Okami Hoodies Coming to the Capcom Store

Capcom, publisher of Okami on the PS2 and Wii, recently released an updated HD version of the game on the PS3. To commemorate the games launch, Capcom has announced that their store will soon be carrying Okami hoodies. We have no word at this time on when the hoodies will be available, or at what price point. Check in with the Capcom store or check back here for more details


Okami, is an action adventure game that takes place in a classical Japanese setting, and combines several Japanese myths. The story follows along with the land being saved from darkness by Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess. Amaterasu, the main character in Okami, is helped out by her guide Issun through various quests and extra side quests.  Extra activities include making trees bloom and feeding wild animals.

Combat, which is staged in a ghostly virtual arena, in addition to earning you the normal amenities ( money, bonuses for a job well done ) can also earn you Demon Fangs. You can trade these for additional unique items which are helpful to the game but not necessary to have. Those of you who like this type of game can enjoy the updated HD version and will soon be able to do so while wearing a cool Okami hoodie.

Here is an Okami’s Creed video which shows the hoodie being worn. Will you be purchasing one?


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