Capcom Re-Evaluating/Canceling Some Titles in Development

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

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Capcom recently lowered its sales forecast again for Resident Evil 6 and DmC Devil May Cry to 4.9 million and 1.15 million, respectively. In light of this, they’ve tried to figure out why they aren’t making as much money on these games as they thought. Their suspicions for their financial woes include a “delayed response to the expanding digital contents market”, “decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing”, and “insufficient coordination between marketing and game development divisions in overseas markets”.

So how are they going to fix this perceived problem? One of the ways is to “raise the quality of their games” by re-evaluating games that are in-progress and moving to in-house development. They explained that certain titles would be discontinued either due to an “inability to respond to market needs” or, in the case of outsourced games, “not being compatible with current business strategy”. Capcom didn’t give any names on which titles are being canned, though.

Other ways Capcom will fix this problem include “improve global communication between development and marketing divisions” and getting a stronger hold onto the digital market. And by that, they mean an “increase in and promotion of DLC (downloadable content)”. They didn’t say they would raise the quality of their DLC, though. Just that they’d increase the number of DLC they would make and promote it more heavily.


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  • Ted Danson

    They could stop cancelling games/series people want and stop making games people don’t…

    • Syphen_Freht

      Breath of Fire, anyone?

    • Easy to say when EVERYONE on the internet (minority of gamers as is) seems to want EVERYTHING in the Capcom IP catalogue. Impossible in the modern industry’s climate.

    • Gumba Masta

      Another good start would be to keep Dev costs at a level where not every human being that has ever lived in the history of mankind to buy at least six copies for the title to break even.

  • I bet they cancel the new MegaMan game they just recently announced

  • In before they inform us they had yet another Mega Man game they’re going to scrap.

  • Just sell the rights for Megaman to Nintendo and then go out of business already.

    • As well as the rights to Breath of Fire and other franchises.

    • indeed, totally agree with your comment.

      seems that the big N are the only ones to be able to save that franchise without overhauling/ cancelling it.

    • dubaloseven

      How about fuck you

    • How about showing your disapproval to something without being an ass about it?

    • dubaloseven

      How about he actually back up his argument and then we’ll talk.

    • How about no. And he’s stating his THOUGHTS, his OPINION, not an argument.

  • Majin

    Actualy, they lowered DmC from 1.20 to 1.15 million.

  • MegaX50

    Maybe they should actually stop cancelling their games, or at least get public feedback before they randomly cancel them. Hell, they outright blamed the fanbase for the cancellation of MML 3, saying there wasn’t enough interest. Yeah, I know I’m just being an irate MM fan on that one lol, but really all their business practices have kinda been ruining the games they HAVE come out with, so they have to not only reevaluate the games they want to come out with, but their practices.

  • Majin

    Actualy, they lowered there sales expectations from 1.2 million to 1.15 million.

  • Rod Corbett

    They should focus more on core games, like MegaMan and continue the stories they have left in cliffhanger, like MegaMan X9, Legends 3 or ZX 3, and stop making stupid HD remakes of games that they already have re-released a million times before. Also, they should make crossovers and work in development with famous games like when they co-developed Zelda oracles alongside Zintendo. Oh and also they should really stop pushing pointless DLC up our throats… Seriously, who the hell cares to pay for content you can already unlock on the disc?? DLC should be to add more levels and new experiences to the game that’s not present on the disc itself, not to add a couple of weapons and abilities or a stupid costume like in Naruto Storm 3…

  • Maybe not turn resident evil into another gun heavy action game?

    • Red

      it really isnt, you can go through Jakes campaign without firing a single bullet…

    • How could you?! Jim is so mighty that he makes the rest of use look like little ants, stumbling around in the darkness.

  • I call rubbish on this claim
    Why is Capcom in a cancelling frenzy since Inafune left?

  • the_sidewinder

    most of what Capcom has made in the last decade has been $h!t anyway, so who cares?

  • An Tran

    So cancelling games and making more DLC? Can Capcom’s CEO step down already like EA’s and Square Enix’s?

