Concept Art for Monolith Soft’s 3DS Project

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

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3ds Monolith Soft


Monolith Soft has shared what appears to be concept art for their 3DS project they are working on. They posted the art on their Japanese Facebook page. They are looking for staff to assist them on the game. The positions are for their Kyoto office, which is the team manned by Yasuyuki Honne and the team that developed Baten Kaitos and Baten Kaitos Origins.

So what does everybody think? The game certainly looks fascinating! I can’t help but think of the Wizard of Oz when I look at it. Hopefully we’ll have some news regarding the game soon, maybe at E3.

Monolith Soft’s Facebook Page

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  • Vinicius

    I guess it’s time to buy a 3DS.

    • You should have already gotten one by now at least for Fire Emblem! :O

    • Vinicius

      I really want FE, but because of monetary reasons I cant pick it in the moment, or this semester, or this year.

    • LabrynianRebel

      Don’t worry Fire Emblem isn’t going anywhere.

  • 3ds is just getting better and better, and with the news that nintendo is working on getting more games from japan to the U.S, we will be seeing this one soon as well.

    • TwinTails

      I don’t get why someone thumbed this down. 🙁

  • I hope it’s something related baten kaitos. I love that game when i just played it and would love to see more like it.

  • Guest


  • Shoozle

    I hope it gets released in the EU, we have nothing but Tales at the minute JRPG wise.

  • I thought this was concept art for X for a moment. This is the first I’ve heard of a Monolith Soft RPG on 3DS.

    • Guest

      They made a job posting last February via Facebook and Twitter, but this is the first concept art I’ve seen for whatever it is they’re working on.

      I think there was a rumor going around a few years ago that they were working on a Baten Kaitos game for the original DS, but that got shelved sometime between Origins and Xenoblade. Maybe they decided to pick the handheld Baten Kaitos project back up and moved it to the 3DS

  • I could definitely go for a Baten Kaitos III.

  • Iguanadon

    Don’t forget this piece of concept art that no one talks about from a year or two ago

    • RagunaXL

      thank you for bringing that back to light! i was certain it was baten kaitos related at the time. but if these two pieces of concept art are for this game i am really excited!

  • name

    if they release this they need to release ORIGINS in europe we never got it

  • pppppp

    chick could be a decendent of Xelha

    • Guest

      Xelha dies dude

    • pppppp

      umm. try finishing the game. Xelha is resurrected by the whale

  • NinjaApe

    someone needs to translate that japanese text. does it say the name of the game or what?

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      No don’t believe so. They are advertising for job help, not revealing the game’s name.

    • RichieBerry

      Yeah the big words in the middle say “Designer [something].” The itty bitty words in the lower left seems to say “Illustration [a name, I think],” so if someone can translate that, they’d know who drew it. Too bad it’s an image, so I can’t put it onto Google translate.

    • RichieBerry

      Okay, so…

      I Googled around a little for Monolith illustrators, and Wikipedia linked to this:

      In the second half of the 12th line, you can clearly see the same sequence of four characters that is in the lower right of this image after “Illustration.” Google translates this line as “Yasuyuki this root: director.”

      “This root” is clearly an incorrect translation of his last name, but Wikipedia has a Yasuyuki who works for Monolith: Yasuyuki Honne

      His Wikipedia page also has that same sequence of four charaters from the image as the Japanese rendering of his name, so I feel pretty confident in saying that this image was drawn by Honne.

      Now, Wikipedia also says that Honne served as graphic artist for Chrono Trigger, art director for Xenogears and Chrono Cross, and with Monolith, art director for Xenosaga: Ep I. Then he made his directorial debut with (drum roll please…) Baten Kaitos! He also directed Baten Kaitos Origins. And he’s only worked on one non-Baten Kaitos game at Monolith since, Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. (The only slight exception is that he was the man who sculpted that awesome concept statue of the two gods from Xenoblade [second image at the link]) He’s helped out a bit on Brawl and Skyward Sword, but don’t you think it’s about time he got to directing another game?

      So (phew), I think the theory that this is Baten Kaitos related is looking very plausible. It could be an entirely new game, but when you look at Takahashi, even when he’s started new series he’s revisited the same concepts and themes again and again, so this game would probably feel much like a spiritual successor to Baten Kaitos. However, I think it’s Baten Kaitos 3.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Haha still though, I respect the diligence!

    • RichieBerry

      Heh, thanks, I’ll just think of it as a moral victory.

  • SOMA BRINGER 2! /do want <__<

    • RagunaXL

      DUDE! what if? 🙂 those two non-tree characters look awesome. glinda the good-witch and tundra chewbacca

  • Monolith Soft is one of my favorite game companies. Can’t wait to see what they come up with!

  • RichieBerry

    Wait, Monolith is making a 3DS game? Sweet.

  • Wow, the 3DS is surprising me yet again. Soul Hackers, plus others, and now this?

    Between the 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo has been making some great announcements of late. Between this, the “X” announcement, and Nintendo’s ideas for future support to the West, I am one happy camper.

    This could be the best generation for them since the SNES.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not going to be Baten Kaitos people. But stay excited none-the-less; this may very well be the first major project by Yasuyuki Honne since Baten Kaitos.

    • jumpity

      The important for thing is that its coming from a studio that has already shown that they are competent at making RPGs that appeal to all ages and have that classic feeling without feeling stale