UPDATE: Wii U Virtual Console is Live With System Update

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

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Wii U Update is Live

UPDATE: Now that the system update has gone live, Nintendo has followed through with launching Virtual Console onto the Wii U. Launch games include Excitebike, Super Mario World, and previously released Virtual Console trial games, as covered by our weekly Nintendo Download. More are on their way, including Super Metroid and Kirby Superstar. Those who already own these games on the Wii Virtual Console can buy them at a discount for the Wii U. You can find more info about the Virtual Console launch, the new Wii U Panorama View, and the system update at Nintendo’s website.

Original Story Below:

Nintendo has pushed out the latest Wii U update version 3.0.0 U for systems in the U.S. It improves load times considerably and adds a few new features. In particular, there is an option now to complete any downloads in standby when you power down the console. You can also launch Wii Mode directly from the system start up and use Miiverse with the Wiimote and Classic controllers. The virtual keyboard will switch to the screen instead of the Gamepad when using these alternatives. It is not confirmed at this time whether this update is also available in other regions.

In addition, Nintendo also released Miiverse on its own website, and can be accessed from a web browser. We have tested this both on the PC (Google Chrome) and on a mobile device (Android-based phone) and it seems to translate the quintessential Miiverse experience pretty well. Keep in mind this is in beta, and was prone to error at times when we tried to access it. Posts you can make are limited right now to replying to others, you cannot add new posts by yourself just yet.

To give you an idea of how much faster the system performs now, we timed the loading screens at select moments. Keep in mind these times are not exact, and may include some delay in reaction time.

Before the Update

Start up, from pressing the power button on the Gamepad to the log-in screen, was about 19 seconds.

Log-in, from selecting my Mii to the Wii U menu, was about 5-6 seconds.

Miiverse loaded in about 12 seconds.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, our test game for this update, loaded from the Wii U menu to the Capcom logo in about 25-30 seconds.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate closed and entered the Wii U menu in about 25 seconds.

Keep in mind my copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the digitally downloaded version from Nintendo’s eShop. Disc versions may vary.

After the Update

Start up has not changed considerably, and is now about 18 seconds.

Log-in however, is now near-instantaneous. Loading took about a second, as far as I could tell.

Miiverse loading has also not changed very much, and took about 11 seconds.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate now loads in about 20 seconds.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate closes in about 12 seconds.

Start up and Miiverse did not change all that much, and the difference could be just as much due to human error in recording the time rather than Nintendo’s update. However, logging in and the loading times for starting and closing a game are very much improved now, with start up improving by as much as 10 seconds, and the time it takes to close a game being cut in half at least. These results can vary from game to game and system to system, so it’s possible you may get better results than we did.

Check out a full outline of the update from Nintendo below:

Version 3.0.0 U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:

New Features:

  • A standby function to download and install software while the system is powered off
  • Software purchased from the Nintendo eShop will automatically install in the background once the download is complete
  • Holding down the B Button while the Wii U logo is displayed during startup will load the Wii Menu *¹

Changes to System Settings:

  • An option to transfer and/or copy between two USB storage devices in “Data Management”
    • To facilitate this feature, you will now be able to connect two USB storage devices to a single Wii U console*²
  • The ability to select multiple software titles when transferring, copying, or deleting data in “Data Management”
  • The option to adjust screen size is now available under “TV” *³
  • “Auto Power-Down” has been renamed “Power Settings”
    • Options for the standby function are located within this menu

Changes to Miiverse:

  • Added support for the Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, and Classic Controller
  • Handwritten posts will now also display on the TV screen during creation
  • “Undo” and “Redo” buttons are now available when creating a handwritten post
  • Removed screen size setting. This option can now be adjusted from System Settings

Changes to Nintendo eShop:

  • Software downloaded from the Nintendo eShop will include released updates and will no longer need to be updated after installation
  • Removed screen size setting. This option can now be adjusted from System Settings

Changes to the Internet Browser:

  • Added support for the Wii Remote and Wii U Pro Controller
  • Added the option to change search engines when performing a keyword search
  • Added the option to return to the start page from the bookmark menu
  • Removed screen size setting. This option can now be adjusted from System Settings

Changes to Download Management:

  • Added the option to change the priority of downloads

Improvements to system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

*1 User selection may be necessary

*2 Only one USB storage device can be used during normal use

*3 A similar option has been removed from Nintendo eShop, Miiverse, and the Internet Browser



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  • MusubiKazesaru

    apparently it also preps the Wii U for some new things like the virtual console and there’s a follow up update to this one in a month or so to further solidify the loading times

  • I really hope that by the time I buy a Wii U (probably July) that this update is already on the machine so that I don’t have to waste time downloading it when I first get it.

    • You will likely have to perform a system update of some sort regardless of when you buy it, if it’s anything like my experience with the PS3. I bought the MGS4 bundle, and ended up spending a large portion of my first evening with it updating the system before I could really do anything (which inevitably involved downloading further game updates).

    • I guess you’re right. I’m actually more concerned about the Day 1 update that apparently takes an hour to download. That’s the one I really hope is already on the machine.

    • Yeah that’s one of my major concerns too… D:

    • Bob

      It’s not really a concern, and like he said, any system will have a good 45-60 min of updates before you can play anything if you connect it to the web.

    • DigDugDude

      Not sure if this helps but, I bought the ZombieU bundle and didn’t have to deal with the hour long update. Hopefully the newer consoles they ship out also have it.

    • Sweet! Thanks.

  • An Tran

    Tons of great improvements. Hope the Summer update includes even more and that the load times are cut even shorter.
    Never expected something like download prioritization in the Download Manager though. Lots of nice surprises! Especially happy about screen size adjustment!

  • Operation Chrono Break

    With the recent announcement of EarthBound coming to the VC and the new Wii U update, I think it is safe to say we can stop bombarding Reggie with Mother. It is now time to enact a new form of bombarding. Starting with the SE director of Japan, we shall bombard him until Chrono Break is announced and released. We shall not rest nor shall we cease. If Square wants to be a Reggie, then so be it. But the fans will beat down his door and hang Chrono Break posters in his mind.

    • RagunaXL

      Chrono Break! count me in! If Earthbound ‘sells well’ by their standards, it might have a leg to stand on. is operation chrono break petitioning or on facebook/twitter? how can I join or sign?

    • I wonder if one of the issues for SE dragging their feet is because alot of the development team that worked on the first two Chrono games have either scattered or went with Monolith Soft when they broke from SE. Still with a publishing company as big as Square Enix I have no doubt they could put together a talented team to continue the series, publishers do that all the time with other series to varying degrees of success.

    • RagunaXL

      that’s true. though monolith soft has done work-for-hire in the past, including background work on Derge of Cerberus for SE. If ‘Break’ were made a Nintendo exclusive, I bet Monolith could be hired to develop the game to some degree. Similar to Namco’s Project X Zone for 3DS. Nintendo has co-published the DS Dragon Quests’ and soon Bravely Default with SE as well. Sorry, just trying to rationalize it to myself. *laughs*

  • I can access Miiverse from the Pro Controller now? Yipee! This update is awesome!

  • SecretX

    Leave a message…i’m loving the wii remote option for internet. the wii u is really awesome.