UPDATE: Orgarhythm Contest Winner Announced

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Have a Vita and want Orgarhythm? You probably should, we really liked it (http://www NULL.operationrainfall NULL.com/review-orgarhythm)!  Well here’s your chance to snag yourself a code to download the game! But before anyone says “First” in our comment section to enter, please review the very very few rules for the contest. We will then pick from random on who will receive the game. Contest ends Wednesday October 31st, 11:59 PM PST and is only limited to this article so be sure to get your entry in! We will announce the winner on Thursday November 1st so good luck to all those who enter!

Orgarhythm Screenshot


NTSC territories only (Sorry PAL we love you but we don’t have a PAL code)

No spamming, one entry per person.

Must answer all four questions in our comments.

Must have a Vita (don’t be a jerk and hoard the code).


1) In addition to the elements mentioned our review of Orgarhythm, there is one other option to pick from, what is that option?
The other element present in Orgarhythm that we did not mention was ‘Light’.

2) What other game has XSEED Games publish that we’re really grateful for?
Why, The Last Story of course!

3) What other Acquire game has XSEED Games recently released on PSN?
We were looking for  Way of the Samurai 4, but  Sumioni: Demon Arts was another acceptable answer.

4) What date did Orgarhythm release in Japan?
August 9th was Orgarhythm’s Japanese release date.


Congratulations to our winner, Jonathan Desrosiers! A download code for Acquire’s Orgarhythm will be sent to you shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered our contest for Orgarhythm; we’ve added the answers to the questions above for anyone who was curious.

Stay tuned to our website for the latest in niche gaming news and reviews, and keep your eyes open for future contests!

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