Nano Assault EX on 3DS, Europe to EXpect It First


Last year, Shin’en Multimedia has announced that an updated version for its fast-paced arcade-style shooter for Nintendo Wii U, Nano Assault Neo, will be arriving to the Nintendo 3DS eShop under the name Nano Assault EX. The game is said to include exclusive new features such as a survivor mode, online leader board, updated visuals and gameplay, and Classic Controller Pro support.

You can view the trailer for the 3DS version below:

As of recently, Shin’en Multimedia states in its website that the European release date has been announced for Nano Assault Ex. The article at Siliconera states that the game will be arriving at March 7 in Europe via 3DS eShop. Unfortunately, however; there has not been any confirmation for the US release date as of yet; though Shin’en is planning to release Nano Assault EX to the United States at the same date as the European launch, though nothing is decided yet.


It’s wonderful that after long months of waiting, European 3DS owners can expect to play this inventive shooter ahead of everybody else. Though it is unfortunate that American gamers will not know the US release date for Nano Assault EX yet, but rest assured: It’s coming.

And as a 3DS owner myself, I am looking forward to this game.




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