OPINION: Why I’m Skipping New Super Mario Bros. U

Friday, November 16th, 2012

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This article is a reflection of the writer’s opinion and does not reflect Oprainfall as a whole.


I have to be honest, I’m pretty excited for the Wii U. It’s been six years since the Wii launched, and I’ve been drooling over the idea of Nintendo’s famous mascots in high definition. My brain goes crazy over the thought of seeing Link, Samus, Mario, and the rest in their new adventures.  It was in 2007 that we saw Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, which proved that Nintendo still does in fact have the magic when reinventing its old mascots.  I am also among those who loved Nintendo’s take on motion controls in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which was released at the end of 2011.

Last generation, Nintendo also took a ‘new’ approach to reinventing Mario…in bringing him back to the older, side-scrolling days of his legacy by releasing New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS. Let’s get something clear right away: I have no problem with this idea. The truth is, it is an interesting proposition and provides longtime Mario fans a taste of nostalgia wrapped in a nice new package.  The problem lies in the the number of times that Nintendo has repackaged this same idea with a different coat of paint. The nerds in us are all too joyous to play a new Mario experience, which gives Nintendo an excuse to continue to repackage a less innovative product while laughing its way to the proverbial bank.  New Super Mario Bros. U, which is releasing alongside the Wii U, will be the fourth game in the ‘New’ series.

New Super Mario Bros. Times Infinity

I’m sure many gamers are aware of the infamous Iwata and Miyamoto ‘It Prints Money!’ meme.  It has been used in many ways, and I believe it started with the success of the DS, but also caught fire especially with the surprise success of the Wii. When the Wii was released, the console simply couldn’t stay on the shelves. This, however, did not translate into a big variety of games despite having a huge user base.  While this is another topic entirely, it’s also obvious that the New Super Mario Bros. series is a huge seller.  And when I say huge, I mean HUUUUUGE.

Yes, Iwata. It does, in fact, print money.

According to this list, the original New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS sold 29 million copies worldwide.  That is in fact more than any other platforming Mario title except for the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES.  The second ‘New’ series release, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, isn’t far behind with 26 million copies sold.  This is fine and dandy, I mean, success is good, right?  Well, the fact is that a ‘new old school’ styled Mario game is selling better than the more thoughtfully developed mainline Mario titles.  Sales for Super Mario Galaxy?  Just under 11 million. Super Mario Sunshine? 5.5 million.  Even the classic Mario 64, which some hail as the revolution of 3D platforming design, sold just over 11 million.

It has become painfully obvious to see that the New Super Mario Bros. series does in fact ‘print money.’ At this rate, why should Nintendo even bother putting heavy focusing on a more original mainline title like Mario Galaxy?  Sure, those types still sell well, but when a simple throwback title sells almost three times as much, it makes you wonder about where Nintendo is headed.

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  • Cake

    Lol @ Rayman Origins being “incredible”. It feels like it was programmed in 15 mintues in flash, it’s a horrible game that just happens to have really pretty graphics.

    • who said anything about Rayman Origins?

    • wat

    • Jono

      Hahahahahahahaha….. no.

    • ZigTheHunter

      You probably played the game less then you “think” it was programmed in, it destroys NSMBW in practically every aspect.

  • LinkMaster111

    I didn’t think Rayman Origins was all that great. Many reviews have said that NSMBU is the best 2D Mario game since Super Mario World, no way in hell I’m missing out on that.

  • I felt the same way about this game (especially since we were seeing so many platform marios between this game and the two on 3DS) …until I read a few reviews. One review in particular talked about how the level design really felt the successor SMW, which was a huge & pleasant surprise. 
    I don’t expect to buy this game immediately for the Wii U, but maybe if I’m bored in between games, I’ll pick it up. Maybe it’ll be a pleasant surprise. Or maybe it’ll suck. Either way, there will be plenty games to entertain me for the next few months 🙂

  • I’m sure we will get another 3D Platformer soon.

    Nintendo is making this simply because it was probably faster to make and the avoid the mistakes of the 3DS launch and it’s line-up.

