Character Battle: Xenoblade Chronicles vs The Last Story

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

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BATTLE 7: The Tag-Along 










The tag-alongs are the characters that, in the nicest way possible, are annoyances that no one really wants around. They’re almost ‘filler’ type characters that usually become the punchline of many a joke. Welcome Riki and Yurick.

What can we say about Riki? He’s sort of a cross between Pikachu, a furby and a watermelon. Some of you may find him cute, or even adorable, because what is not delightful about hearing the same broken phrases, over and over again? Granted he isn’t the only character to repeat his sayings, but there’s something about listening to “Riki likes fighting easy monsters” for the umpteenth time that can push you to committing a mass homicide. But does he really deserve all this negativity? Well… quite frankly, yes; but in the fairness of this article let’s focus on his good points. Similarly to Melia, Riki is a magic user and is able to use the various elements that she can. He also has a wealth of attacks that can affect enemies in different ways, from slowing them down to immobility, so that’s a good thing… right?

Maybe calling Yurick a ‘tag-a-long’ is a little unfair, as he’s quite a useful character to have around, what with some of the strongest magic attacks in the game. It’s just unfortunate that he’s the closet character, from The Last Story, that I could put up against Riki. Anyway, having said that he can be quite annoying, especially during the first half of the game. He’s grumpy, ungrateful, sarcastic and a bit of a loner. He can’t take a joke and likes to moan… a lot. However, during one of the many side quests, we discover why Yurick is so bitter to everyone with the conclusion, of the quest, having him open up to his companions and becoming more likeable and friendly. Although he still doesn’t have a sense of humour. Miserable git.

Well this is a toughie. Is Riki’s annoyance or Yurick’s misery the winner. VOTE NOW!

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Check back soon for the final results.

And there you go, our first ever ‘Character Battle’. How was it? Did some of the choices tear you apart? Who do you think will be the victors? Who would you like to see in future showdowns? Let us know in the comments below.



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  • I generally voted for The Last Story characters in this one.  I just prefer The Last Story to Xenoblade.  That said, did Syrenne remind anyone of Bender from Futurama?  They were both foul mouthed and ran on alcohol!

  • Last Story’s characters put Xeno to shame. If there was one driving force in TLS, it was the characters.

  • I can deal Riki’s ‘annoyance’ because he’s one of the best characters in the game. 

  • It was kinda a tie between Riki (hilarious but deeply sympathetic creature) and Yurick (who had a moment of character development + depth). As for the others, Xenoblade Chronicles!
    It’s just that in my opinion, the Xenoblade Chronicles characters have more depth in general than those of TLS game. Secondly, if I ever go on a JRPG adventure, I’d rather travel with the determined destiny-breakers than some Zelos Wilder-reject (no offence Lowell), Rangiku Matsumoto’s sister, too-naive/ignorant princess (hell, Luke fon Fabre was as just naive/ignorant, but we all know that the guy became a major hero-boss) and a Rei Ayanami girl.
    Okay, that leaves Zael and Dagran, but they both can’t be compared to Shulk and Dunban, though, Zael is probably my most favourite hero of The Last Story.

  • John Ellis

    Some of these choices are hard, with Mystics  I was very tempted by Melia, what with her being a well defined character, but I went with Mirania since she’s so funny, plus the women who voiced her was in Ashes to Ashes:)

  • Jono

    Xenoblade won every won by a long shot, except the Love Interest (I LOVED Calista, and Fiora really annoyed me sometimes) and the companion (Yurick is probably my favorite character of either game; his great voice actor probably had something to do with that, and the fact that he wasn’t a one-sided character in the slightest.)