    • dubaloseven

      Well, the entire fighting game genre could barely stand on its on two feet without Capcom, they contribute a ton to the action genre, and have good relationships with both Namco and Nintendo, allowing more games on more consoles and more crossovers. So, please, shut up.

    • And there you go again with being an ass. You know, as good as that counter-point MAY have been, you’ve kind of thrown it out the window when you’ve tried to shut him down with the whole telling him to shut up business. He has a right to his opinion, and telling people to “shut up” or saying “fuck you” or any other point of assholery isn’t gonna win you any brownie points with the community.

    • one_piece_rpg_NOW!

      you following this guy around and pointing out his mistakes has been the most enjoyable thing for me today, thank you

    • sakeah

      lol i agree

    • dubaloseven

      I’m really sick and tired of people unable to see the obvious contributions to gaming Capcom gives and how worse off the industry would be without them.

      And you know what, I was wrong there. It’s just about 90% of people who I’ve encountered who hate Capcom hate them because A). They embrace DLC B). They don’t over-estimate their niche franchises or C). They cancelled MegaMan Legends 3, which any looking into would reveal Inafune doomed that project when he left them out to dry half way through.

      So I apologize. Allow to change my statement. Please provide an argument as to why we’d be better off without Capcom.

    • OK, I accept your apology, and allow me to try and put out counter points for you points. note that this could get long.
      A) It’s OK to embrace DLC, it really is, but CAPCOM seems to have a habit of putting a little TOO much DLC. Costumes and items that are already on the disc and are unlockable through gameplay, putting stuff on disk then keeping it locked and providing a dlc you have to BUY to unlock it, OVERPRICING DLC, and finally from what I’ve heard, providing CHEATS as a DLC, something that was part of the game for as long as I can remember, (Dead Rising 1 or 2, I think it was.) are big No-No’s IMO. I think DLC should add something new to the game, like a new game mode or wholly new original character with a unique move set or skill set. Costumes that cost about 50 cents – $1 would be nice if it’s not on the disc.
      B) Yes, because that’s why we haven’t seen a Breath of Fire since Dragon Quarter (I refuse to acknowledge it as BoFV. Maybe if it was a spin-off…) or haven’t had a new mega man title since MM10. Sorry, this is a bit of a biased opinion, but I don’t have much of a counter point from a more logical standpoint for this one.
      C) while that may be true, I haven’t seen an attempt at a new Mega Man game since, aside from a possible hint a few days ago and a crappy smartphone game nobody wanted. (In Japan) Also, there was Mega Man Universe, which was canceled BEFORE Inafune’s Departure that looked pretty good, especially with the level editor. The one thing I LOVED from Powered Up was the Level Editor.

      Now while I can’t explain whether or not we’d be better off with or without CAPCOM, I can point out that if they or other big AAA companies don’t smarten up with their extravagant budget spending or their unrealistic expections, their going to crash whether we like them to or not, like with what happened to THQ. big budgets does NOT equal good games as Dark Souls or Xenoblade have shown. Again, this is my opinion, so take it as you will.

    • dubaloseven

      A). I kinda understand your point about DLC, but Capcom has some really nice deals on DLC though. The SFxT DLC is the best deal I’ve ever seen on DLC. Now granted the SF4: Arcade Edition DLC is overpriced, but you can just go trade it in and get the full game with AE for $20. The Dragon’s Dogma DLC is also looking fine, and DmC gave those who pre-ordered it Vergil’s Downfall for free, which is the size of the average $15 game for only $9 if you didn’t pre-order. The on disc fiasco isn’t the greatest, but that strikes me more as experimentation. Capcom has been busting their asses trying to adjust to the market while still retaining their identity. It’s hard to connect with a market that’s become so foreign to them.