    It may not be Mario 64 or Sunshine. But it’s still good enough.

    • It’s true; there are positives to NSMBU releasing at WiiU’s launch.  I’m not a hater, I just have good reasons for avoiding this series.

  • Ninja

    They will continue to make games like Galaxy because while they don’t light the charts of fire, they still sell pretty well regardless. I can’t believe that the game is selling 11 million copies and you’re complaining. Also, I don’t see how the production of NSMB games will have any effect on the production of 3D Mario games, considering they are both developed by different teams and 3D Land only came out a year ago. 

  • Joe

    “The problem lies in the the number of times that Nintendo has repackaged this same idea with a different coat of paint.”This will be the fourth time. The … fourth.In the same span of time, Halo has released six games, yet people seem psyched for Halo 4.In the same span of time, Assassin’s Creed has released ten games, yet people seem psyched for AC3.In the same span of time, Call of Duty has released seven games, yet people seem psyched for Black Ops 2.

    • How many of those games you listed were throwback 2D titles resold with the same style for full price?  That’s right, zero.

      Your comparison is also saying that the likes of Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword fall in the same category.  But the difference is that those games (and the ones you listed) are massive designs of 3D architecture.
      The New Super Mario Bros. series is on a different scale of design, and it is obvious that the same assets have been reused for each title, and yet they still sell them for full price.
      By the way, I don’t play any of those games you listed.  Your argument would make sense if I was comparing New Super Mario Bros. with those titles, but in fact I am not.     

    • nintendo2024

      You didn’t need to compare NSMB with those titles “to make sense.” He is giving examples of different series essentially doing the exact same thing. He is arguing that you are attacking NSMB as if it was doing something that no other company does.

      Although you never alluded to that fact, the way you complain about the rehashing of NSMB either 1) shows your ignorance of modern-day video game company practice (for big titles, as Joe listed, plus any sport game or the like, they basically release carbon-copies of their games for full retail price, under a different name), or 2) you’re basing your entire argument solely on graphics.

      Realize that, although you are correct that your wallet is your vote, if the majority of people like it, wouldn’t it be good business practice to give the people what the like and want? This has been going on for years and years. Heck, even in the NES era, there were 6 NES MegaMan games and 4 DQ games, all with essentially unchanging graphics, and yet they were great games. Yes, you can argue that NSMBU is on the Wii-U, while those other games were contained in their own gen, but people who play Nintendo games, if you haven’t noticed by now, aren’t usually people who are bent on playing games with crazy good graphics. A good game is a good game, regardless of its graphics.

      You don’t make a strong case with your TP and SS argument. TP and SS don’t even look the same, and their mechanics have thin similarities with each other. A better argument would be Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask. Majora’s Mask was essentially a repackaged Ocarina of Time, and yet it’s still considered a great game.

      Having said this, I think the main point you wanted to make was that reusing already-made content to make new games can/may stifle creativity and ingenuity, and you’d be correct. This isn’t a new problem, which Joe outlined with his examples.

      Making a completely new title for a game series is difficult to do each year, but making a new game experience out of pre-existing content isn’t as hard to do. NSMBWU may have been a quick and easy way to get a first-party game to release with their new game console, so I don’t see how you can justify an attack against that.

      And yes, I would love a new Star Fox as well, but luckily, I don’t spend my life waiting for the next new game to play.

    • I prescribe to a philosophy that ‘sales don’t always equal value.’  That being said, I do not compare the New Super Mario Bros. series to any of those other games.  In that sense, the whole counter argument fails because my logic is based on Nintendo and its past philosophy of game design.  

      Again, this article is an opinion.  I agree that there are as many reasons to purchase the game as not, but what I’m getting at is that I want to bring to light when Nintendo does not live up to its own standards of innovation.  

      Granted, these are hard times for game development, as cost has skyrocketed.  However, that does not excuse Nintendo in being ‘safe’ and releasing every new game under the Mario umbrella.  There are far too many good IPs under Nintendo’s belt to waste.

