Guided Fate Paradox to be Published by NISA

Guided Fate Paradox

NIS America held an event tonight for various members of the press. It was an opportunity for journalists to catch up, meet new people, and of course, hear the latest from the beloved American publisher.

Among the subjects of discussion for the night was the localisation announcement of Nippon Ichi Sofware’s very own The God and Fate Revolution Paradox, which will be out in the West under the name Guided Fate Paradox.

NISA Feb 21 Event - Guided Fate Paradox

I’m not sure if any of us saw this coming, but I’m certain NIS America have just made a lot of fans very happy with this announcement, including a number of our staff. Guided Fate Paradox is the dungeon-crawling spiritual successor to Zettai Hero Project, a game developed by NIS for the PSP which was released three years ago.

The game follows a high school student by the name of Renya Kagurazaka. While in his local shopping centre, he decides to enter a lottery being played there and ends up winning. Little does he know that this lottery was actually set up by the angels up in heaven; having just fought a vicious war with the minions of hell, the angels had set up the lottery with the idea of bringing the winner back up to heaven to become the new god.

And so, Renya promptly gets whisked up to heaven to be trained in the ways of godhood. This training involves granting the wishes of various people down in the real world, and it is this wish granting that the player will be doing throughout most of the game.

Guided Fate Paradox will be out in America some time this Fall. Thank you NISA for being awesome once again!

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