UPDATE: Monster Hunter 4 For Vita Rumour Quashed

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

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UPDATE: Capcom executive, Christian Svensson, has responded to rumours of a PlayStation Vita version of Monster Hunter 4 with the following statement:

“I would not believe everything you read on the internet. It will set you up for disappointment or misdirected frustration.”

While I find this disappointing, it’s good to get a response from Capcom.


Original article:

Monster Hunter 4 was recently delayed in Japan. Originally to be released in March, it has since been pushed back to the summer of this year.

Now Japanese sources point towards a simultaneous release of the game for both the 3DS and the PlayStation Vita as being the cause of the delay.

It was this image taken from a Japanese magazine that originally sparked the rumour:

Monster Hunter 4

“Whilst originally it was said that the delay of MH4 was due to wanting to make a better quality game and graphics, the real reason appears to be that it may be released on the PS Vita to increase sales.”

This is all we know at this time. Stay tuned for more information as it comes!

As for what I think, Monster Hunter 4 would be a real system-seller for the Vita, since Monster Hunter is so huge in Japan. It may even be possible that Sony, knowing this, paid Capcom to develop Monster Hunter 4 for their handheld, thinking that it would cause a great rise in PlayStation Vita sales. I know I’d rather play Monster Hunter on a Vita than on my 3DS, if only for that extra control stick.

What do all of you make of this?


  • I own both consoles…but I am really happy for what MH4 could mean for Vita´s future. 

  • Considering most Monster Hunter fans in Japan probably own a 3DS for MH3G already, I don’t see this being a huge system seller in Japan.
    Particularly as the 3DS and the Vita can’t do multiplayer with each other. It makes more sense to keep it on a single handheld to keep everyone playing together.

    • Sanquine

      The kirby in your names says something else. I smell a fanboy! I will rather play this on my vita than on my 3ds. Two analog sticks.. I Remember the psp:S only one analog stick

    • Buffalomike

       Cept in Japan MH3 on the 3DS was used to push the Circle Pad Pro and came bundled with it.

    • J_Joestar

      And people still played fine with 1 stick, and it isn’t like there are additional ways around the issue now with a touch camera control and target camera functions.
      And Bretz has a point, it is probably easier for Capcom to keep everyone playing on the same system, especially with 4 being the first MH portable with true online.

    • John

      Considering it’s Japan, I really don’t think it’s too hard to believe that they would buy another console (if they don’t have one) to play an arguably better version. 

    • Sizednochii

       Considerind it’s Japan, I really don’t think they’d play it in anything else but their beloved Nintendo console

    • John

      Protip: Monster Hunter has sold 4x as much on PSP as it has on Wii, and 2x as much as it has on 3DS. 

    • John

      Meaning, Monster Hunter can make the Vita beloved as well. 

    • Buffalomike

      Except the Japanese versions came bundled with Circle Pad Pros. MH3 was used to push the accessory over there.

    • Riseer

      Umm i would take the Vita version fool.Twin sticks better graphics..nuff said

    • “Monster Hunter fans in Japan”

      “Don’t see this being a huge system seller in Japan”


    • J_Joestar

      pretty sure he mainly meant that for 3DS since a lot of fans would have already gotten it for 3G.

      I would have to disagree though, there are still probably a lot of holdouts since the difference from P3rd is only marginal. MH4 being a fully new title would force the holdouts to actually get a 3DS.

  • Dan-AKA-Raven

    Ps Vita Monster Hunter all the way. I played monster hunter one right back on my ps2 and then followed with the MH freedom games and finally unite clocking over 300 hours on each when the franchise moved over to the Nintendo wii and 3ds I was very disappointed. But this news if it is happening is the best thing I’ve heard in gaming for months my PS Vita will be glued to my finger tips if this game comes to the handheld.

  • Cesar Barroso

    i though it was saying its coming for the Vita, but it’s another rumor.

  • I’m not sure if MH4 would be a system seller if its a multiplatform release.  I mean, the 3DS is cheaper and has the better library, so most people would be inclined to go with it.  Most of MH4’s audience already has a 3DS.  I doubt they’d buy another system, especially one as pricey as the Vita, to play MH4 when they have a system that can already do that.  It couldn’t hurt things though.