  • My god the simliarity between the characters in each game are hilarious and uncanny. I’ve yet to play Xenoblade Chronicles, so I can’t compare most of the characters… but from what I’ve read, last story characters seem far more interesting most of the time.. especially the leads x.x

  • I went with Shulk for the first one. Zael’s selflessness allowed him to become a knight and (presumably) leader of Lazulis Island. Shulk’s determination allowed him to create his own Monado and become a God in his own right.
    Calista, hands down, no competition. Fiora’s cool, but she just doesn’t match up to noble who can kick ass and take names. Plus, I love that she can summon a beast to your aid; that was one of the things I loved about Yuna in FF:X.

    Much as I love Dunban, Dagran does an amazing job leading his mercenary group. He’s always securing jobs from clients so they can actually feed themselves without so much as a “thank you” from the rest of the troupe. Dunban is handy in battle and a good person to talk to; Dagran has both those qualities and more.

    Again, hands down to Lowell. Lowell’s accent just makes his lines that much funnier, and his constant banter with Syrenne is just fantastic. xD I do still love Reyn, but Lowell is just funnier.

    Sharla – after all she’s been through, she’s still able to keep a level head and hold it up high. I love Syrenne’s character, and she makes me laugh, but I admire Sharla so much more for her inner strength. Plus, she makes a great healer!

    <3 Mirania. As someone who loves nature and the outdoors, this was a no-brainer for me. I also like the way she's seemingly spaced out all the time. xD Melia's cool, but her low HP and defensive stats really irritate me. So does her inability to tell Shulk how she feels, and then losing her chance. I did feel a little sorry for her, but come on man. 

    Riki and Yurick… it was hard to choose between the two, but I eventually settled on Riki because he, at least, is jovial. I'm not a fan of his immaturity though. Yurick's cynicism really ticked me off, as did the fact that he was so closed to everyone for a long while; he did end up opening up a little at the end though. I have to say, I did really enjoy that sidequest where you go into the haunted mansion, if only to see Yurick get the pants scared off him.

  • Dunban. Loved him at the start and loved him at the end.

  • As the author of this article, I am unable to vote, but incase you were all wondering my choices would be:

    Shulk, Fiora, Dunban, Reyn, Syrenne, Mirania and Yurick

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    Awesome article. I personally love all the characters equally. But Xenoblade I liked a tad more. 

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    DUNBAN ALL THE WAAAAAAAAAAAAY Dagran you can go die lol 

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    Mirania…nuff said. Melia I love you but its just the way it has to be. 

  • Voted mostly for Xenoblade other than Miriana just because she was pretty and had a lovely voice.

  • These were tough for me. I haven’t voted for any of them yet because I can only say for sure that I’d vote for Lowell. They’re all good at what they do.

  • Most people are going to vote according to which game they liked more, not which individual characters are the best independent of the game, so  most votes will go to Xenoblade being that it is the more popular of the two games.

    • You’d think that. But check out the current results, its pretty close.

  • air_dex

    Not especially agree with all the associations :
    – Shulk vs. Zael , Dunban vs. Dagran and Reyn vs. Lowell : that’s OK for me. Hero vs. Hero, Leader vs. Leader and Badass vs. Badass (not jokers, especially for Reyn).
    – Fiora vs. Callista : disagree. A “Princess vs. Princess” Melia vs. Callista would be better.
    – Melia vs. Mirania : they have nothing in common. Mirania is closer to Sharla than Melia (“happy” childhood and they care for people). A “Medic battle” Sharla vs. Mirania is more logical.
    – Sharla vs. Syrenne : why not for the girl power, but Sharla’s better battle is versus Mirania, so this battle is not convenient. A “Fiora vs. Syrenne” for Girl Power or a “Riki vs. Syrenne” for being the most effusive person of the team are better batlles for Syrenne. If non playable characters are included, why not a “Fiora vs. Meredith”.
    – Riki vs.Yurick : nothing in common, so there is no reason to get such a battle. Riki and Yurick are more convenient for battles with non playable characters of both games. Battles like “Alvis vs.Yurick” for the Mystic and “Riki vs. Horace” for a real sidekick battle are more logical.

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