to them already. As someone else stated, the reason that Project Diva is on the bottom is because it’s possible to make a Japanese PSN account and play the game on any PS3. Using the same logic, It’s possible to play Fatal Frame 4 via the fan translation. Senran Kagura? Nobody can play the game at all unless they purchase a Japanese 3DS and import the game. Even then, it’s not translated.

      I’m just surprised by that.

    • Which game is actually more dependent on being able to understand the language in order to succeed? A side-scrolling action game, or a puzzle-heavy survival horror title? If anything, Senran Kagura is more accessible because it doesn’t require either knowledge of Japanese or a fan translation in order to progress through the game.

    • cirE

      A valid point. Although I’d say it’s still less accessible due to the region locking of the 3DS hardware. As far as I know, it still isn’t possible to circumvent the region locking of the 3DS, while it is relatively easy with the Wii.

      Although I’m probably starting to get into things I shouldn’t talk about here. The last time I said something like that on Siliconera, my posts were removed.

  • felipe

    2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation

  • I already own the japanese version of Hatsune Miku which is perfectly playable on its japanese version without any japanese knowledge. So that leaves heavy text rpgs like Type Zero and Tales of Innocence. Considering Tales would have the better chance as Type Zero would emerge in a dead market, I therefore choose Tales.

  • Trails in The Sky SC. But out of that list Type 0.

  • wot, no Over My Dead Body?

  • RagunaXL

    I picked project diva. type-0 is a shooting game that is much hyped by fans who didn’t play third birthday. why would square release another shooter based on one of their series if the first one didn’t sell. fatal frame was close. it would be nice to have another great title for wii, but there is fatal frame in the west. we still need project diva.

  • Tales for the Vita would be amazing. I want the three tales titles I’ve never been able to play hearts innocence and TOD2 (TOD remake would be freaking amazing too)

  • ybeast10

    I have always wanted to play Fatal Frame 4. Also, a game which is not on the list that I would love to see localized is Yakuza 5.

  • John Ellis

    I don’t think Nintendo will be supporting the Wii anymore, and from what I’ve heard the game wasn’t released in the west because of bugs in the game that the developers were unwilling to pay to have fixed. The Tales of game is the most likely to get a release.

  • PDF is in much less need of a localization because it’s a rhythm game and there are enough guides on the internet to help you read the already very sparse text.

  • Nob

    Mother 3 is a no-brainer.

  • Lightthrower

    Type-0 is already getting a fan translation so we don’t need an official one so i’ll say Tales of Innocence R.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I’m not all that interested in any of those. I’d rather have Giftpia, Captain Rainbow, Chibi Robo 3 (I’m still extremely disappointed that it never came over), or Mother 3.

  • laurenhiya21

    It was really close between Project Diva and Tales, but I voted Tales because even if Project Diva never came over here, it would be not too difficult to play as it doesn’t rely on Japanese text too much…
    I am also interested in Fatal Frame 4, but at least that has a fan translate… (it still is annoying how expensive it is though ;_;) The other two I haven’t really looked into so I’m not sure about those ;l

  • 1. Senran Kagura Burst (3DS)
    2. Project Diva F (PS3)

    Would love to see these come over.

  • I would choose 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation everyday. However, even though I have no PSP at the moment, I am interested in FF Type-0. It seems very different than other RPGs, at least from what I’ve seen or heard about… Final Fantasy meets Hogwarts right?

  • Paul

    Ace Attorney Investigations 2

  • Kusariku

    Can I vote for Dangan Ronpa instead?

  • Daverost

    I want all of them except Fatal Frame. In order of most wanted to least: Project DIVA F, Shinovi Versus, Type-0, Innocence R, Fatal Frame.

    I’ve already bought and finished Project DIVA f on PSP (platinum trophy) and I -still- want it in English more than any of these other ones. I want it to establish a user base that will (hopefully) keep the new ones coming.

  • I’ll take Tales of Xillia not being a f**king PS3 exclusive.

  • Obviously

    Edgeworth Investigations 2.