    • Asa

      Ideally Sony will announce a hardware price cut as well as permanent memory card price drop at their press conference in February, then seal the deal with an MH4 announcement. A man can dream…

    • the truth

       Also, the majority of players will be playing on a 3DS. Online on the Vita will suck because of that. And everyone knows japan loves the 3DS. I don’t think they’d go for it because “better graphics” because the Vita doesn’t have 3D.

    • Sorry if I can have a Vita version I would buy that one over the 3DS one simply because of the controls. As far as the library of games for each console unless you are first party Nintendo fan they seem about even to me. I like my 3DS as well as my Vita but the 2nd nub would make that game much easier to play.

    • To be fair, the 3DS has a second circle pad thanks to the Circle Pad Pro if you bothered to buy it in the first place.  But, yeah, the Vita still takes the advantage because the second nub is built in as opposed to an add-on peripheral.

    • Sushiwithwings

       LOL ^

      PS Vita online will far from suck. Almost appears as if you never played one or even own one.

    •  If you actually READ the comment, you’d know the person was saying it would “suck” because there would be a smaller population of online MH gamers on the Vita compared to the 3DS.

    • I don’t even think anyone went for the 3DS because it was 3D.  It only started selling once games started to release on it.  Now we barely hear about the 3D effect in ad campaigns or otherwise.

    • Riseer

      Heh i gave up on Nintendo after the gamecube.The 3ds should had been DS Advanced or something.Nintendo could had went with more ram and a better Cpu,and just forget about the 3d bs,

    • Riseer

      If Sony can lock down some extra goodies, even a MH edition Vita that will spark sells.

  • The more the merrier. It’d be better to just release 4 for 3DS and then a P4th for Vita, so they can start work on 4G for Wii U (an 8th gen console MH game will surely take a while to develop).
    Ah…if only Vita didn’t have such crappy sticks…at least they’re functional…sorta…

    • Riseer

      They work fine,could they be better?sure but i rather have twin sticks then just a single.To say they are crappy isn’t quite right, you get used to em

  • SecretX

    but this monster hunter it’s gonna support the cpp for the 3ds isn’t it? i’m confuse.

  • Neutron15

    not really, that game magazine has a history of being wrong, remember when they said DQIX was PSP bound back in the days.

  • Guest

    eh, 3DS will have 3D effect, two screens so you can focus on the game up top, and CPP (sucky, but yeah, dual analog sticks). Plus 3DS will have StreetPass AND more people own a 3DS, so more players online…

    Vita may be a more powerful, elegant console, and this would definitely boost sales for the system, but I’m going go with the 3DS version because it will have more support from players.

  • Hexen9701

    This Magazine is known to make fake rumors.

  • I personally REALLY doubt it for several reasons:
    One, Nintendo announced it as an exclusive. Nintendo probably paid a boatload of cash to Capcom to keep it that way. I’m pretty sure that Capcom isn’t very happy with Nintendo right now, seeing as they couldn’t be bothered to work up a port of Street Fighter X Tekken for the Wii U, but I’m guessing they were contractually obligated to put Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the console.
    Two, if Sony were smart, they’ve already announced this the second of the delay. Granted Sony may not realize that the only reason the PSP pulled out a marginal success out of complete failure EXCLUSIVITY BECAUSE of Monster Hunter, so this may be invalid.
    Three, it would be a big hassle that may not be worth the effort. I’ve said before that the Vita is basically a PS3. Maybe a HD port of MH4 wouldn’t cost much, but I’d wage they’d at least need to sell a million copies to make it worthwhile. They’d either have to sell one copy to every current Vita owner in Japan (unlikely), or people would need to buy more Vitas. I’m thinking that people would rather spend $200 on a 3DS XL plus $20 for a Circle Pad Pro, than $250 for a Vita plus $50 for a marginally good memory card. Plus, as many have stated before, the 3DS has more games right now, and certainly more games that Japanese gamers care about.