      To each his own.

    • When Nintendo and other companies release games with barely any changes made to the previous instalment of the series and they then go on to sell really well, it discourages them from venturing into creative territory; why would they, when doing the same thing over and over works? It prevents them from taking risks and making potentially awesome new IPs. Which is something we agree on. But just because companies other than Nintendo do it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a horrible practice.

      “Making a completely new title for a game series is difficult to do each year”
      So DON’T make one each year. Make one good one every few years. I first played Super Mario Sunshine seven or eight years ago and it’s still one of my favourite games. Whereas the games in the New Super Mario Bros. series bore me even when I’m playing with friends; I go through one level and pass on the controller. Quite content to not have it again either.

    • Mizu D

      I disagree, they need to play “safe”. There is maybe “many'” IP under their belt, but the majority will not bring in the revenues despite the quality and gameplay.

      In today economy, in order to release risky, lower sale and much less popular IPs, you need to rack in easy revenue, that where the role of Mario and its spin off is. Because quite frankly  there is a lot of original or lesser known and less popular IPs that are far from breaking the million sale.Those easy to develop title will give room for Nintendo other team to work on the other game and series and release them regularly over the year so we will have something to play and have fun. That how I see it and I don’t see anything wrong with them pulling a game like NSMBU so as long it is fun and have some depth this time around (unlike the 3DS version).

    • Good points.

    • I think the main problem I personally have with the NSMB series is that I’m afraid Nintendo will refuse to take on smaller games if their rehashed Mario games sell so well. I mean, isn’t NOA’s refusal to take on smaller games the reason this website even came about?

    • MagmarFire

      While I do very much love that being said whenever people say our favorite series have “become stale,” tu quoque isn’t a valid argument to use. Sure, other companies are guilty of the same thing, but this doesn’t invalidate the author’s argument.

    • Bakuryukun

      Yeah, you’re right. It IS like Halo and Call of Duty’s release schedule.All the games and series’ you mention all suffer from a degree of stagnation. What’s your point? That because other game series’ stagnate it’s fine for this one to? I don’t buy it. Besides most of those games stay the same over installments and that’s how they’ve established themselves from the beginning, Mario on the other hand has established himself for quite a while on being what is essentially a new experience with some similar elements almost every new game, that’s why the drop off of creativity is far more concerning and disappointing.

    • TrueWiiMaster

       I think his point was that those series were much worse than NSMB.  Not only did they each have more entries in the same amount of time, but they were all across 1 or 2 platforms. NSMB has been on 4.  What’s more, 6 months ago there had only been 2 NSMB games in 5 years.  It only seems like a lot now because they released 2 in 1 year, probably to get their biggest seller out early on their two new platforms.  In 5 years, chances are very good the number of NSMB games will still be 4, meaning 4 games in 11 years.  By then, at the current rate, COD will have at least 12, not counting spin-off games like the new (and apparently terrible) Vita game.

    • Bakuryukun

      I really hope you’re right about that.

    • dubaloseven

      Just to be fair, as a halo player, each entry in the series is very different than the last. 2 was an upgrade in every way to CE, adding duel weilding, brutes, and other changes. 3 drastically changed every thing from the physics to enemy AI to (obviously) the graphical style. ODST was garbage but we view that game in the same way Zelda fans view the CD-i trliogy. Reach was a combination of new game additions such as DMRs and Firefight and thowback gameplay to CE.

      And then theres Halo 4, which changed so much that I won’t even try and type it out.

  • I’m not a huge fan of the series and I’ve never felt like spending my money on it.  Now, a 3D Mario in the same vein as Galaxy, on the other hand…  Also, Rayman Legends looks amazing.  I got to play it earlier and I loved.  There’s a game that I’m eager to spend money on.

    • Mizu D

      On the other hand, the 2 Galaxy games sales doesn’t even match one DS or Wii NSMB. Not only that, it cost more to produce and longer to make. But we need them both, the people will buy NSMB in drove and that will help us get another Galaxy or something new for next time.

