A Year’s Worth Of Xenoblade Hours Revealed

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

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Has it really been one year since Xenoblade Chronicles first came out in North America? Wow, time sure flies!

In actual news, Coffee With Games, a site known for reporting playtime hours of Wii games, released some data on the amount of hours that Xenoblade Chronicles has been played in its initial year. The data is based on the numbers from the official U.S Nintendo Channel data, and judging by the numbers, it’s a game that’s consumed many hours of people’s lives, and continues to do so.

xenoblade chronicles gameplay hours

As stated by the graphic, Xenoblade Chronicles has been played 219,400 times in the last 367 days, allotting a grand total of 650,133 hours for the entire year. The average amount of time played was 42 hours and 48 minutes, with each person turning on their system more than 14 times, and spending at least 3 hours playing.

According to Coffee With Games, Xenoblade Chronicles has seen a boost of about 12,000 more players since its initial release, thus spiking the total amount of gameplay hours. In the first month after its release, the game had seen a total of 52,912 hours with each person turning on the system more than 5 times and putting in 3 hours and 11 minutes of playtime per day.

Oprainfall Awards

Seeing as how Xenoblade Chronicles saw a very limited release in the United States, these reports are actually pretty good. They make up half of one year’s report from Metroid Other M (which sits at 1,327,723 hrs), a tenth of the juggernaut that is Monster Hunter Tri ‘s (weighing in at 6,323,120 hrs), and beating Red Steel 2 ‘s yearly data (429,205 hrs). Now keep in mind, these hours are all reported from Wiis that are connected to the Nintendo Channel, so the hours are likely to accumulate.

So, how many hours have YOU spent playing Xenoblade Chronicles? What are your playtime hours based on your current file? For myself, I had accumulated more than 210 hours of playtime, and I’m still not done with the main game!

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About Andy Na

Andy was a member at Operation Rainfall since the beginning of its campaigning days. Though something of a troublemaker at the time, he now contributes to Operation Rainfall and shares his love for all things gaming and the visual arts. His favorite games include Xenoblade Chronicles, Kid Icarus Uprising, and No More Heroes. Andy currently holds a Bachelors degree in Cinema, which he uses to pursue filmmaking.

  • I find it kind of suspect/crazy that the average play session was 3 hours. I’d imagine it would be high, but not *that* high. It must get pushed up by people who leave their systems on.

  • Cruxis

    43 hours per person actually seems kind of low, considering how much content is in this game. My playtime was over 130 when I finished my first playthrough alone.

    • Kyrith

      there were probably a lot of people like me who didn’t like it and only played several hours (7 for me)

    • MusubiKazesaru

      didn’t like it? I’ve never heard that before

    • Kyrith

      to me it just felt like it was an MMO without multiplayer.

    • NinjaApe

      So it’s an MSO! (Massive Singleplayer Offline)!

    • Kyrith

      the implication was that MMOs are made based around their multiplayer, and as such it becomes really obvious how shallow those mechanics are without it (and usually even with it).

    • zeezee

      I played to the end, for over 80 hours, and was bored through most of it. Not even close to being a favorite of mine for this gen. I much preferred Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, both of which I felt had a better narrative, gameplay, voice acting, and music.

      I think that the thing that I disliked the most was the MMO-styled gameplay and hundreds of fetch quests. I don’t care for MMOs, nor do I care for things that drag out game progression artificially.

      It isn’t that I hated the game, but i just cant relate with the hype around it. Haven’t really liked a Takahashi game since Xenogears. Regardless, I still appreciate that it has a fan base and that everyone worked so hard to get it localized and all if the copies sold so quickly. It should be republished so that others get a chance to buy it as well.

    • Mizu D

      I think it is more for people that don’t have the time to finish a long game like this. The minimal time to finish the game and see through the very end would take at least 60 hours due to the difficulty, if you are under by 5 level, it is very hard to defeat any major monster.

      The majority of gamer will not finish most game on average statistically. Especially if the game is this long.

    • Kyrith

      well obviously it’s due to people not playing for that long, we are literally only talking about play time.

    • Eddy

      Those words… is it possible to use them together in a sentence like that?

    • Kyrith

      As I said in the comment above, to me it just felt like it was an MMO without multiplayer.

    • MusubiKazesaru

      I was at over 60 hours when I beat the game and I didn’t really do side quests and I’m not a slow gamer by any means. It’s a long game

    • TrollingForColumbine2.0

      You have to take into consideration the people (like myself) who played the game for a bit and then stopped because we didn’t like it, didn’t have the time to play it, moved on to better games, etc.