    And just a note, I’m SURE that this games supports the Circle Pad Pro, and as long as you have that peripheral, it should control equally well on both systems. Actually the 3DS may end up controlling better, because the Circle Pad Pro adds 2-3 extra buttons, depending on how developers decide to use it. And Japan didn’t seem to have a problem with the PSP control scheme, as the games still sold by the boatload, so even the default control scheme should work well enough for them.

    • Guest

      Nintendo is a co-publisher of Monster Hunter 3 in North America, and they are again co-publishing MH3 Ultimate on Wii U and 3DS. Not sure if they have the same deal with MH4, but I’d highly doubt a game co-published by Nintendo would be on a competing console.

    • That’s interesting. I didn’t know that, but it makes sense. I know that Nintendo is trying to put the biggest Japanese franchises like Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter on the Western market, as they think that anything THAT popular should have universal appeal. And while I’m happy to see those games coming here (I plan to get both Dragon Quest 7 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on my 3DS), they require too much patience for the average American gamer, I think.

    • J_Joestar

      honestly, SFXT probably wouldn’t do much to help the WiiU.
      SFXT already has some bad stigma behind it due to the On Disk DLC fiasco, and another “Late Port” is just gonna get laughed at again by PS360 owners.

  • ludist210

    This from the same magazine that said Dragon Quest IX was getting a PSP port, right?  I smell baloney.

  • Lightthrower

    Monster Hunter rightfully belongs on a Sony system and japanese fans bought it in MILLIONS on the PSP and PS2 so of course it would sell boatloads of copies and Vitas. I don’t see why people think it wouldn’t sell well on Vita.

    • J_Joestar

      Unless Sony bought the rights to the game or are heavily funding it’s production, i don’t think they have a “right” to anything, especially after localization-blocking P3rd HD the way they did.

  • Riseer

    Monster Hunter should be played on Vita.The twin stick controls will be great.If this is true i think it will sell some Vita’s.I love my Vita is a awesome piece of tech,people cry because it costs 250-300usd, yet the 3ds lauched at 250usd.It’s not the price the system needs a killer app.Gran turismo,a new FF something like the old FF of yesteryear.Those 3 games would pull the Vita out of the ground real quick.Plus i think the Vita is a much better ”gaming handheld” then the 3ds.

    • Grantimus

      You’ve mention dual analog like 5 times in the 30 replies this topic has.  We get it.  Also, 3DS has dual analog, in a little thing that was, oh, BUNDLED with MH3 in Japan called the Circle Pad Pro.  I don’t mind you having an opinion, but you’ve kind of already said it… 5 times.  MH4 is 3DS exclusive.  Period.  

  • Buffalomike

    Just thought I’d bring this up.

    3 on the 3DS sold over 1.5 million. It was bundled with Circle Pad Pros, as it was used to help push it and was the first game to support the accessory anywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if 4 has the same deal. Meaning we clearly have at least that many people willing to buy 4 already owning one of the required systems and access to the needed accessories for full control options.

    I don’t think it’s going to help the Vita that much, especially if it’s the same as the 3DS version.


    Hahaha, this will be the most wasted money for Capcom since ever. The Vita is already considered dead among most developers and this won’t revive it. 3DS version it is!

  • Well, it wasn’t an outright denial, anyway.

  • That’s too bad for Vita owners…but Soul Sacrifice is looking EXTREMELY good.

  • They wouldn’t admit to something like that in random forum posts anyway.
    That and I woulnd’t trust a Western Capcom employee to have much insight or say in Capcom Japan’s business decisions.

  • Personally, I question Svensson’s statement. Yes, he’s high ip in Capcom – in the US. Is he part of the MH4 development team, or even have any sort of communication with them?

    • Kevin Tan

      Well, GameLab is certainly not a reputable source, so Sven is more reputable than a magazine with dubious connections to Capcom at best. Delaying MH4 made Capcom miss their financial forecast for the year… it really doesn’t make sense to do a port for a system that even a new system like the WII U is likely to pass in LTD and look worse to their investors for the year. :

  • ray.inFerno

    Damn, I would have finally bought a Vita. Always wanted to get into the Monster Hunter series.

  • Miguel Nunez

    I would love to see Cross-Playing between the two handhelds.