Final Fantasy Dimensions on Sale in Google Play

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Square Enix gets a lot of flak for some of their mobile pricing strategies, but very few people can find fault with Final Fantasy Dimensions charging a premium price. It’s a classic Final Fantasy throwback for iOS and Android devices and, by almost every account, it’s the definitive JRPG for the platform, with a 4.5 star rating on Google Play.

If you’ve been eyeing it but that normally $20 price tag was giving you pause, you can rest easy. For a limited time, Square Enix is dropping it to half its normal price for the game’s one year anniversary, retailing at $10 for all you Android users. Sadly, I don’t see a similar price cut on the differently priced iOS version; every episode must still be purchased individually (or $20 for the full set). What makes the iOS price especially baffling is that Android usually lives on micro-transactions and iOS lives on retailing the full game.

Regardless, the game is probably one of  the best things to happen to Final Fantasy in a while, so if this seems like something you’d like, hop over to the link below and get your Android gaming fix.


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