The Final Fantasy Mobile Revolution Begins – Is a Final Fantasy V Remake Coming to iOS?

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

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Many fans wondered why Square-Enix stopped remaking Final Fantasy games on the DS platform after Final Fantasy IV. Many wondered when remakes of Final Fantasy V or VI were coming.

For those of you who are unaware, the Final Fantasy IV you’ve probably played on your DS or PSP is available now on mobile platforms. Something noteworthy that immediately took the attention of our staff away from news of “another iOS port from Square-Enix” was this teaser image that appears at the end of the video linked above.

Final Fantasy V

What could this possibly mean? Clearly, Final Fantasy V is headed for mobile platforms. But could it be a remake similar to the version of Final Fantasy IV advertised in the trailer? Does the “and more” hint at long-awaited remakes of Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy VII happening…but built exclusively for mobile platforms?

Nothing is currently known about this image. We’ll keep you all informed as further news develops.

How does this news/speculation make some of you feel? A lot of our staff, myself included, may have quite a bit to say in the future depending on how this situation develops.

FFIV iTunes Listing

  • If they actually intend to start remaking the Final Fantasy games for iOS… SE, you have failed me for the last time. *force choke*

  • Why not? It seems like everything that isn’t Lightning recently is either a social or iOS game. : /

    Watch FFVII get the long awaited remake… but only for the iOS… and people wonder why I have the same emotional attachment to the FF series as a bowl of cereal >.>

  • Phantom_Roxas

    I liked how the DS version took advantage of the second screen, so I hope this version can replicate those features somehow, but it looks like they’re doing a good with recreating the core of the DS version. Not excited for the iOS ports, but hey, it’s Final Fantasy V, which I still need to play. I just wish it was on the 3DS instead.

  • If this is in fact a remake exclusive to iOS, I feel it would be a disservice to all the fans that helped hoist them to their current level.  

    I really, really want Square Enix to get back on the path of excellence, but they continue to make the weirdest choices, and alienate their fans and don’t listen or learn from their ways.  

  •  Didn’t they hint at FFV and VI remakes for the 3DS back in 2010? -_- This is just dumb. “We could have an awesome 3D version of FFV and VI, but nah! LET’S CHEAP OUT ON IOS! LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWL!” AISHDOIAHIOADHAOIHDOAIHDAOIH /RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE

  • Didn’t they hint at FFV and VI for 3DS back in 2010 when the 3DS was first shown? Lying pieces of…….

  • Square Enix have been placing WAY too much focus on the mobile market recently. Sure, it’s a good way to make money for THEM, but it’s not a good platform for fully-fledged RPGs like this, TWEWY, FF:IV and the like. 

    And I get the impression that this “Mobile revolution” is going to include a lot more of these types of games, ones that aren’t suited to iOS. Square Enix really need to get their heads out of their asses and pay attention to what their fans ACTUALLY want. 

    And it doesn’t help that fanboys and girls will go ahead and buy it anyway. People like that drive me up the wall, because they cause this kind of crap.

    • Chrisw491

      Don’t knock it until you try it. Twewy on ios is amazing! Not as intricate as the ds version, but then again any ds game ported to Any other operating system wouldn’t be. The DS is a device with its own unique category that utilizes two screens. That aside, there are many rpg games coming out for ios that rival the DS and psp. And with processing power continuing to increase on mobile devices, it will only get better. I’m not saying that the ios versions are better. But as a person that has a DS and an iPhone and isn’t a fanboy, I must that some of the games ported actually surprised the hell out of me with the smoothness and compatibility. I was skeptical at first but I actually think that square Enix is doing a satisfactory job at making these games fit ios while maintaining 90% of features and adding more features and optimizing the hell out of the ports

    • monkey

      tweny on ios is shovelware

  • I kept my cool in the context of the article, but if I ever report on an iOS-exclusive remake of Final Fantasy VI, I will completely lose my cool, and the Oprainfall faithful will see what amounts to me completely damning a company I’ve stayed fairly quiet about over the many months I’ve been a part of this place.

  • A remake that isn’t Final I, II III or IV? What sorcery is this!?

  • WishingTikal

    Well that screenshot doesn’t say it’s not coming to 3DS too, either… so let’s just wait for now. It doesn’t mean it won’t come out on both systems… it doesn’t say “only for” anywhere.

    • It teases that a “mobile revolution” is coming. Unless the 3DS and Vita are now somehow mobile platforms in their eyes, I’d say our reaction is pretty fair so far, to be perfectly honest.

    • monkey

      they are mobile platforms

  • Gummy367

     I feel like the reason Square Enix is focusing on the mobile market it because it’s a big market. The problem is, though, that it’s filled with casual gamers with “i”Stuff who don’t actually play enriching games but play social or “endless runner” games that have no real objectives.

    • Chrisw491

      This is true. Many ppl don’t realize tht the iPhone is a device capable of more than rubberband tossed birds. Games such as twewy, ff3, infinity blade, runs great on my iPhone 4S and shows off the potential that mobile gaming has.

  • monkey

    they better put it on 3ds

  • it would be stupid if they only remake FF V and VI for iOS. I mean we are talking about V and VI right here, they deserve the same treatment as III and IV and in fact they could use the engine from Bravely Default for the 3DS remakes

  • SquareEnix has been a joke ever since they stopped calling themselves SquareSoft and started believing themselves to be film directors.

  • Fecoantrax

    I really don’t see what’s the problem here. It’s like “oh my god, SquareEnix have profaned our consoles! Curse you I feel cheated!” C’mon, iOS is for casual gamers, yeah, but a true FF devote, i mean, of the real old FF’s is going to enjoy all the same an adaptation, i’ve played every version posible of FF6, from cartridge to emulator, and still i’ll play an iOS version.

  • can we get over this ios is a casual platform thing(ff4 lunar clash of heroes, bastion, the world ends with you ffd i could go on) and move on to the question of why would square want to release a game for ios over the 3ds. the answer is very simple user base and cost there are over 200 mil iphones and ipads out there worldwide on the low end of estimates vs 3.6 mil 3ds’s and square doesnt have to pay to box/ship manufacture etc(not to say ios is costless because apple gets a third of anything you sell but between having to pay nintendo for every copy sold / the licensing fee it amounts to less), not to mention square has shown they can get away with selling high priced apps

  • Strife

    I want FF7 Crisis Core for iOS now. They should make it have better 3D GRAPHICS.