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Covenant of Solitude—Title and Artwork

Japanese developer and publisher Kemco (http://www NULL.kemco-games has released its latest English-language turn-based RPG, Covenant of Solitude (http://www NULL.kemco NULL.html), for Android. Players will assume the role of Fort, a boy feared by his village for his genie blood. This blood grants Fort the power to summon and control monsters from four tribes: the Dragons, the Fairies, the Beasts, and the Vampires. The story involves an expansionist Empire and a struggle for control over Fort’s power.

Covenant of Solitude—Title screen Covenant of Solitude—Field dungeon Covenant of Solitude—Conversation
Covenant of Solitude—Conversation Covenant of Solitude—Monster tribe menu Covenant of Solitude—Battle

The player’s party will consist of Fort himself plus up to three customizable monsters. Customization options include the monster’s name, tribe, gender, color, and class. Monsters can class-change; class-changed monsters will inherit previous class abilities.

Covenant of Solitude—The four monster tribes

The four monster tribes

Covenant of Solitude was co-developed by Kemco (http://www NULL.kemco-games and Magitec (http://www NULL.aa NULL.alpha-net NULL.html). The game was originally released for Japanese cell phones as 「盟約のソリテュード (http://www NULL.kemco NULL.html)」 early 2012. Kemco’s last English-language release with Magitec was the RPG Grinsia (Android (https://play NULL.magitec NULL.grinsia), iPhone/iPod Touch (https://itunes, also in 2012.

Covenant of Solitude requires at least Android v1.6, a display resolution of 320 x 480, and 11 MB of free space. It can be installed on an SD card. The game’s Google Play listing (https://play NULL.magitec NULL.solitude) says it is not optimized for the Sony Xperia PLAY (http://www NULL.sonymobile, but user comments on Kemco’s global Facebook page (https://www NULL.facebook claim the smartphone’s built-in controller does work with the game.

To learn more, read the press release below and visit the official Covenant of Solitude website (http://www NULL.kemco NULL.html) and Google Play listing (https://play NULL.magitec NULL.solitude). Covenant of Solitude is currently available at an introductory price of $2.99 (USD/CAD).

Covenant of Solitude for Android™

February 4th, 2013 Japan Standard Time

Covenant of Solitude—Title screen in device (http://www NULL.kemco NULL.html)

Create and customize your companions however you like!
KEMCO proudly announces the release of ‘Covenant of Solitude‘ set to hit the Google Play Store™ today!
The normal price is $7.99, but to celebrate the release it is downloadable for just $2.99!


A boy named Fort was persecuted by the people of his village because he has the blood of the genies, who can summon and control monsters. One day, the Empire invaded the village, awakening Fort’s genie abilities. Is his tremendous power for the defense of those he loves, or for their destruction? Fort will be the cause of a bitter battle over the blood of the genie, and curse his own fate.

Create characters freely

By forging a contract with Fort, monsters will join his party. Create and advance these characters to fight with Fort.
Combine tribe, gender, coloring and class freely to create a party that fits your own unique style.
The four tribes are the Dragons, the Fairies, the Beasts and the Vampires.
Each tribe and class has its own special qualities, giving you a wide range of possible characters.

Boost abilities by changing classes

Each of your characters can change classes, retaining the abilities from the previous class.
For example, when you change your dragon, with its strength and attack capabilities, from the fighter class that emphasizes physical attacks to the wizard class and its powerful attack magic, your character will be a truly formidable foe in battle, with both physical and magical attacks. Or by advancing a vampire wizard with superb magical abilities, then switching to the healer class, you’ll have a powerful magic user with access to both magical attack and healing skills. The biggest attraction of this game is the flexibility it brings to character building.

Enjoy more with additional points (SP)

By using additional points, you’ll gain access to a variety of rare items which are useful in clearing the game’s different stages. You’ll even be able to enter special dungeons!


Official Page (http://www NULL.kemco NULL.html) | Contact Us (http://www NULL.kemco-games NULL.html)

Get Covenant of Solitude on Google Play (https://play NULL.magitec NULL.solitude)

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