      B). Breath of Fire is a niche franchise. You really think it could break 500,000? The only way that could happen is if it hit Wii U before the end of this year, as, like with the 3DS, the software drought will most likely be handled via Nintendo’s E3 presentation. MegaMan is a different story, and Universe I’ll admit was disappointing with how it got cancelled. Though the MegaMan name will most likely turn it a profit (if Shin Megami Tensei can guarantee profit, then MegaMan can) but it’s not going to pump out big numbers. That sounds like greed at first, but people lose jobs or get pay cuts when big companies downsize, and Capcom isn’t ready to do a company wide one yet.

      C). Capcom knows it can win over fans, so they’re trying to see how MegaMan can be done and put out massive numbers (they really need to take a page from their monster hunter port as they printed money by releasing on Wii U during it’s drought). You’re right, companies do put unrealistic expectations on games. How the fuck Capcom thought they could sell over a million on a reboot of franchise whose best selling entry couldn’t break 500,000 near a console start on a friday release (I’m refering to Devil May Cry for the curious) is beyond me.

    • for B & C) for the niche titles, they could just adjust the budgets and amount of copies released accordingly. (Or just released it as Digital only to save on costs used on packaging & shipping.) not a big series? (Again, like BoF) Release only 50,000-100,000(?) copies and don’t spend so much on actors/actresses and realistic graphics (sorry for bringing up BoF a lot, but it’s the only niche CAPCOM RPG I can think of atm.) Also, if it’s on the Wii U, PS Vita or 3DS, don’t waste so much time, effort and money putting in a touch screen or gyroscope mechanic for the sake of putting in a touch screen gyroscope mechanic. make it count and/or make it optional. Again, FROM software did pretty much just that with Dark Souls, they looked at what their fanbase was interested in for the game and how big said fanbase was, and created an experience according to the figures and created enough copies according to fanbase size. (Rounded up to the nearest thousandth so extra copies are available for people who’ve missed Demon’s Souls and are interested in such a game. Like myself.)

    • dubaloseven

      But that’s the thing, they start making smaller games people will just start calling them cheap. Despite the fact that its a crash course to hell and smaller games are on the rise, this is still where the main demographic is. I’m not on either side of the graphics debate, but graphics do play a big role in first impressions and therefore play a large part in sales. I’m not saying graphics sell a game, but they do sell.

      Capcom’s got it tough, their base is so split that it’s really hard for them to figure out what to do. I honestly have no clue what would actually pull them out of this.

      Despite all this, they still manage to contribute quite a chunk. The fighting genre would be able to maintain itself for long without Capcom, and they also pump out some really creative shit such as the new DmC, the upcoming Remember Me, and for as much bashing as it gets, SFxT has some really out-there combat.

    • I feel like I’m not explaining well enough or something, so I’ll let this explain for me:

    • Majin

      The best selling DMC is DMC4, and it sold 3 times as much as DmC in the same time span.
      The problem is that they are ignoring fans untill it’s to late, and blaming them when something they want is canceled like megaman legends 3 because we did not want to work on it.

    • dubaloseven

      I’m fully aware of DMC sales

      DMC4 sold better because of three main reasons. One: It released near the beginning of the console gen. Two: This game didn’t have to compete with a game like MG Rising right next to it’s launch. Three: Capcom got too attached trying to pull in it’s old fanbase and didn’t focus on newcomers enough.

    • Majin

      I think your last point is wrong; they tried to get new people wile ignoring the fans, and thus ended up with neither.

    • dubaloseven

      I think that was their initial goal, but the old DMC fanbase got so fucking loud and bitchy that Capcom felt the need to spend all their time shutting them up, and didn’t market it to the initial demographic, new players. In my opinion (as harsh and different from how I usually feel) they should’ve just ignored the old DMC fanbase completely.

    • Red

      um the costumes on Dead rising 1 and 2 were pretty cheap. and as far as i can tell, the on disc stuff is only related to their fighting game. Re6 didnt have on disc dlc from my knowledge, they pretty much gave people free stuff on re6 besides mercenary stuff and maps. and Dragons dogma didnt have any so i really dont see why people bring that crap up when other companies do it all the time with pre order bonuses.

