Character Battle: Xenoblade Chronicles vs The Last Story

BATTLE 3: The Leader
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Whilst every JRPG has its ‘hero’, they also have a ‘leader’. These ‘leaders’, despite their role, sort of take a back seat, but will advise the ‘heroes’ on their decisions and come out with all sorts of judicious crap themselves. They’re the ‘older brother’ and the ‘father figure’ – Dunban and Dagran are very much these character types.

Dunban is the definition of badass and the older brother of Fiora. One year prior to the events of Xenoblade Chronicles, he lost the use of his right arm in the ‘Battle of Sword Valley’. The fact that he decides to carry on fighting, with his weaker arm, shows his dedication and admirability. He also has to deal with some pretty heart rendering emotional crap, whilst still trying to support his teammates. He has the answers to everything and is the guy you turn to when you need help. He also has long hair that y’know, is kinda cool, if you like that sort of thing.

Dagran is the driving force and the decision maker among the characters of The Last Story. He knows that the party members want a better life than being mercenaries, and will do anything to ensure that happens. He can come across as being a bit too serious and too focused on the mission at hand, which separates him somewhat from the group. **SPOILER** He also ends up being an evil son of a bitch who had other plans all along, and ends up being the final boss of the game, in a twist you saw coming from the very beginning. **END SPOILER**

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