Collaboration Between Ragnarok Online and Picotto Knights Announced

In honor of NHN Japan’s release of the free to play PlayStation Vita game, Picotto Knights, NHN Japan has planned to create a collaboration between Picotto Knights and the popular online game, Ragnarok Online.

Picotto Knights

In Picotto Knights, the player takes on the role of a strategist who works together with Kokoroido, strange life forms that live on the Pico Star.  A devil army has been destroying stars under the command of Satan, and so the player must control the Kokoroido and lead them to victory in order to save the Pico Star.   In the game, you can find new items, play it together with friends, and participate in tournaments!

For the collaboration with Ragnarok Online, Picotto Knights will have new Kokoroido that are modeled after the job classes in Ragnarok Online.  More information about this will be available on the official site soon.  Also, since Ragnarok Online celebrates its 10th anniversary soon on December 1st, there will be a Picotto Knights exhibition event during the 10th Anniversary Festival event for Ragnarok Online. At the event, items will be distributed for both games, so people who are interested should definitely check it out.

Picotto Knights was released on the 20th of September in Japan, check out one of the trailers!


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