Mother 3 Developer Changes Its Name

Mother 3

Brownie Brown, the developer behind Mother 3, have announced that they will be restructuring the studio in order to get a better sense of focus on the titles they’re co-developing with Nintendo. Because of this, they will be changing the studio name from Brownie Brown to 1-UP Studio. The old Brownie Brown website will be shut down effective March 31st.

Brownie Brown was established back in 2000 as a first-party developer for Nintendo. They developed games exclusively for Nintendo’s handhelds, starting with the Game Boy Advance. Aside from Mother 3, they also helped develop the GBA remake of Sword of Mana (which was originally released as Final Fantasy Adventure in North America and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in Europe) and its DS sequel Heroes of Mana, Magical Starsign, Super Mario 3D Land, and the recently released Fantasy Life.

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