    • Lightthrower

      Better games? Bioshock Infinite just came out, there were no better games at that time! 😛

  • smacd

    I dropped around 230 hours for my full completion. And it will be the last time I ever do a completion run in an RPG again. I just don’t have that kind of time anymore.

  • Took me 125 hours to beat the game, including a solid helping of sidequests.

  • Henks

    Approx. 120h. Finished it once, played a few hours on NG+. Fantastic game.

  • Mizu D

    Currently finishing it after pouring 33 hours when it first came out here. I went back to it about a month ago and I am clocking 144 hours with the last stage up ahead. I am mopping and cleaning up all the quest and unique monster by using faqs and guide to make sure I am missing the least among of stuff possible (but end up missing 1 quest). I can’t imagine how long this would take without an actual FAQS as reference and checklist.

    The MMO style single player experience is addictive thanks in part to the fun gameplay, huge explorable world, amazing experience, wonderful 4 cds soundtrack, great story that keep on getting better every cutscene starting from the 1st one and compliment by superb voice acting in Japanese or English! (I actually did a speedy extra 10 hours run in English to get back to the story before replaying my save, and it was definitively worth it for the story alone).

  • Mizu D

    It probably do not included everyone who bought it too, you need to log into the Nintendo Channel so that stat will compile into their server. If you never connect online to that service, it will not log it.

    Also do note that the Wii mode on the Wii U, do not keep track of this.

  • Vinicius

    I have almost 200H. Haven’t played in a while, because I have other things to play, and a job to find, and things to study.

  • Last time I checked it was 115 hours.

  • jcl

    i played my import copy for about… 20 hours maybe? can’t remember, but i imported it about 6 months before the NA release, which i put in 80+ hours. Such a solid game. This summer I’d love to to a full completion run on dolphin, because it just looks gorgeous in 1080p with some enhanced textures.

  • RagunaXL

    247 hrs. currently, that includes NG+

  • Charlotte Buckingham

    85 hours my first time, followed by a 130 hour completionist run, and I’m around 5 hours into a NG+ run… The NG+ run, I’m doing at my mate’s place, because I talk about Xenoblade all th time so she was just like “Well, bring it over to my place and I’ll watch you play.” So I did. xD

  • To be honest, I lost count. I haven’t even finished it yet. That game is way too long.

  • Xenoblade is an amazing game, and part of the reason for that is how long one can stay immersed in its world before reaching the end.

  • That seems very low. I’ve beaten the game but decided to play on my original file to complete all the material. I’m almost finished and it’s taken me 118 hours (almost as much as MH3)

  • Spookyryu

    15 minutes, because I’m catching up with a lot of games, lately, but indeed I will defetead

  • I have something like 180 hours logged in due to trying to get stuff to take on the superbosses but I had to stop in the fall due to stuff. Might just save over a new slot so I can see the end.

  • An Tran

    Reprint Nintendo.

    • FrancisUnderwood0482

      I know. I was forced to Pirate it.

  • I have no idea how many hours I put into Xenoblade. I really need to finish the game at some point, if I can find the time. I think I had around 58 hours, but I am not sure. Since I took the game to my brother’s house, I am currently looking for another copy in retail stores.

  • Daizaku

    I finished two playthrough actually. I’m on New Game + and I’ve got near 300 hours. I finished all sidequests, I’m farming AP before fight Daedala and Abaasy. What a good game!

  • Moeki

    172hours since release and just entered the inside of Bionis 😛 trying to finish every single quest

  • FrancisUnderwood0482

    ” there was a time period that seemed that the game would never see a NA release,” don’t forget the ridiculously limited print run.

  • Mizu D

    I finally finish the game recently by doing all quest I can do and miss only one and beat all super-bosses and achieve quite a few achievement in an official clock time of 190 hours. The Nintendo channel show 260+ hours. Probably due to a few ‘pause’ by pressing the home button, reloading game and that 10 hours of extra play to get back to the story after 1 year.

    Feel sad that it is over but at the same time, I can’t wait for the new game from Monolith Software

  • im only at 78 hours… with full play trough and going through colony 6 in ng+, i played a pirated version of the euro release because i couldn’t wait for NA release, then purchased it on day 1. i plan on finishing through the story in NG+ then opening my NA copy and doing a full completion!