    • MagmarFire

       I’ve…actually never thought of that before. That makes perfect sense!

  • This article is just proof that not all of us at Oprainfall feel the same way, and that’s why this piece is labeled “OPINION”. Personally, New Super Mario Bros. U is the game I’m looking forward to most in the Wii U launch window.

    Not only is it the most visually appealing in the NSMB series, but it also features the tightest controls and smoothest level design in the 2D series, from what I’ve played of the game so far.That video from IGN is a terrible comparison (and I think it was a joke, actually) because the visual fidelity on a 720p screen is incredibly crisp and vibrant in NSMBU, whereas NSMBWii is pixellated and muddy. I understand that a lot of people hear the word “Mario” and think it’s overdone and rehashed, but if there was JUST ONE game in the Mario series that SHOULDN’T be skipped – New Super Mario Bros. U is the one.

  • dbclick

    I would be sold on New Super Mario Bros. U if they included some level editing options:

    1) A level editor and community system for trying out and rating community levels. The community could rate on design as well as difficulty. Editing on the GamePad with the stylus could prove very effective. Also, an option to beta-test your community levels and receive replays as feedback so you can tweak them for release.

    2) Renditions of the prior Mario games’ levels in the new engine that make sense (Super Mario 1,3,World, and 2 if they could do it – maybe even the original DS NSMB and NSMB Wii levels) – and the power ups and game mechanics options to support them as showcases for the level editor. This would solidify NSMBU as the ultimate 2D Mario experience.

    3) Community levels would have the same Miiverse support as the main game levels/challenges.

    This would also force them to innovate on future 2D titles and DLC as they would have to compete against the good community made levels/level packs. (Or they could make DLC that adds new innovative blocks, power-ups, enemies, or mechanics for levels).

  • Also, Banjo-Kazooie still kicks Super Mario 64’s ass.

    • Mizu D

      SM64 > any Banjo game anytime!
      (I don’t like mega collectible fetching that get worse and reach the nadir with DK64 but Banjo was one of the precursor to this RARE early madness!!!) xD

    • Bob

      HAHAHAHA no.

  • your missing the best 2d mario ever

  • Are you stupid?

    “Where is Starfox,  F-Zero, or even Kirby?  They are all missing in action, besides a random collection release”

    starfox saw 3 releases this gen

    kirby saw 6+ releases this gen

  • Bob

    “New” is just branding, stop taking it so literally people.And what do you mean they aren’t putting so much focus on Galaxy? There were two of them on one system. The NSMB series has only had one per console.
    And have you played 3D Land? That was a different approach to the series and no one is giving it a thought, even though it’s new and it’s challenging. 
    The ONLY reason people are bitching about NSMBU is because it comes out very close to NSMB2, and the only reason Nintendo is doing that is because people were bitching about NSMB2 not coming out at launch. Nintendo is listening to you people, they delivered a Mario game on LAUNCH.

  • dubaloseven

    Less Innovative? While I personally the new series needs to switch to a different franchise (New Super Metroid: same difficulty, but with decent co-op, think about that) I think NSMBU is going to be absolutely the most innovative entry in the New series.

    Some proof for that claim

    Metacritic: 8.7
    (But who cares about that?)

    IGN: 9.1

    MTV: (Thought it was awesome, but they don’t give out scores)

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Wow.  There are just so many problems with this.  For one, though NSMB has 2 games for this year, both are the only ones that will ever grace their respective hardware.  Nintendo confirmed this.  My theory is that they wanted to get the big sellers out as early in the systems’ lifetimes as possible.  We many not see another NSMB for 5-6 years.

    The more obvious problem is counting Mario Party, NSMB, and Paper Mario together, when the three games could hardly be more different.  What’s more, Mario Party and Paper Mario hadn’t seen releases in 4.5 and 5.5 years respectively.  Making this paragraph worse was the question about Kirby, who saw one release two years ago, two releases just last year and a pretty awesome collection this year.  He isn’t being ignored.  He’s had 6 games this gen.