  • smacd

    Capcom? What? Why should I care? Capcom hasn’t made a game that interests me since the SNES. The only man with any talent there, Inafune, left some time ago. Capcom is one of the old guard that long overstayed their welcome and should just sell their IPs and close up shop. Let someone with a clue manage their IPs.

    • dubaloseven

      Awesome games from Capcom since the NES

      > Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
      > Super Street Fighter 4:AE
      > Street Fighter X Tekken (2013 Update)
      > Marvel vs Capcom
      > Marvel vs Capcom 2
      > Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
      > Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
      > Devil May Cry
      > Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition
      > DmC: Devil May Cry
      > Resident Evil
      > Resident Evil 4
      > Breath of Fire
      > Sengoku Basara

      Do you need more?

    • smacd

      Not a single title on your list interests me. Care to try again?

      As a side note, I liked BoF’s SNES entries even though they were mediocre at best, couldn’t be bothered to play BoF3-5.

    • dubaloseven

      Well, I’d say you need widen your horizons a bit more, but whatever.

      > Asura’s Wrath
      > MegaMan 10
      > Viewtiful Joe
      > Ace Attorney 4
      > Okami
      > MegaMan ZX
      > Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
      > Capcom vs SNK 2
      > Tatsunoko vs Capcom
      > Power Stone
      > Onimusha: Warlords
      > Dead Rising
      > Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
      > Zak & Wiki

    • Kazaf

      Dead Rising sucked though. =

    • dubaloseven


    • I was about to shame you for not including Ghost Trick and Zack & Wiki when I saw your first list. You have redeemed yourself : P

    • Matt

      You’re a fool, missing out on BoF 3 and 4 is a sin

    • Red

      Resident Evil 5 is still one of the best Co-op Games to this date. same with Resident evil 6. but people dont see that, they just see action game. Even though i still say RE5 was a masterpiece in its own way.

    • dubaloseven

      Oh yeah, I’m just using what is considered the best of the series.

  • I hope they don’t shut down the Ace Attorney series! If they do, just release the 5th game and then stop…;_;

  • So… basically, Square and Capcom have both been making terrible decisions and are now paying for it? Sounds about right, good job there guys 😛

    • LightningFarron19

      Square actually admits to fucking up and tries to fix this. They went back and are completely remaking FF14 for the sake of reconnecting with their fans. Plus Sony is behind them as Sony paid Square a butt-load of money to multi-gen Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Not to mention they listened to complaints that some people made on FF13 and have been using feedback from fans to figure out what everybody wants to see in the next numbered FF title through the direct sequels they asked fans about making first. In fact, in an interview with LR: FF13, the creators stated that they do feel some of the pressure fans have given and that they fixed their DLC problem that people had with XIII-2 to just being costume and weapon based. things like story based DLC and coliseum DLC are now part of LR: FF13.

      And FF isn’t the only thing they are doing good. Bravery Default is coming over to the states too! Type-0 is still a game that Square REALLY wants to get over! Their published games have been very positive (despite the stupidity of saying “Oh they undersold” instead of “Oh, we overprotected sales”). And guess who got the boot after that mistake? Yoichi Wada!

      Capcom just doesn’t care. They cancel their games, decide on “more DLC”, and they don’t listen to their fans. Otherwise DmC: Devil May Cry would have been cancelled and they would have completely gone back to the drawing board like Square did with FF14. Instead of taking feedback from RE5, they went full blown action based explosions. Instead of asking fans about the new Megaman game, they out right canceled it! Capcom is basically stating that “in order to fix our problems, lets cause those said problems to get bigger!”

      That is not how a company should be acting, even a gaming company!

    • Ibi Salmon

      Okay. Proof of everything you said relating to Square Enix(except Bravery Default) now. Especially the part to where they admit to their mistakes. Sounds too much like a dream.

