Character Battle: Xenoblade Chronicles vs The Last Story

BATTLE 4: The Joker 











They may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but what these ‘jokers’ lack in logic, they make up for with earnest loyalty, inspiring heart and pure strength. Reyn and Lowell are the comic reliefs. When times are looking grim, you can always count on them to brighten the mood with a humorous quip or two.

Reyn is your typical meathead, always acting before thinking, but his heart is always in the right place. With the strength of a bear and high defense, you can count on him to help you take down the tougher enemies. Out of all the characters, in Xenoblade Chronicles, he is the one who probably ‘grows’ the most in terms of maturity. He has to deal with emotions, throughout the game, that he has never come across before – loss, betrayal and love. He is everyone’s friend and is the most quotable character from the game, “It’s Reyn time!” anyone? No matter where you are on the Bionis, you’re going to want Reyn on your team.

Lowell is the smooth talking, cool as ice, ladies man of The Last Story. To say he lacks intelligence may seem a little harsh, but he certainly has some ‘foot in mouth’ moments throughout the game, especially with Syrenne, which sparks a lot of ‘will they, won’t they’ questions. He always likes to look on the bright side of life and can make a positive out of any negative situation. He lightens the mood, when times are dark and does so with a calming Scottish accent (in the English version of the game). Lowell is a friend you want to have, and a companion you need.

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