    Of the few reviews that have been done for NSMBU, IGN’s is the only one I’ve read, and they said it was the best New Super Mario yet, even rivaling Super Mario World.  The only problems they had with it were thinking the graphics and music could have been better.  They didn’t think they were bad, just that they could have been better.

    I don’t understand why NSMB gets so much flack.  In 6 years it’s had 4 games, but it’s far from alone there.  In about the same amount of time there have been just as many or more Halos, Uncharted’s, Resistances, Gears of War’s, God of War’s, LBP’s (counting LBP Karting), COD’s, Ratchet and Clanks, and Assassin’s Creeds.  The biggest difference?  None of those games are spread across as many platforms as NSMB, which never has more than one installment per system. The quality of NSMB games also tends to be consistently great, unlike most of the other franchises I mentioned.

    • Of course, you are misunderstanding my words.  That entire section was about Nintendo playing out the ‘Mario’ franchise, and it was all about how many different ‘Mario’ games were released this year alone.  I said that specifically.  

    • TrueWiiMaster

       And it appears you misunderstood me.  I was saying that Nintendo was using Mario’s name and likeness a lot, but that those games AREN’T the same franchise, being extremely different in pretty much every way other than the starring character.  Likewise, I was saying that, though a lot of Mario games are coming out right now, that’s only because Nintendo wants them out early.  It’s very unlikely that we’ll see another Paper Mario, Mario Kart, or NSMB on the 3DS for the rest of its life, and there’s a fair chance we won’t see another 3D Mario either.  We won’t be seeing another NSMB on the Wii U,  and there won’t be anymore Mario games on the Wii.  They’re getting their big guns out early, so we see an influx of Mario.  Next year I wouldn’t be surprised if there were none.

      If you’re going to count a game like Mario Party as a main Mario game, you should also count PSA as a God of War game.  It’s pretty much the same thing, except that the game isn’t named after Kratos.  Mario’s role in Mario Party is nothing more than a playable character in a board game.  The same would go for Mario Kart and Modnation.  Mario’s in the first, and Kratos is in the second (though in super deformed form).  It would also apply to Mario Golf and Hotshots Golf.  Do you see the pattern?

  • It’s funny because basically all of the reviews so far for this game have been overwhelmingly positive and are calling it by far the best of the “New SMB” games by far, melding nostalgia and innovation perfectly, my point is you might want to give the game a fair chance before just deciding to skip it altogether…

    • Doesn’t change the fact that it’s the same formula repeated for the fourth time.  This new release may have more ‘charm’ than the ones before it, but my point still stands, and I won’t be getting into the NSMB series until Nintendo pushes it a bit harder, or at least charges a lesser price for it.

  • Mizu D

    The more reviews that I have read, the more it enticed me in excitement for this NSMB.
    Each reviewer focus on different aspect of the game that once we, the reader, combine together into one giant portrait, we can finally see the game for what it is worth. And for veteran like us who have played Mario games since the very beginning can appreciate the game. Been one of the hardest Mario game is a good new, I enjoy the challenge from Retro Studio DKC Returns game and something along the line is good.

  • I completely felt this way about NSMB2 for the 3DS, and I don’t ever plan on getting that one, but NSMBU actually looks like it has something really cool to offer. According to some previews I’ve read, the challenge mode brings some difficulty that hasn’t been seen since the Special Road in SMW. That’s the kind of thing I want to encourage Nintendo to do more of, so I plan to buy it.

  • Not that all you said was true or not, because it pretty much was largely true. The problem is that there is no reason to make another creative game EVER. And no people, pointing out other unoriginal sequels…just means Mario is not the only series relying on this. That doesn’t justify anything.

    I should also say that with Iwata basically admitting that NSMB is a one game per system series (similar to Mario Kart), this will be…I suppose a non-issue. Also this is nowhere as annoying as the Wii or 3DS versions. Since the Wii version highlighted how little any game I cared about (Little King Story, Muramasa, Klonoa etc.) matters and the 3DS game is a joke. But whatever. Developers losing their jobs because they wanted to make something cool and creative and awesome while Nintendo basically proved it could literally re-release the same game over and over again and make millions is horribly infuriating, but obviously Nintendo isn’t to blame and I can’t really blame them. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3DS game was rushed to put a big 3DS retail game downloadable as quickly as possible.