    • LightningFarron19

      Here is what I mean. I read up on many articles about Square Enix and Capcom and I get the sense of what the companies do is the exact opposite to each other. It’s really sad given the fact that Square does get more flack than they should be getting:

      In FF14, Yoshida explains his feelings in public to the mistakes Square made with the game:

      FF13-2 only came into creation after the creators looked closely into it:

      LR: FF13 has had the creators more than compliant to answering questions:

      Final Fantasy Vs XIII was paid by Sony to expand further

      Type 0 is still on Square’s mind

      Published games are overprotected and Wada pays for it:

    • LightningFarron19

      And that is the truth

    • Ibi Salmon

      Wow.When you prove a point, you really prove it. It must not have been easy gathering all this info. Really appreciate you gathering all this.

      Anyways, here’s what I’ve gathered from these articles. They said these they want to fix their mistakes. That’s great. They’re certainly better than Capcom in the sense that they recognize that they haven’t made the best choices and want to redeem themselves. But saying they want to and actually doing it are two different things. Also, judging by how cynical most gamers are these days, it’s to be expected that they won’t believe what Square Enix says. A more cynical person would say that they talk different, but act very similar.

      Botton line, I’m glad Square wants to turn things around, but until they actually deliver on bringing out titles that their fanbase wants, I wouldn’t hold my breath on praise coming to Square anytime soon, or at least until Bravery Default comes out(which, to my recollection, is being published by Nintendo).

    • LightningFarron19

      Yes, Bravery Dafault is being published by Nintendo, but Square Enix and Silicon Studios Developed it. It’s still a Square Enix game.

    • LightningFarron19


    • Ibi Salmon

      Still, don’t you think it’s odd that Square Enix got another company to publish the game? It’s not like they aren’t able to do it themselves. Makes you think…

    • LightningFarron19

      Well this is what Atlus did with Persona 4 in Europe. They got Square Enix to publish it all over Europe. Or how Square got their hands on Arkham series as well.

      Different companies do this. Still, the developers get the majority of the credit

    • Ibi Salmon

      Really? They got hold of the Arkham series? Where did you hear that from?

      Anyways, that just seems like an odd thing to do. I mean, if you’re able to publish a game yourself, then do so. It seems counterproductive to have someone else do it went it can be done themselves.

      But hey. I don’t work in the gaming industry, so what would I know about publishing a game?

  • They underestimated us. If we say no more money until we get MML3 then we mean it. I personally sold my RE collection and haven’t bought a Capcom game ever since they started to being mean towards their fan base.

  • If one of those cancelled titles was a MegaMan game, I will go over to Japan, break down the door to Capcom’s office, line the floor with spike traps that can only be avoided by jumping across a bunch of narrow platforms, and re-brand the place as Doctor Wily’s Castle. In all seriousness, Capcom needs to stop pouring so much money into each game. They need to budget themselves according to demand. It’s not like all that money made either of those games any better.

  • FtotheDawg

    In other words – more actionactionshootygungun-games, more DRM, and more DLC! Thanks EA! You’re a really, really, super great company!

  • Aiddon

    hopefully this means they caught the memo that they shouldn’t be ashamed of being Japanese. Their overseas outsourcing has been REALLY bad (with the exception of Dead Rising 2) so it’s probably best to hunker down and try to expand their internal teams.

  • Well, this is all sorts of bad news. Maybe if they would just stop re-making the same handful of titles and instead give us some higher-quality games to play, they’d be doing better.

  • Josh S.

    Sigh. Capcom used to be my favorite publisher, and now every time they open their mouths they make me angry… If they could just get back in the groove they were in during the 90’s SNES era, then I think they would be selling a lot more games. That, and release Mega Man Universe…

  • Ibi Salmon

    Okay… ummm…

    *insert the usual “Capcom sucks!” comment here*

    I’m done.

  • Crapcom

    Capcom is abso-fucking-lutely clueless. They called Dragon’s Dogma a disappointment too when it sold over 1 million copies as a NEW IP.

    All this mean is more feeble attempts to milk their titles with shameless on-disk DLC.

    Oh, and I’m sure “re-evaluating some titles in development” means cancelling all Megaman games. Again.

    Go to hell Capcom. I’m not I ever want you to make Breath of Fire 6, because you’d fill it with garbage DLC nonsense.