Bring “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy” to the West

Friday, October 19th, 2012

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Operation Rainfall started out as a project to bring three JRPGs on the Wii to the United States. The American Wii desperately needed JRPGs and these three games would hopefully drench the desert of the Wii in JRPG goodness. The 3DS is now in an arguably worse situation, that is why Bravely Default: Flying Fairy needs to come to the West! (That and the fact that it is a brilliant piece of work) That is our goal, to localize Bravely Default from Japan, and show Square Enix that there is interest in the other regions for this amazing JRPG!

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, is a 3DS game that is a “spiritual successor” to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (that was for Nintendo DS). It has been developed by Silicon Studios and published by Square Enix.   It uses “BP” a type of stocked points that is used to gain extra turn. This is where the first part of the title “Bravely Default” comes from. When you are using the “Default” command, a turn is skipped and you stock a BP, the “Brave” command uses a BP so that you can move twice. Bravely Default also has some of the best music in a video game soundtrack!

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And we will not cease our efforts until this game is in the hands of every gamer who wants it, and that is our goal! Let’s make some noise, and show Square Enix that we want this game!

About BDFFLocalize

Our mission is simple: to show Square Enix that those in the regions other than Japan want the game, "Bravely Default Flying Fairy" to come to their shores. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD

  • A follow up to 4 Heroes getting localized would be just the shot in the arm the western JRPG audience needs to grow.

  • “The 3DS is now in an arguably worse situation”?  I’m sorry, but the 3DS is in nowhere near as bad as position as the Wii was when Operation Rainfall started.  The Wii had next to nothing in terms of new releases, with only Skyward Sword, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, and Rayman Origins to look forward to (aside from the three campaign games, of course).  The 3DS, on the other hand, is bursting with vitality and new releases at the moment.  It has Professor Layton, Paper Mario, Scribblenauts, and Epic Mickey to look forward to for the remainder of the year (and there isn’t much of that left).  Next year it’ll have Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Castlevania, Monster Hunter, and heaven knows what else.  I’m not saying it still couldn’t use Bravely Default, but the 3DS is in nowhere near as bad a situation as the Wii was in.

    • SolxBurst

      I believe the point he is trying to make is in the case of RPGs. Right now the 3DS has one or two JRPGs one of which is a port from the PS2 another being a port form the DS. The 3DS is sorely lacking JRPGs in the west right now its ridiculous.

    • True, but I wouldn’t say that put it in as bad a case as the Wii.  The Wii had absolutely nothing, JRPGs or no. 

    •  i agree with u on that we need more ever wear in the US and the the US wait refer to thwet would still mea  EU to lol  derp 😀 brain lag

    • Vampiric

      It really isnt

      for a year on the market in the west the 3ds has ALOT of rpgs on it actually……….

    • And don’t forget virtues last reward out in only a few days. I can only hope the 3ds maintains this high level of releases.

  • I can’t believe Square isn’t localizing this! What the hell are they thinking?

  • ok guys i’ll help i just need there email adress or mailing adress and then i’ll talk to them
    just remember i’m always here to help get games for those who deserve to play them and have them

  • Eugene Ng

    A special video on has beendone already ASAP explaining about the game and how you can spread localisation in getting this game localised, this will involve writing letters to both Nintendo and Square Enix, starting podcasts and spreading the game to see how it was well acclaimed in Japan and why we want this game released. Thanks to region locking we can’t play these games! So if consoles are becoming region locked from now on, localisation policies must change. We can either do nothing and let Nintendo give us more Just Dance, and Skylanders and other shovelware or we can have our voice and say and demand that we want this game (politely)

  • Can we add Project X Zone too?

    Just go for 3DS RPGs.

    • RyanOPR

      That campaign is already in our campaign hub. Hopefully they will be posting content soon.

  • its  to come to  EUpore  to

  • John Ellis

    I’d buy it

  • both  i mean there a chance that there comeing any but still for the US and EUPORE  would be  super

  • All the support.  

  • I’m sure this game is coming to west, Square’s not so tight on localization, and it’s not like they said that the game was not going to come, I mean… it has just being released on Japan.

    This is silly, just give it some time at least, or some responde from Square Enix.

    • RyanOPR

      The game’s producer, somebody correct me if I’m wrong, said there are no current plans to bring the game West and that fans should make noise. Doesn’t seem silly to me.

  • Vampiric

    “The 3DS is now in an arguably worse situation”

    not really when you consider its only a year old

    you also have to consider your campaign did nothing

    • RyanOPR

      IYO it did nothing.

    • Vampiric

      In the opinion of nintendo and xseed it did nothing

    • RyanOPR

      Oprainfall has never claimed to be responsible for these games being localized. Never, not once. However, raising attention of the games and therefore sales is hardly nothing. If you don’t agree with that, then we’ll have to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

    • Vampiric

      Its called company marketing rose the sales. This campaign basically accomplished nothing other than making a negative stink……….

    • fenyx4

      What? On the contrary, I believe the campaign has proven to be quite successful so far in helping games get a push for localization (although Nintendo essentially has the final say), considering that both Xenoblade Chronicles AND The Last Story have gotten North American releases/localizations (an admirable feat when you realize that Nintendo of America at first wasn’t even planning to localize Xenoblade Chronicles for North America).  Pandora’s Tower is currently the only game out of the “three” that is still waiting for a North American release.

      With the number of games that DON’T get localized in this modern era, 2 out of the Operation Rainfall campaign’s 3 ‘main’ games getting localized is a great success in my opinion.  Here’s hoping that Operation Rainfall can give Bravely Default: Flying Fairy the boost it needs in order to receive an English localization (along with a hopeful Pandora’s Tower release as well).

      As for the Nintendo 3DS’s situation, I would say that more J-RPGs for the handheld console wouldn’t hurt, especially as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy looks primed to be a great videogame.

  • One of the developers of this game is Silicon Studio, the people who developed the, in my opinion, amazingly charming 3D Dot Game Heroes. Should this game get released, they will take my money. I don’t even know what the game’s about but, seeing as the studio is just starting out and this is their third title, I’m going to support them. After all, I loved 3D Dot Game Heroes.

  • i’m gonna help guys i just need there

    email adress and there mailing adress

  • Pyro_phenix

     Please they must bring it to America and Europe so I can give them my money damn it!!!!!!!

  • I believe this will come here to the West. I just hope they leave Final Fantasy out of the title, because Squenix believes that FF is the only JRPG franchise that sells here. I mean, just because it is a spiritual successor to 4 Heroes, doesn’t mean its a sequel. This’ll be a good year for the 3DS, between Fire Emblem: Awakening being announced, among others.

  • e-

    Yes, for the Vita, please.