    The problem is that you could literally do something not creative, and it’d still be far better than this. It takes so little effort. If New Super Mario Bros. 2 was just the NSMB version of a Mario 2-like game, that would be enough. This is Mario. Mario is better than these games god dammit.

    Someone actually had a genuinely good rebuttal to this point though “well people love the NES Megaman games and they’re all the same. What makes this different?” And it is a really good point. I do have an answer though. The NES Megaman games are better video games. They’re only an hour or so and every single level has fantastic level design (Egoraptor went over just a fraction of its genius) and is short enough that every single tiny part is great. New Super Mario Bros games are not as good as the old Mario games. They’re just the old Mario games but less. More is Less, I suppose. The levels are just not as fun. I don’t think I have examples and I don’t think it’s stupid nostalgia bias or whatever. It’s a longer game and even if it didn’t would not be as good as those Megaman games. So it’s a rehash of a game too long and not great enough to justify such uncreativity, is my answer. I’m not necessarily sure it’s the definitive answer, but it’s the best I got.

    One of the reasons I supported OP Rainfall in the first place (the day before the Amazon sales went insane), was because I was sick of the so called “hardcore gamer” just hypocritically pretending Wii is casual and yet thinking Mario is the only hardcore game on it. And I love Mario series, my favorite honestly, but going by any example of “hardcore game”, Mario is incredibly far from the best example of it. Stupid hypocrites, whining about the Wii having no games, and then ignoring games for no reason. But Operation Rainfall actually made an actual impact and actually supported a game so that it apparently made a profit in America. And I’m not getting mad at people buying the latest Mario games, but let’s be honest, Xenoblade might have never made a profit without Operation Rainfall. None of the major sites would have talked about the game to the level of a degree they did and even with the high scores, that doesn’t necessarily sell games. And considering the questionable quality of certain gaming sites (and I hate to be “THAT GUY” but…) I question if pressure from hardcore fans and/or buying into hype didn’t help decide certain reviewers’ opinions be more positive than they would be. So one hand, your favorite Wii games…there’s a good chance they were ignored for more Mario and if this keeps going on it could get so much worse.

    However, on the other hand, I am throwing away EVERYTHING I just said. Because of the nature of this site, it should be like “yeah this game you maybe haven’t heard of will be awesome, HYPE!” and stuff like that. Everyone’s complained about this already and at this point, no one is gonna change their minds without playing the game unless you are popular (or internet popular at least). And I don’t say this often, but it’s best if you just ignore the game instead of complaining about it. Considering the site, you could be more clever and talk about other games coming out on Wii U that are “even better than that Mario game!” That way there’s actually a chance you could actually change people’s minds. At least, I would think so.

  • xHeraCross

    OP never heard of Kirby’s Return to Dreamland? They’re making a new F-Zero for Wii-U too. Some stupid points about them ignoring these series. 

    • A new F-Zero? Are ou sure that’s confirmed? I haven’t heard anything about that.

    • xHeraCross

      Miyamoto discussed the ideas for a new F-Zero, Star Fox and Metroid in an interview. Google around a bit. 

    • Discussed, yes, but there was nothing at all hinting towards a new F-Zero games. At all.

  • (I just had this conversation with a friend the other day!)

    I will eventually get NSMBU just because it is a first-party Nintendo title, and I never pass those up forever… but I am getting to the point where maybe I’ll start waiting for a price drop on Mario titles. I definitely didn’t enjoy Galaxy 2 as much as I did the first. And NSMB2 for the 3DS was kind of a letdown. Sure, taking a big chance on the hardware means they want a sure-thing in terms of software… but if that’s the case, I think most of us want the safer hardware with more experimental games. Somehow we need to get that message across to them.

