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The Shining series of games (http://en NULL.wikipedia by SEGA has been around since the days of the Genesis and the Game Gear. At the beginning of this week, a new eleven-minute video and new illustrations from the latest installment, Shining Ark (not to be confused with Shining the Holy Ark for the SEGA Saturn), were released regarding the gameplay style and several boss fights, and showcasing several characters and their distinctive attacks. Also included in this video are examples of Link Attacks, which involve more than one character to deal dramatic damage, making the idea of this being an “RPG that connects hearts” more than just a press statement.

The game will be released in Japan both on UMD and via digital distribution at the end of the month for ¥6,279 (about $78 USD), while the downloadable version will cost ¥5,600 ($70 USD). Included in this article are illustrations for some of the main characters playable in-game for perusal.

Shining Ark

Panris, the one-winged angel.

Shining Ark

Freid, the main character.

Shining Ark

ADAM, the guardian golem.

Shining Ark

Zynga, the feral hunter.

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