White Knight Chronicles Servers Closing In the Coming Months

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

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White Knight Chronicles

Ever played Level-5 and SCE Japan Studio’s White Knight Chronicles? No? Well, for those of you that haven’t , White Knight Chronicles is a rare gem that, sadly, bombed in the states. By no means is it bad; White Knight just couldn’t find a large enough audience outside of Japan.

The game has you create a character, to whom is more like a side-party member rather than the main character, and scourge the land of evil reminiscent of Final Fantasy 12. A couple of years later, White Knight Chronicles 2 released to slightly higher reviews. While a sequel in the sense, it was more of an upgrade/expansion to the original with the main differences being upgraded graphics, a continuation of the story, and more quests for the online co-op portion. Heck, White Knight Chronicles 2 even included the first game on the disk!

Check out the gameplay video below:

With out further ado, there is some bad news on the horizon. Now the online community for White Knight Chronicles is alive and kicking in Japan; in America, not so much. Thus, Sony announced starting June 18, 2013, the servers for White Knight Chronicles (1&2) will cease to exist. While the news is dreadful, there’s still plenty of time to snag a copy for about $20 from the majority of retailers. And trust me, you wont regret it. Down below you’ll find a video showcasing what makes the online portion so hard to put down.

I’ll always remember the countless hours of grinding on adorable creatures and toppling towering bosses. Thanks for the memories, Level-5.

White Knight Chronicles


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  • Lol it bombed in the stats?!

    I didn’t even know about this game. They should get the word out more if they want a bigger audience for games like this.

  • dubaloseven

    That really sucks. I never played it (I might pick it up some time if the single player is worth it) but its always sad to see this happen.

    • Definitely go ahead and pick it up. Check on Gamfaqs if you decide to grab a copy, there’s a few people who’ll hop online with ya I believe.

    • madmofo145

      Do you think the single player is worth playing? I own the game but it is in my backlog and I doubt I’ll get to it in time to make use of the online portion.

    • Yeah, don’t expect too much from the story, but use it more as a back drop and just explore the rich environments.

  • 🙁 so no more online White Knight Chronicles for me

  • matango

    I’ve played it, and I know why it bombed. The gameplay was pretty interesting, and the chance to control a giant robot(?) was awesome, but it was ruined by it’s own plot. The story itself didn’t offer anything new aside from the usual fantasy jrpg plot and just about every character in the story shared a personality ranging from bland to annoying.

    White Knight also betrayed the idea of roleplaying in a roleplaying game, taking your avatar and shoving them into the backseat of the main story to do not much more than blink and make expressions while standing in the far background in cutscenes. I mean when you compare WKC to rpgs like Mass Effect, where you create a character that plays a part in the story, makes choices, and actually does stuff, I can see why WKC did so poorly in the states.

    Honestly, White Knight is a good game in it’s own right, especially where play is concerned, the creators just made one too many poor choices that, I’d say, were pretty fixable.

    • Why does a rpg have to bring something more to the table to be equal to other rpgs? JRPGs usually bring a lot more to the table story line wise than western games. While I agree with you on a side lined character being less interesting I think WKC did it very well, a lot better than FFXII. The whole reason I never finished FFXII is Vaans utter lack of involvement, but I finished WKC 1 & 2 with no problem. One of the major benefits of WKC was getting to design your character so you had some interest in the side-lined character even if they were not directly related to the story. WKC was quite well done and enjoyable. If anything I think it’s flaw was not getting the word out about it. The whole reason I knew about the game was because I happened across it while it was still in japan and looked for the state side release. I also don’t know if america has a console market for online rpgs, mostly seems to be for fps. If they had a pc version the online community it might be thriving despite the lack of word about its release.

    • matango

      Oddly enough, it’s because Vaan(and Penelo) weren’t supposed to be central characters in the first place(that role belonged to Basch and Ashe). Vaan was added to appeal to players that didn’t want an ‘Old Man Main Character’, Penelo was purely moral support. That aside:

      “One of the major benefits of WKC was getting to design your character so you had some interest in the side-lined character [even if they were not directly related to the story].”

      Only to have all that effort you put into making that character get near zero screen time, there’s just no getting around that part. An rpg is first and foremost, a Role Playing Game. I could excuse it if the game allowed the players to play the role of Leonard, but it gave you the opportunity to create and play the role of you. But because you, your avatar, has no ROLE to PLAY in this story, it defeats the purpose of the character’s existence, and that’s hardly roleplaying at all.

      WKC not getting the word out is pretty viable, but probably a slightly smaller part of the problem(Skyrim and Mass Effect might be a larger part of it). Again, WKC isn’t a TERRIBLE game, I’d pick it up again given the chance, but I’d put it down just 2 hours after because of it’s glaring flaws(previous post) and because I know my character will stop existing in story as soon as Leonard shouts ‘Verto”.

    • Austin McDowell

      Better than 12? No. Say what you will about FFXII, at least the gameplay (gambit system) is intellegent enough to allow a deep amount of customization in how characters can fight, from defending and/or healing you from attackers to interfering enemy attacks.