    • But you’re still buying it. By buying a copy of NSMBU, you’re telling Nintendo that this is what you like and want to play. Then you say you didn’t enjoy some of their more recent Mario instalments? I’m confused.

  • Jono

    After reading reviews, I’ve decided to get it. I don’t have a 3DS, so SMG2 was my last Mario. Rayman Legends may be my most anticipated game since Skyward Sword (Origins + amazing), so I’m obviously getting that when it releases, and I plan on getting most, if not all, of the downloadable platformers releasing on the E-shop. But there’s nothing wrong with getting a fun ol’ Mario game every once in a while, and this appears to be one of the best. 

  • John Ellis

    I liked NSMB Wii but the NDS felt kind of dull, and the one of the 3DS seems to revolve around one gimmick, I do like the look of the Wii U version though.

  • Bakuryukun

    Yeah, I gotta say, I agree. New Super Mario Bros. 2 was a huge friggin slap in the face to me, all of it’s design elements were essentially old and the few new mechanics (collecting a million billion coins or whatever) serve no purpose to the player functionally, it was essentially them throwing their hands up in the air and yelling “WE DUNNO! COLLECT COINS OR SOMETHING!” 

    That being said NSMBWU looks a bit better, mind you when I say that I’m saying that it only looks like a light tap to the face as opposed to a slap. As far as Nintendo platformers go I’d say the best one recently was DKCR which although not perfect, did manage to keep the overall feel of the series while mixing in some old level concepts with new ones that would’ve been impossible in the orignal trilogy.

  • I’ll be buying NSMBU with my preorder.  Reviews I’ve read so far have been promising.  Maybe it’s because I never got on the NSMB train before now, having skipped over the first three installments, so I just don’t feel the same sort of burnout that others do, but I think it looks fun.  And this is coming from someone that hasn’t really played a 2D Mario game with any seriousness in many years.  There came a point where I just wasn’t interested in Mario platformers, but I figure new console, new Mario game, why not give Mario another shot?

  • IceTheRetroKid

    I honestly feel you all the way, I just don’t feel motivated to keep buying these (at least on day 1) when there are other options out there.

  • Thomas

    I’ve read your article, a few comments. First Mario games I really played were new super super mario for DS and Super Mario 64 for DS. I haven’t played on a 3DS or Wii U, nor do I particularly plan to. Wii U maybe in a few months, I’ll see how it goes. More likely I’ll just play with a friends if they buy one.
    First, New Super Mario Bros Wii DID innovate. Maybe not in the same way as the other games, but it finally brought up to 4 player co-op to 2-d Mario gamers. Why each character played the exact same was a minor flaw, but the coop can be really fun. The game also introduced ice flowers and penguin suits to the 2-d mario platformer, and it looks like it’s going to stay in the NSMB series. Some of the levels were ok, but not really of note. 
    On the downside, it introduced the Propeller suit. 

    I think the real problem with the New Super Mario Bros. Series was part level design (I’ve only played the DS and Wii versions, but I’ve played SMW, YI, SMB3, etc – I can tell you now that there was superior level design and fun powerups for those games in general, and I love those games), and a big part, the reusing of, in my opinion, underwhelming music and a very similar art style that fails to let players distinguish the games apart in an instant. I suppose part of that is due to the constant pushing of hardware and different goals. I’m not sure, but I get the feeling that Nintendo believes Mario lovers just want more of the same – it sells after all. They’d be wrong with me, I want distinction in my game too, otherwise why shell out 60 bucks for the same thing?
    But for me, back when NSMB DS came out, that was NEW and FUN (I actually played it before the older games – think of it as my introduction to them). When the Wii version came out, that was like a bigger better version of my DS game! With the propeller suit, ice flower and no mega mushroom. The Propeller suit seemed interesting at first, but it slowly wound down and became boring – much like NSMBwii is becoming to me. If NSMBU can acheive distinctiveness from it’s predecessors, good! But it still looks more like an incremental improvement of the game, rather than a new mario game altogether. 
    kinda long and probably repeats the same point and is disorganized. But yeah, just my .02